Tang Shidao At the time of No World, I heard that the name of Shouzu once speculated that Shouzu had a relationship with Wushou, even himself. Later, I heard that Shouzu was a living figure earlier, and had nothing to do with the death of Wushou. Snake Mage and 72 people are not alive, and 72 advents prove that they are not there.


I saw an ancient instrument with the activation of the magical elementary Lord and the activation of the item. The name is called Wu Jie, and the sister is also named Wu. Tang Shidao cannot be doubted. If you change it, you may first ask the devil Rosa to inquire about it. Now, you don’t need it.

Have something to ask.

“Ah… um, my ancestors are called Wushou. But the ancestors have passed away. People… Mr. Ren, you… How do you know the name of my family? This name is only the head of the family. The old people and the old people know that it is impossible for outsiders to know.” The ancestors of the family, the witch ring still raised a little courage to ask.


He did not believe that he would be like this today, and he was too scared to move.

Dignified Lord.


The sorcerer’s confidence is stronger than the average Lord. He has the rule of Strength, as well as the elementary Strength, and the ancient artifacts that are activated by objects. In theory, he is more than three times stronger than a Lord. This is three times higher than the base, not the upper limit. Shan Tong and others do not dare to talk about the emperor, but he has this self-confidence, and the triple foundation is the source of confidence.


I didn’t think that when I really saw it, I would be so unbearable, and even calm could not calm down.

“When you find a magic.” Tang Shidao didn’t want to talk about it. After all, he didn’t care, but the group of the witch ring didn’t have a relationship with the snake Mage. “I’m just curious to hear your name. I didn’t expect to ask. Relationship. Wu Shou is good at resurrection magic, right?”

“Yes, the ancestors are best at resurrecting the magic.” The Wu Jie did not doubt this, because the Wushou ancestors are good at what outsiders do not know.

The Emperor can know.

Then, he definitely found the place where he left the family and accepted some part of Inheritance.

Speaking of it.

The pressure of the witch ring was loose, and it itself stopped shaking.

At this moment.

Surprisingly, the Witch Hunt found that the ‘蛟轮’ did not relax, but it was still fearful. The people around are not weak, and it is easy to sense the witch ring, but the ancient instrument does not. At Lord’s level, everyone naturally heard about the activation of the item, but there are few successful examples. Moreover, the more powerful the object, the harder it is to activate.

Activated ancient instruments, they have only heard and never seen.

“It didn’t…not you…” Suddenly, the witch ring was inexplicable. He turned sharply, looked up, looked around, and finally stopped his eyes on a light. The crowd looked down and saw a light above the fire. A small Fire Bird was stopping in the fire, looking at the crowd below.

The moment of discovery.

Unconsciously, the mountain boy felt a tingling scalp, and all Lord had a goose bump.

It feels like a dark night with a cold palm over the ridge.

There is also a poisonous snake crawling over the skin.

The lights are hot.

The fire is also hot.

At this time, everyone has a kind of chill.

At this moment, Lords understood what it meant by ‘not you’… The thing that really scared the witch ring and his ancient instruments was the Fire Bird, not the Emperor. Being able to enter the shrine without a word, and ignorance and insufficiency to stay on the scene, even Lord can not see, this degree naturally does not need to explain, idiots know.

The same level.

But higher, stronger, and more mysterious.

Phoenix bird feathers!

All Lords present at the same time think of a name, and it can only be this name. Because in the presence of the emperor, the alien or Devil-Beast is not so impudent, it can only be the emperor’s own things. Among the many things in the Emperor, only the undead bird feathers are the best match.

On the occasion of the chill.

Everyone saw the little Fire Bird fly away from the lights and landed on the shoulders of Tang Shidao.

In a twinkling of an eye, it disappeared again.

This action is obvious.

When he came over, he heard the conversation and his heart was very unhappy with the attitude of the witch ring, so the deliberate demonstration warned him. Nowadays, the ancestors who heard the witch ring are old with the Master, and they also gave up the punishment, and deliberately appeared to let everyone discover and finally return to the Master. I have to say that this kind of warning is not over yet, the intention of the non-dead bird feather coat… Don’t say Master, even I can’t.

this moment.

All Lord also understands that the Phoenix Bird Feather is definitely an activated item with a life-like pattern.

“Mountain boy, who is most likely to have heard of the originalization?” Tang Shidao returned to the original question.

“I don’t know. If anyone is the most likely, let’s take a look at the elders, or an elder who is a long-term race.” Mr. Ren, are you not successful? Why do you want to ask this? “The mountain boy said the answer in his mind, and he also looked at the witch ring.”

Someone of this ‘newcomer’ is known.

The family sister named Wu H, almost no need to guess, must be Lord no doubt.

A family of two Lord.

It’s no wonder that the witch ring just made a bold comment on the emperor. Not only do they have their own cows, but also ethnic groups. The strange thing is why I have never heard of it. I really know two kinds of perfect Lord, there is no reason to have no fame. Can they say that they are deliberately low-key? Deliberately not in contact with outside forces? If so, what is the significance?

Tang Shidao heard the answer from the mountain boy and agreed with him.

In Olympus Void, the race of the original is the true big race. Moreover, elementalization is the same route as they are, and they don’t understand it.

A trip to the elders.

He is an elder of the original jurisdiction, the most neutral neutral, and he knows that the clues are normal.

“Thank you, I am going to find a teacher. Ask about it. Regarding the activation of magic, I personally think that it is the easiest to complete with the law. You can all build it. As for Plane and integration, the relative law It will be a lot harder to dissect and elementize. Of course, it’s not difficult to do it at the level of half-lifting. It’s hard to really want to be successful.”

“Mr. Huang is planning…” Shan Tong understands it as a new topic.

“I will first ask a teacher and a @senior. Some things are not necessarily open. It is good to go into the path of activating magic, insisting that one may be more successful than going with two. Since you have never heard of it, then There must be reasons for it not to be advertised.” Tang Shidao shook his head and said that he would not come.

Shan Tong and others can understand.

In Void, don’t know as much as possible. Sometimes, some things you don’t know are better than knowing.

Tang Shidao left, the news spread again.

There is another noun with the nounization term: the immortal feather coat!

“Is it stronger than Lord? Impossible!”

“Women Lord is scared? Because he is just a newcomer, you haven’t heard of the mountain boy Lord. They don’t feel anything.”

“You said that the mountain boy Lord is not as good as the witch ring? Just kidding, he is just polite.”

“How can a newcomer outperform the old senior of the mountain boy?”

“In other words, is the original jurisdiction deliberately concealing all of our Lords, deliberately not letting us know? Forget it, they are neutral, and concealing and not concealing have nothing to do with us. Go and find out, what is this elementaryization? Go, There is definitely a way, we must not miss it.”

Together, Void is bustling again.

In addition to the non-dead bird feathers, the three words of the originalization have always dominated the headlines.

Ten days later.

so surprised.

As soon as the elders appeared in one of the gods, let the god’s Lord connect all the Lords that can be notified, and then send a message: “Do you want to practice elementization? Very good, come to the original jurisdiction, we guarantee Provide all the information. First explain one thing, research and cultivation are two different things, how many people can study. If you want to directly cultivate, you must first make a suicide note. If the last 10,000 cultivation can live two, I will activate all of them. Magic lost to you.”

Hearing such a sentence, everyone is silent.

The last sentence.

Ten thousand people can live two, I lose all Strength… This sentence is not a bet, it is a warning… No, it is a death announcement.

The second statement.

One @长者: “We have a common ban on one thing in our four races: it is forbidden to practice the rule of the big character and to practice the elementaryization. In addition, even if you successfully promote Lord, I will not separate the rules. I’m going to say that ‘everyone is alive, I don’t want to say that, I want to say: One million people can live two people, and I lose all your magic strength.”

A knife is added, and all Lords are stupid.




Once the elders have promised: publicized information. As long as you study, you can be clear and you can’t lie. Moreover, once the elders belong to the middle cube, there is no conflict with anyone. He does not need to lie to lie. Moreover, a @老人 is a big man, why do you want to swear with everyone.

“I want to ask why the emperor can…” Weng Weng asked on your behalf.

“He has a creational body, do you have it?” I interrupted the elder.

“Oh… then, the witch ring Lord is also successful, it seems that the strength is stronger than me. Can you…”

“You ask him.” The elders indicated.

The witch ring is also present today.

He was invited.

The witch ring saw the eyes of Lord and tried to calmly say: “That, I don’t know if everyone believes, but my explanation is: I have died more than 6,000 times. Yes, the real death you imagined. Every Once, the family sisters saved me, a kind of resurrection ability that I could not understand. Then, with the activation magic left, I continued to experiment again. After more than 6,000 times, I succeeded. Right, except the family sister. I am the second best in the innate skill of the clan.”

Such a sentence.

Everyone has a chill in their hearts.

This step is not cultivation. This step is to die.

How low is the probability that the same person has died more than 6,000 times? This step is still more than 6,000 years of experience. If you have no experience, are you not dead?

“Excuse me, Mr. Ren, do you think it is difficult to make the originalization?” Weng Weng asked Tang Shidao.

“For me, it is not difficult.”

“Oh… what is your reason?”

“I have the infinite Magic Power derived from the ancestors of the Yuanzu, as well as the transformation of the primitives and the original elements. Even without the creation of the gods, it is not difficult for me. I know more about the things that the spirit knows, except for none. Self-generated Magic Power has everything else.” Tang Shidao.

Everyone listened.

More desperate.

This is not difficult… Most of the power of the Arcane god… This condition is really difficult.

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