White Beauty really has such a good Innate Skill. I only learned how to use Super Wind in one day.

Do not!

White Beauty’s Innate Skill is just the average level.

I can quickly learn, all because of the ‘God of the Moon’. It is better to say that she is learning with the help of Luna. Yes, the effect of the 70 Advent is as terrifying as possible, which is equivalent to 72 people in terms of experience and learning. It is perfectly matched with White Beauty and the effect is more terrifying.

In the eyes of outsiders, this is an incredible thing.

Tang Shidao is not surprising, this is like the ability of the ‘moon god’. Together with the pure white beauty, it should be so clear and understandable.

at this time.

No one was speaking at the scene, and no one suspected that White Beauty was just a weak person.

The ability to practice super-winds so quickly…even if it was pretending, I learned it before, but now it is only deliberately deaf, which means she really learned. Yes, it is owned. Yes, it is Force. A character with a Super Wind Force cannot be a weak person.

Another day passed.

The third day.

at last.

Some unexpected and unexpected people came. The right way to organize the Yuan Zhen Luo Xiangyun and so on, the patriarch of the ancestors, the hunting group of Luo Sen and Wu Yuan and other secret leaders. They entered the world of the world as a guest, and they did not dare to be arrogant. Because they know that this place hides countless monsters, Force is powerful and huge, and they don’t have enough rounds for the whole family.

“Fortunately, the emperor, Tang Shidao.” Yuan Zhen has a smile on his face, although he smiles a little reluctantly.

“Hey, who are you?”

“…” In just one sentence, Yuan Zhen immediately stopped.

The crowd did not feel that the people were arrogant.

Those who have the courage to challenge the four crossings of the division will naturally not put the first echelon of dust on the earth. We must know that Shi Sidu’s disappearance for many years still firmly holds the first place in the fighting list. Yuanxiao and the others are the first echelon, but they never dared to challenge the division.

The gap in the middle can be imagined.

“This is the Lantern Festival, the Yuan patriarch patriarch.” Yuan Zhen resisted anger, cold face should be.

“Hey, think about it, that confessed the fool of the ‘spiritual suffocation’. Why, today, is it going to get back to me with ancient instruments?”

“That thing does not belong to you.”


“If Mr. Emperor…”

“If there is no, the Yuanxiao elders, there is no such thing in reality. You want to get back to the ‘spiritual touch’, it is very simple, stage, challenge, I must accept. You won, this ancient instrument and my life are You can take it. You lose, I don’t take your skills, only take away your energy. You have enough resources and energy to regenerate easily from the resurrection pool.” Tang Shidao reached out and said that he had no talk. , play at any time.

At this moment, everyone looks to Yuanxiao.

Speak to this step.

No, only war or no war… Actually, the original Dragon Race character of the above world winds, only war, knowing that it is dead and fighting, there is no option of ‘no war’.

But this moment.

“There are too many restrictions in the world, we are still looking for a place.” Yuan Zhen was very clever to choose not to fight.

“…” The other big names in the arena were silent.

Such a reaction is expected and unexpected.

Said unexpectedly.

The right way organization is a team, they need team action. In other words, they don’t want to lose too much personally, but they need to concentrate on everyone’s Force killing. Therefore, Yuan Zhen alone can not win, because the ‘Legion’ mode that dominates the court, one person bears the loss of the enemy.

Team battle, everyone together.

How much share is lost, even if a person sacrifices a little more, it will not be too far away.


Yuan Hao’s own ability… He is best at Wind System magic.

Regardless of his own special arrogance, he once owned the ancient instrumental device, both of which are Wind System Force, the top Wind System Force. In other words, the world of the world is the most favorable environment for the Lantern Festival, just as the upper world is as beneficial to the storm giant dragon. In this case, Yuan Zhen still refused.

People on the scene can presuppose that this is probably not a fear of failure.

The elders who have passed away have accumulated countless years, and they also have cards that outsiders do not know. Therefore, Yuan Zhen has the confidence to win, and it is also a draw.

The reason he refused… worried about his loss.

The ancestral elders’ reliance is to dominate the court, and the basis of the lord’s court is the Godion. The strength of Legion is naturally more and more powerful. Therefore, the elders in the world are strong or weak, and they all look at the number of Legion.

at this time.

Yuan Zhen’s thoughts: Even if I shoot, win, and sacrifice a lot of Shen Ling Fa Ling, I will become weak at that time. As a result, the right path organization annihilated the Tang Shidao road, but there was nothing in itself. An elder who becomes weak, everyone will not sympathize with themselves. Even if there are benefits, you will get the smallest one. Therefore, whoever fights is a fool.

The elderly next to them are also very disappointed.

They hope that the Lantern Festival will fight with the Emperor… It’s best to suffer from a suffer, or to lose both.

Seeing the expression of these people, Yuan Zhen is also slightly unhappy.

Turn around.

It is indicated: “Luo Xiangyun is an elder, and the emperor is interested in fighting a battle. Why is it better to play with you?”

“Oh…” Luo Xiangyun heard a glimpse, then said with a smile: “Forget it, we are guests, we will not grab the limelight of the host.”

He also refused.

Everyone is also expected.

Luo Xiangyun, this person, has to say that he is also good at Wind System magic, and has an amazing record: killing the previous generation Roche pillar Luo Xiangyu. In addition, he has always been challenged by the clan of the clan. Every time there is no injury to victory, every time I am merciless, winning countless names. Unlike Yuanxiao, Luo Xiangyun is much more ‘beautiful’ regardless of his clan reputation or personal reputation.


Rejecting words is also more beautiful than Yuan Zhen.


Nothing to use, no matter how beautiful you talk. The audience at the scene only looked at the results and did not look at the process. I don’t dare to play, and more explanations are superfluous. Fortunately, they know what the clan is in the dust, and it’s not surprising. It seems that people like the Emperor have appeared in the past and have been arrogant.

Some people succeeded in destroying a wave of clan, and some of them did not die.

No matter the success or failure, in the end, it will be a living clan.

Going old.

New to come.

Or new ones, old ones.

With the repetition of this history, dust has become more and more used to this way. In their view, if they are weak, they will kill, and if they are strong, they will be alive. This is a kind of survival wisdom. Technical research, technological innovation, and those who are doing the next generation. The next generation of people has achieved results, and they will rob them again, and then they will have their own possessions. As a result, everything is reasonably owned and they still occupy the upper position.

See this reaction.


Tang Shidao has an illusion: perhaps, those who are not guilty of invading the dust are also deliberate. First, the secrets of the past world are indeed Force, and the guardian Force is not scattered. Second, the invasion of the dust is not necessarily a good thing. If the invasion is successful, then raise a bunch of such waste…not much, even if a small group of people mix like this, it is a failure.

Look at it from a certain angle.

The purest energy, the most resources, the safest dust on earth… The people in the secret world are fleeing from it, not competition.

“The head of Luosen, the head of Wuyuan, can you fight?” Tang Shidao smiled.

“All of us have teamed up to hit you and fight. One to one, not to fight. There is no benefit but only the bad things, we will definitely not do it.” Colonel Rosen smiled and sat down. He is more frank than the Yuan Zhen, and he is clear that he is a businessman and he only makes money.

“If I pay, let you kill the surviving clan, can you do it?” Tang Shidao does not hate such people.

“Don’t do it. If you have money, you can do it. But you certainly don’t have money from the ancestors.” Rosen gave a very unexpected answer, no lie feeling.

At this moment.

Everyone on the scene was not surprised.

Yuanxiao and other elders are also sneer, as if to say: We are rich, so we are the uncle.

“Yes? So, what are you doing?” Tang Shidao asked again.

“Investigate your hidden strength.”

“You are not going to battle, how to investigate?” Tang Shidao really smiled.

“They have money, they can ask for money if they have money. Mr. Ren, there are countless secrets in the world, genius is countless, there are always people who are willing to shoot. Our hunting spirits are businessmen, as if we have such a large number of businessmen Our mission is to kill you, but some people’s mission is to challenge you. The price is different, the conditions are naturally different.” Rosen seems to be threatening, and it seems to be a reminder.

“There was money to do so much.” Tang Shidao lightly nodded.

“Of course. The dust can always stand up, because they have money. The secret spring hegemon can be the best, and because they have money. I admire the original Dragon Race. These are ideal, but admire, we There are also our survival needs. For our survival, we must obtain all kinds of resources. So, Mr. Emperor, your enemy is money, energy and resources.” Luo Sen has a lot of words, probably that this is a decision. A different conversation.

“You said so, I am looking forward to it.”

“If you stay one more day, some people will lose more than one day. So this is not a game, it is a deathmatch. Even if it is a challenge, that stage is also a punishment platform, not a competitive platform. Mr. Ren, you should not show up, leave, Or keep hiding better. You know, we are not enemies, but they must be enemies.” Losen’s meaning: the elders of the world can be embarrassed, but the face can not lose.

Since the enemy is showing up, they must act.

Potential lines: You can’t hide, we can see it as if we didn’t see it. Come out, we don’t give a comment.

Another meaning: you ‘escape’, we don’t chase, really.

Tang Shidao understands.

After all, this group of guys still don’t want to conflict with too strong people, because… lose money!

“Well, who wants the first challenge?” Tang Shidao is now very relaxed. Since the loan of the original eclipse of Force to White Beauty, and the effect of the 70 second coming, Tang Shidao has opened another way.

“I, uh.”

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