Tang Shidao A few words, everyone on the dragon’s holy altar heard it.

At this moment, no one thinks that this person is arrogant, because the ancestors built the ‘wall’ thing originally to make people break it. It can be said that the first to build a wall, the first to break the wall is everyone’s ancestors. Those ancestors used their own example as an example to let the younger generation understand the importance and necessity of doing so.

They take their own instructions: if there is a limit to progress, cultivation is meaningless.

at this time.

The scene was silent for a while and the game continued.

In this sentence, everyone in the room read a lot of things. At the very least, everyone believes that this person is definitely not a person with a false name. Being able to have this guts and having this idea, he can’t be ‘ordinary’. Besides, he grew up from a near-unmagic low-tech planet, and to this point today, the word ‘ordinary’ has no such thing as this person.

The game continues and everyone gathers to watch.

Time, it is like this.

There were no special incidents during this period, and no one was provocative. The whole day was only a faint past. Because of this, people are even more surprised. In theory, it is normal to have something happening today, and no one is not normal. However, it really passed like this, everything is as calm as ever.

“Very good game.”

“Mr. Ren, are you not satisfied?” Long domain asked deliberately.

“No, I just think that my enemy is probably not here.” Tang Shidao also frankly said.

“The past and the next, destined to be the enemy.”

“I know, that doesn’t matter, I mean something else. Long-term elders, do you have ‘enemies’? I mean the real enemy you need to worry about.”


“What is it?”

“Evil spirit.”

“originally is this way, I understand.” Tang Shidao heard the evil spirits also reacted, and finally where he ‘ignores’.

The dusty world and the secret world of the world do not put the big Void in the eye.

So, do they have the pressure to survive?

The elders of the last generation clan did not, because they were similar to the elders. In the face of evil spirits, they can choose to cooperate, or integrate, or share themselves. There is survival pressure in the secret world of the past, they do not cooperate with evil spirits, and they do not share their autonomy. Therefore, they are enemies with evil spirits, and they are enemies.

“There are no problems in the four worlds, and they are rarely destroyed by evil spirits. However, other secrets are not necessarily.” Long Domain also said frankly.

“Is their Force not strong enough?” Tang Shidao asked.

“No. The overall Force is our most strong, but the individual Force is not necessarily the most strong in the world. In other secret worlds, there are places where one can support a secret. The reason why they cannot rest, Integral Force is not enough, continuous development is not enough, and the speed of regeneration and re-cultivation is not enough. Ten times of eight invasions can withstand one hundred times and it will not work for a thousand times.”

“The educational model of the world of the world is very easy to train rookies.”

“Yes. Not only us, but the rest of the three worlds are also the same. Just because we have the ‘continuously’ talents born, we can withstand the invasion again and again. If there are only one or two pillars, the others will be finished. Some The secrets of the world have also learned our way, but they don’t have the benefits of ‘only the wind, the law is not used.’

“What are they doing?”

“Yes, they are trying to change, but they have not yet been realized. The clan is the opposite of the clan. They think that ‘cooperation’ is a win-win situation, but they have not thought that one day they may be countered by evil spirits. We believe that the knife is in our hands. It is safe and does not believe in the umbrella provided by others. Evil spirits can coexist, but it must be in the case that we have the ability to protect ourselves.”

“In the past few years, no evil spirits have invaded the world, because there are still you.” Tang Shidao also saw it thoroughly.

“Oh…” Long Domain should not speak.

But the meaning is obvious.

Because there are still the secrets of the great worlds, the evil spirits will cooperate with the dust. It’s like the tigers in the forest are not dead, and the wolves and the donkeys can coexist. Once the tiger is gone, the wolf will coexist with the cockroach.

“Why don’t you cooperate with the secret world?” Tang Shidao asked a very stupid question and deliberately asked.

“Because… oh.” Long Domain answered very seriously.

“I thought it was another reason.” Tang Shidao was really surprised by this answer.

“In the secret world of the past, some people with ideals have succeeded, and some people with ideals have failed. They have escaped from the superior environment like dust and earth, but they have lost in the field. It is conceivable that they It’s not the heart of the heart. However, this is not the point. Some people in the secret world have succeeded, but they can’t help others. Mr. Huang also understands that there are things that cannot be taught.”

“Well, some things are not useless, and they won’t teach.”

“The problem is that someone can.”

“Evil spirit?”

“Yes. The dust is not without the strong, but there is no such thing as the strong man you imagined. Their Force is not weak, and even some people are much higher than the average line of our secrets.” However, they never take risks because part of their ‘individuals’ are evil spirits. Unless there are great benefits, they will only remain as they are and sit and watch the changes.”

“So, one day, the big Voids invaded, they also sit and watch the fun?”

“Yes. If there is such a day, it is probably us, the people who will be in the dust will “hidden” and wait for the end of the chaos. No matter who wins, they are still in the world, and everything is basically unchanged. The winner will probably not occupy the dust, because that environment will only corrode people.”

“I understand that there are some secrets in the world that have worked with the dust.”

“Yes. I just said that some people succeeded and some people failed. Because of the success of others, they also want to achieve the same achievement. So, they began to cooperate with evil spirits, because evil spirits can help them grow up. It is very hard to grow on their own, but It is easy to grow up by evil spirits. Moreover, once they do not regard themselves as human beings, they regard themselves as evil spirits, and the evil spirits are the same family.”

Long Tian said in great detail, and Tang Shidao also listened carefully.

This is the case.

It can be said that the state of the whole endless Void is clear. All major Voids, dusty earth, secrets of the world, all have similar properties. Force is different, but the nature is similar. The dust on the earth induces the rebellion of the Void strong, which is actually a replica of the evil spirits that induces the rebellion of the powerful. The secrets of the past world against the evil spirits are also equal to those of the big quinques against the world.

Why can’t the secrets of the past world cooperate?

The loser and the winner are just one reason. Another reason, the winners do not bother the compromises of the losers.

For example, the ruling layer of a secret world has cooperated with evil spirits and successfully obtained a good Force. After that, will the four worlds cooperate with it?

Do not.

will not.

For such a person, the four worlds of the past world only despised.

In the end, the secret world of the world can only play with each other, no one trusts anyone. The more we can’t cooperate, the bigger the cracks in the parties. Over time, the cracks have completely turned into hatred. Today, the distance between the secrets of the world and the imagination can not be combined. In the narrative, the dragon domain does not hide its disgust. It does not affect these losers.

The world is not ideal, nor is it ‘I am weak and reasonable.’

When you can’t succeed on your own, but you blame others on others, you are wrong again.

“In the early days, there were once secrets that invaded us. At that time, the ancestors were determined to be determined, and it was decided that the offenders would kill them. There are half factors, because we do not compromise on them, so the formation of the ‘different weak people’ style is formed in the past. I can’t define right or wrong in this matter, but the attitude of the four worlds is still the same. If other secrets of the past world blame us for failing to succeed and invade us, the invaders are still killing.”

“Yeah.” Tang Shidao can understand that the past four worlds insisted on ‘correct’ rather than ‘reluctant communion’.

Mage World is not the same as Mortal World.

Lifespan is unlimited.

This means that once you ‘compromise’ is a permanent influence, and this thing can’t be erased by time, it will always be remembered by the ethnic group.

Therefore, the four worlds of the past world either never compromised or compromised.

The dust is used to compromise, so it is dusty. The four worlds of the past world never compromised, so it is the four worlds.

this moment.

The invitation of Tang Shidao’s Second Type to the world is also clear… no matter the enemy, right or wrong, regardless of position, the worldly world only insists on its own practices. Not stopped, no one will be convinced. Perhaps the four worlds in the world may be annihilated by a certain force. However, they will not bow to whom.

“I need to leave for a few days.”

“Is there anything urgent for Mr. Ren Huang to deal with?”

“No, I just didn’t go home for a long time. I want to go back and see if I cherish people and things. I will come over again and come back soon. There are some things, I probably found some clues and need to verify.” Tang Shidao Said with a slight smile.

“Are you related to us?” Long Tian asked strangely, and suddenly wanted to go home is what a ghost idea.

“No, it has nothing to do with anyone, just about myself. In the past, some things may have been in the wrong direction. There are some very important things that I pursued in Void and came to the world to pursue.” The result was not good. Originally, I thought that my pursuit was not enough. Now I think deeply, probably not. Some things can’t just seek results from outside…”

“The result is likely to be on himself?” Long domain subconsciously answered.

“Yes, probably, I still need to verify.”



“Mr. Emperor, no matter what you are looking for, you must have figured out something. In our realm, it is very difficult to figure out one thing. After all, we know too much.” Long domain arched .

“Yeah.” Tang Shidao does not deny it.

With the creation of the gods, there are very few things that you don’t know. However, very little does not mean no.

Life weaves.

Seven days after the birth.

They are things that they study with the utmost care but have never had a result. Maybe they don’t need the legacy of the predecessor Senior, maybe the problem is on their own.

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