After nearly a hundred years, Tang Shidao returned home again.

This time, the original Plane World has changed dramatically. Immortal dao cultivation technique Popularizes everyone. At this moment, Emperor Plane has a completely different extension of both Force and technology. Unlike pure magic World, it is not like pure technology World, but a very perfect fusion. Tang Shidao Incidentally, the magical mechanical race was born.

“How long have we not met, Taoist, for decades?” Lei Dazhuang was the first to find it.

“Almost.” Tang Shidao found that the old friend was ‘steady’.

It is not a feeling that the mind becomes ‘old’, but more like the feeling of shouldering some responsibility. For more than a decade, the family of Lei Dazhuang has been four or five generations. In general, his family has grown rapidly, and his descendants have grown rapidly.


Emperor Plane’s ‘Immortal Cultivator’ is worried that the universe will be exhausted and enter a period of exhaustion of resources.

Because they have become healthy, they have become long-lived.

Since immortal dao has been opened.

Only a hundred years have passed without death, and even the most optimistic scientists are worried about the explosion of the population. However, when the first ‘world leader’ was born, people realized that white was worried, and that was not the case at all.

Because of the emergence of ‘Boundary Lord’, Ronaldo has released more information to everyone.

One total.

Everyone found out that… the Lord is just the younger brother.

Because of the relationship between the universe and the heart, the more the life race of a Plane, the greater the growth of the Planar Space. Similarly, the more cultivators that have energy, the more Planar Space will benefit. Plane World is like a balloon, a balloon that won’t break. The more you blow in more air, the bigger it will be. On the contrary, the less life and the lower the energy, the danger of the exhaustion of Plane World.

The emergence of the landlord, everyone knows: you can have a second Plane World, as long as you are strong enough.

Cosmic heart.

Private Plane.

Faith system.

The three major standards of the landlord, it proves that the incarnation ‘God’ builds World is not a dream, but also proves that there is no end to the practice, and there is no end to the space. Only a frog in well would say: Our well is too small to live.

Open up another planet.

Open up another universe.

The road ahead is never ending.

“Who is the first landlord?” Tang Shidao has not paid attention to these things for a long time, and is usually supervised by the apostles. If there is no accident in itself, the apostles are also onlookers and do not interfere without interference. Only when there is massive destruction, or if someone is deliberately guilty, the apostles will solve the problem.

“The fire monkey in the cloud city.”

“Oh, it is.” Tang Shidao remembered, this is the magic creature of life weaving.

“There were some monks, demons and beasts. So everyone didn’t care, because we knew that there was Void outside World, and there was a world outside of Void. It sounded far away. However, as each and everyone leaders appear, we also know that these ‘myths’ are not far away, and we are part of them.” Lei Dazhuang has a good attitude.

Maybe time will make people adapt to everything, and the initial ‘stunning’ has become indifferent.


Xiao Jin does not restrict them from going out, and people with confidence can go to Void. In this case, people are getting more and more things, but they are not surprised. Another point is that the ‘Tanghuang’ has a great reputation in Void, and people have turned from surprise to habit… After the immortal dao era was opened, the power of the Tang Emperor has been printed in the heart.

It can be said.

In the minds of all young cultivators, they went to school when they were young, and the main character of the story recorded in the book was the Tang Emperor.

Become a cultivator, and the name they most often hear is also the Tang Emperor.

and so.

The power of the Tang Emperor is a profound memory of the mind.

“What we didn’t think of was that Void didn’t have ‘immortal dao ‘Immortal Art. They separated magic and body skills and practiced as two things. Taoist, do you know? At the beginning, everyone thought it was not a good thing, and as a result, some people Going out and playing a few frames to understand, this immortal dao cultivation technique has been a lot of trouble. In the last decade or so, there are still many people studying the new immortal dao merits.”

“Hey, for example?”

“For example, the kind of fire monkey is studying a kind of transformational genius, which can fight a comprehensive skill that can cast spells.”

“Is it not leaving?” Tang Shidao was very surprised.

“No. After it has a private Plane, find the Golden Fairy and ask the Golden Fairy to share the two Planes. Now, the Fire Monkey Plane becomes one of our joint Plane, like the 72 experimental Plane. Later The landlords are similar, and they have not left the Emperor Plane. They have chosen to stay and continue to practice and study immortal dao.” Lei Dazhuang came over the first time and naturally explained the current situation.

In theory.

The entire Plane belongs to the ‘Tanghuang’, and everyone can’t ignore the Emperor’s mind.

“You have done a good job, far beyond my expectations. To be honest, I did not expect anyone to take the initiative to study immortal dao merits. Tell me for them, work hard, come on, don’t be afraid to fail. Even if the initial research results are not Ok, don’t be afraid, slowly improve and improve, slowly divergent thinking, slowly add and add, and ultimately will succeed.”

“Well, you don’t object to them coming in.” Lei Dazhuang also smiled.

“This is not a mess. There is no stipulation that immortal dao merits must be provided by me. You can make your own research. You can say this, it means what I mean: If anyone thinks that creation is better than me, I can replace my merits as a mainstream teaching product. Even if someone feels that I can win, this ‘Royal’ and Plane can also be taken away. I don’t mind, I really don’t mind. I didn’t want to occupy the apex forever, someone can exceed I, I will be very happy.”

“Well, I will help you with the words. But, more than you… um, sleep well, there are dreams.” Lei Dazhuang is mature, and his mouth is a little bit awkward.

“What about beauty?”

“She… a little weird.”

“What happened?”

“Taoist, you can see the Milky Way with a god, can you still know?”

“That can not only gain insight into the Milky Way, but also farther and farther. However, I don’t usually do this in my hometown. I like the feeling of being ordinary, just like myself. Even in Void and the past, there is no need for me. It won’t be detected indiscriminately. To be honest, there are very few things that can make me ‘tight alert’.”

“I can’t understand you are 啥realm, in short… the beauty is she is retreating, sleeping in a giant flower.”

“Sleeping for decades?”

“Well, White Beauty has been like this since the last time you said she had a ‘Let of Great Life.’ I asked Mo Rosa, she said she was not clear, but it was definitely a good thing. The palace has been studied by a group of celestial scientists, saying that it may be related to ‘Yuanzu Yuanling’. However, Jin Xianzi said no, it is another unidentified thing.” Lei Dazhuang is also not very detailed, I believe that Tang Shidao personally saw it. .

“Well, I am going to find her.”

“Dao Shi, what are you doing outside, the beauty should be quite lonely, don’t you want to have a son with her?” Lei Dazhuang was surprised.

“There is no such idea for the time being. If you want to create it, single thought will be fine.” Tang Shidao gently spread his hand and had an ’embryo’ light on his palm: “This is not my copy, but a random combination. The creature. Of course, it is only a shadow, not a real one.”

“Can you be a father and a mother again?” Lei Dazhuang looked strange.

“Well, this… If it was born, it should be part of the creation cloud map, the information I got from the creation of the cloud. But now I really don’t have this idea. I went to the beauty and asked if she wanted it or not. A little baby.”

“Go.” Lei Dazhuang’s business is over. Everyone wants to ask the Tang Emperor’s problem to be solved.

Actually, there is no problem.

Everyone created their own immortal dao merits, and Tang Shidao was happy to see it, and even encouraged everyone to do so.

Other trivial things in life…not anything for immortal dao cultivator.

at this time.

Tang Shidao A sensory induction, a teleportation, immediately came to the surface of the White Beauty star, floating above a super giant flower. Looking at the sleeping person inside the giant flower, Tang Shidao understands why even Xiao Jin can’t tell.

This is not the Yuanzu Yuanling.

However, she belongs to a kind of ‘Yuan Ling’, a new thing beyond the spirit of Fa Ling.

“You came.”


“hug me.”


The beauty is fascinated, and Tang Shidao can feel the taste of the ‘life ancestor tree’… No, it should be said that this is the taste of the ancestral tree ‘fruit’. The spirit of great life, which is the activation of the great life, is born from the ancestral tree of life. I don’t know why, White Beauty is fully integrated with Failing, creating a feeling of ‘fruit of life’.

If you don’t know the existence of ‘evil spirits’, Tang Shidao probably can’t identify the situation at hand. Even if there is a Wisdom Tree and a life ancestor in the sea, the condition of White Beauty is difficult to understand.

“A road, am I strange?”

“No, this is what you should have.” Tang Shidao can be sure that White Beauty is not a fusion of evil spirits.

strictly speaking.

She should be called…the soul of life!

She is the fruit of the ancestral tree of life!

“Why am I doing this?” White Beauty didn’t even know.

“Probably, because you don’t like fighting at all.” Tang Shidao is only half sure, and the other half is a mystery. It is conceivable that the great life technique is very powerful, and the spiritual spirit above the supreme, even the life skill is powerful. On the contrary, White Beauty is a completely uncomfortable existence, so… the great life magic is ‘useless’.

Force is superfluous… The Great Life Spirit has never encountered this treatment.

More eccentric.

This is not a fake camouflage, this is the real idea of ​​White Beauty.


Both inadvertently have a change: White Beauty needs a way to accept each other, and the big life spells also need to be useful.

This has no cultivation.

There is no research.

It is not cooperation… This result is born of ‘natural’… Yes, it is in line with the life essence of great life: nature.

It is born because of nature, but also because of nature.

White Beauty becomes a ‘life spirit’ just as flowers bloom naturally and trees naturally produce results. In the absence of interference, White Beauty naturally blends in this way, and naturally changes. At this moment, there is no big life magic, only White Beauty with the essence of ‘Life Spirit’.

In theory.

White Beauty is the opposite of ‘evil’.

White Beauty has life and is a true fusion.

The evil spirit has no life and is a false fusion.

The conclusion is……

The great life ‘Fa Ling’ is presented in the same way as the ‘Evil Spirit’, but the result in White Beauty is the opposite result.

This ‘Yuan Ling’ was originally a thing that personally activated Force to separate.

just now.

It has returned to perfection.


Tang Shidao thought of Void, Void World and Creation Cloud… When Mage died, was that return a natural return? Getting Force from Void and finally returning to Void isn’t the same as White Beauty?

Yuanzu Yuanling, Void’s pro-son and relatives.

The soul of life, the relatives of the ancestors of life.

The two are essentially the same, except that the source is big and small that’s all.

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