The secret bridge of the world.

Only one change occurred on the ‘bridge’ where Tang Shidao and Tieyunzhai were located: Force order restarted and energy limits fell.

Tang Shidao has experienced this change.

In the Primordial jurisdiction, each layer has an environmental limitation. Unless you are more bullish than void, you can’t resist the natural limits of void. The Primordial jurisdiction is the outside world, and it has the same natural limitations. Unless you are better than the outside world, you must be restricted.

The same is true now.

“There are only 10,000 Mana left?” Tie Yunzhai was shocked, feeling that his strength was falling wildly, and the limit of 10,000 points was stopped.

“Well, it’s a compression. The progress of the training is the same, but there is no stronger Force.”

“Mr. Tang, we are now…”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Quantity.” Tie Yunzhai smiled and knew what the most low level of Mana was: quantity.

Ten thousand points Mana.

One-on-one, Tie Yunzhai dared to fight anyone. Yuan Zhen personally came, and he dared to resist the three or four.


One-to-many, three or four people who are a hundred times worse than their own level may make themselves head and face filthy with grime. Ten thousand Mana, even a million curse can not be released. In addition, the most favorable summon magic, no limit and no quantity. It can be said that Mana’s Siamese technique is not smooth. Without the huge Mana support, the skills of the monk Secret Scripture are not forformable power.

“It’s a bit of a hassle.” Tang Shidao nodded.

“Just trouble?”


“Mr. Tang, there are a thousand people who are blocking the way. How do we go? We must know that the secret bridge of the world cannot be retreated, and the more it is more dangerous. No one has slammed us. There are one hundred Warcraft on the opposite side. “Tie Yunzhai is a realist, what can be done, can not do anything, first analyze his ability.

“You can do it, I will handle it.”


“I still don’t want a good old man to work hard for me. Right, is this effect ‘human”?”

“It may be, but it must be an environmental effect.”

“How to say?”

“The sea environment in the secret bridge here is very weird. There are often some accidental dangers, or benefits. Similarly, it will randomly produce some environmental effects. It is not fixed, not regular, may be beneficial, and may be harmful. Maybe ten Change one for half a month, maybe three for one minute. In short, the unknown creature of the secret bridge is not dangerous, it is dangerous.”


“If the effect of the sea of ​​clouds is now ‘continuous depletion and continued poisoning’, all life may be poisoned. Or, Mana temporarily reduced to 1 point Mana, then met a group of wind wolves, we may not have a life to pass. The secret bridge must be accompanied by large units. Not to mention the number of people, the better, but a few hundred people must be better than the two of us.” Tie Yunzhai made up his mind and sent a journey, and the conversation slowly relaxed.

“What could be artificial reasons?”

“Using some of the original things from the secret bridge of the world, such as the kind of objects produced here, or refining the implements, may trigger similar environmental effects. For example, you find something here that can generate thunderstorms. It can also produce thunderstorm effects in the surrounding environment. There is a one-time ancient implement similar to the ‘element ban’, and the natural environment may also ban the element Force.” Tieyunzhai tries to be as fine as possible, because this is the way to death, not necessarily Have a life pass.

“It is easy to cause environmental changes?”

“Yes, it is relatively easy here. However, only the original things of the secret bridge can be done, and the outside world is generally ineffective.”

Tang Shidao listened and nodded.

In this way, things are completely clear.

This change is not accidental, but it has been arranged early. Before Wei Luo died, Yuan Zhen was exposed. Although he did not see the true form, he did intervene to interfere with this matter. The soul network is still unable to detect his level, so his strength is unknown. From the reaction of others, the Lantern Festival is much higher than the second echelon, and the latter has insufficient courage to resist.

Mana restrictions, this is probably only the first step.

Yuan Zhen also hopes to convince himself and let himself use it for them. But looking at Yuan Zhen’s plan, I’m afraid it’s only when the slave or the road is gone.

“That’s all, don’t think too much, I hope Wei Luo safe.”

“He won’t have anything to do.” Tang Shidao listened, and wanted to mention something that ‘Wei Luo is dead’.

Think about it, wait for Wei Luo to handle these things yourself.

Since it has already been ‘transferred to the world’, Wei Luo needs to rest and recuperate, and slowly re-train his own. It’s safe to go to the Mage Network, and it’s important to draw a good Innate Skill. It seems that Reincarnation and Rebirth, after the development and derivation of the previous guarantees, is also a good top card in the later period.

No one knows how to meet in life.


He also gave him a chance to be ‘newborn’.


In the middle of a slow step, suddenly, the giant dragon of the fire and water suddenly threw himself out of the sea of ​​clouds and blocked it in front of the Yunqiao.

“Do not look back!”

Drinking a shock.

Tie Yunzhai’s face was a bitter smile, and he muttered: “We can’t go back, don’t look back, Mr. Tang. I’m sorry, my fault. I want something, I’m afraid of what’s coming. I just thought of 10,000. Point Mana is most afraid of encountering giant dragons and the like. I didn’t expect the thoughts to appear together.”

Tang Shidao also laughed.

Step forward.

Before I arrived at Tieyunzhai, I asked: “Can’t you back in the fight?”

The voice of Tieyunzhai sounded behind: “Not counting. In fact, this ‘backward’ is more of a mood, avoidance, fear, admit defeat, yield, and when this mood arises, you may also fall into disadvantages. Shimiqiao, actively facing the encounter, even if it is flying backwards, it may be safe. When fighting, the advance and retreat will not be affected. If you are scared, there may be problems with the forward movement.”

Tang Shidao nodded: “As such, they may indeed be ‘attracted’ by you.”

Tie Yunzhai does not deny: “Yes, the heart is comfortable, it is easy to fear what is coming. Although it is not 1%, it must have something to do with me.”

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to try the meat of these giant dragons.”


at this time.

On the other side, dozens of teams marched quickly.

One of them has an acquaintance: Wei. Once killed by Wei Luo, and later reborn in the resurrection pool, with the help of the spirit of re-turning Wei Wei elite. Wei Luo was killed by Yuan Zhen, and Wei’s hatred was not lost. He personally brought a team to kill Tang Shidao.

“We have to go all the way, no problem?” The vice team is also a Wei, but lack of confidence.

“No problem, Yuan used that piece of instrument, now Tang Shidao is probably limited to the level of 10,000 Mana, one ten thousandth of the Holy Land. We are the same after we arrived, but we have more people and more equipment. The combat experience is also better than Tang Shidao. Under this restriction, even if Tang Shidao has the creation of the god, Mana can’t do anything. It is possible that the monster will suddenly be killed in the middle.” Wei is full of confidence.

He has never been to the secret bridge of the world, but has seen countless materials.

In order to get rid of Tang Shidao, all the major clans have made a contribution.

Make money.

Out of person.

Out of the information.

Out of equipment.

Anyway, everyone expressed their support. They didn’t want to send people to send some resources. They didn’t sing against Taiwan everyway.

“Where is the target?” the team asked again.

“I don’t know. But as long as we are thinking about finding him, the secret bridge will naturally provide the correct route. It depends entirely on ourselves. The more we want to find it soon, the faster the goal of the secret bridge is. It’s not just me, you are the same. To think this way, first find Tang Shidao. Some people don’t want to stop, leave the team, don’t keep up, otherwise it will affect the whole team.” Wei` warned.

“Yes.” Everyone should be, but I don’t know what I think.

Even the team deputy.

He also thought: Slower, let others find it first. Someone first tried the strength of Tang Shidao, and then it was our turn to be better. In short, the first one can’t be ours, and the sixth, seventh, and eighth are almost the same.

Once this idea emerges, in fact… has already affected.

Wei`I want to find the first one?

Nor is it!

He also thought about finding the third and fourth in his heart, not too risky.

Said on the mouth.

Hehe, he does not believe.

Are the other teams also ‘winning the first’? Probably… not at all. In the face of the monsters in the fighting arena, “no one loses”, even if there are two great players in number and equipment, they still hope to be the second one, let others find it first. They are noble people of the world, who wants to fight with a person in the world, cleaning the battlefield is almost the same.

Slow down, wait a moment, maybe you will kill Tang Shidao if you encounter a monster.

Do not do it yourself and complete the task.

How great.

at this time.

the other side.

“It’s exactly the same as the real giant dragon meat. I thought they were just energy bodies.” Tang Shidao is indeed a bit of a surprise, and it’s very different from the creation cloud. Although the Genesis Cloud Diagram may make life, it is not the scope of its business. The creation of the cloud won’t take the initiative, unless it is a new race in void.

Internally, the creation of the cloud map has no real flesh and blood life, most of which are energy bodies.

The exception is this, and there are very few such exceptions.

In front of you.

No, the giant dragon meat eaten by the mouth is really flesh and blood, or related to the emotion of Tie Yunzhai ‘fear what to come from.’ Tang Shidao is not sure, this is the giant dragon that is ‘fearful’, or the giant dragon that is attracted by ‘fear.’ To be sure, they are the same as the giant dragon race of void. There is no difference. Ten thousand points of Mana’s giant dragon, um, roast and eat really fragrant.

“Mr. Tang, you still have a mood to barbecue.” Tie Yunzhai is speechless. Escape now, still eat.

“Relax is better.”

“is it?”

“You don’t feel afraid of anything. In this case, the more you are afraid of someone catching up, the more likely you are to be caught up, right?”


“The more we are not afraid of being pursued, the harder it is to be pursued. So, which one do you want to burn? Is the dragon or the dragon?”

“Hey… come to the water dragon meat.” Tie Yunzhai is not stupid.

Afraid to avoid?


Maybe not afraid to be safe, so still… barbecue dragon meat.

Chewing the meat of the giant dragon, Tie Yunzhai is also strange: how can the pursuit of troops not come? No reason. Early in the day, there were plans, at least nearly 100 teams to pursue, and the two of them slowly linger, at least three or four teams to catch up with this time.


Ghosts are not seen?

People, are you going to take a lunch box?

“Mr. Yun Zhai, what is the name of the first person in the fighting pool?” Tang Shidao quietly eats dragon meat and is interested in chatting.

“Shi Sidu.”

“Hey, what does the name mean?”

“I don’t know. But Shi Sidu is known as the gatekeeper of certain boundaries.”

“Ancestral spirits?”

“No, not the ancestral spirit. Yuan Zhen and defending division are also the level of the ancestral spirit, but there is too much difference between the four divisions. In the rumors, the strong one who can win the division of the four divisions is qualified to be crowned with certain words. I don’t know which two words, I didn’t have the courage to challenge him. I am far from the same person as Yuan Zhen. In addition to scarecrow, there is still one person who may be qualified.”


“Olympus. It’s not what we said. It’s what the teacher said.” They didn’t play against each other, but Shisidu felt that Oring could win him.”

“Is the Shi Sidu very strong?”

“Four fires, earth and earth, four elements and four elements, the division of the four crossings are the apex of Great Perfection. The highest point of the element Force and the original Force, what do you say?”


Tang Shidao understands.

What is the ‘door’ of Shi Siduo?

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