It’s better to say that Losen is making a warning: the game, you have to play according to our rules!

Nothing is strong or weak, no win or lose, dust only counts one thing: interest!

One thing is good, it can be done right or wrong.

One thing has no benefit, absolutely not.

The dust is so dusty, it also indirectly affects the secrets of the past. The four worlds in the world may not be affected, but, as the Dragon Field said, those losers? They set up a hunting group, nothing more than a group of ‘grabbing the spirits’. This is equal to: grab energy and ability. Also equal: steal money. In addition, the hunting spirit group was originally to take money to do things, saying that employment is also a kind of looting.

just now.

Tang Shidao’s code of conduct does not match their game model, because Tang Shidao is not stealing money, nor helping anyone to steal money.

The Artifact Spirit cultivation technique is free.

It is not for the benefit of killing Xun Changqing.

These actions are not good for the dust and the secret world. Originally, Soulstone was an excellent business. It is a pity that the Emperor did not cooperate with anyone and did not benefit anyone. Secondly, there is no limit to the kind of soul stone. Everyone wants to stir up the high pit money. It can cultivate itself, and this function does not know how many people’s financial roads.

Hoarding is their game habit, but the emperor did not give them this opportunity.

Bad business, breaking people’s money.

This is the sin of the Emperor.

“蛊祖?” Tang Shidao reached out and was surprised that ‘蛊’ actually appeared.

“Oh, just hey.” The person corrected it.

Not called ancestors.

Just praise it.

In Force, he is definitely a strongman at the ancestral level and is fully qualified to claim his ancestors. However, he denied it. This denial has two meanings: First, he is a ancestors. Second, although he is a ancestors, he is not the ancestor of Tang Shidao’s mind.

“Do you like this? Please.” Tang Shidao slowly walked slowly and walked onto the court.

“Please.” He is also very calm.

Step forward and walk into the arena.

Here, like the dusty fighting field, the Void Yuan is the outer shell, and the legal array is used as a protection. No matter how fierce the internal fight is, you can’t destroy the stadium as long as you can’t destroy the Void. The energy of the fight will be captured and become a nutrient for the growth of the entire space.

“You are not wondering why?” The two walked slowly and walked in the air. At this time, I took the initiative to speak.

“What is weird?”

“Strange why I cooperate with the past.” 蛊indifferently said.

“There is some strangeness. Can you talk about it? I have a lot of free time, you can say it slowly.” Tang Shidao said that he is not in a hurry.

“Of course, I would have liked to talk to you.”


The two flashed into the arena but did not do it.

This kind of stadium is very convenient. It requires two people to agree to enter, and you can modify the rules on the quantity and Force, such as limiting the Force ceiling. In addition, once the number of people entered into the agreement, for example, two people will fight. Then, the third person can’t get in any way, unless they win or lose. Furthermore, it is easy to enter, and it is necessary to follow the rules of winning and losing.

For example, one death and one life can come out, and for example, one win and one drop can come out.

Two people are required to enter the venue.

The third person cannot be bothered. The two automatically quit unless the time limit for use ends. During this time, what happened inside the two people could not manage anything outside.

“In a while, I am also a member of the Mage Network.” Amazing words.

“Is it later?” Tang Shidao can understand.

Joining the Mage Network is not difficult.

It is easy to be above the landlord. Below this level, you can only rely on luck.

“Yes. Because, I don’t recognize that way. The Scarecrow has Force, but it’s just guarding the Mage Network, nothing else. Do you know? I originally thought about being a quiet Mage, but the reality is again and again. I hit me once.” There is no anger or resentment, and time can heal all emotions.

“It looks like you are not so vulnerable.” Tang Shidao listened quietly.

“Mind? Yes, I am not so vulnerable. Just as Force grows, the mentality will change. In a way, I am similar to your trajectory. Join Mage Network and get excellent Innate Skill, short Time became famous. At that time, the Scarecrow knew who I was, but it didn’t care. It only worked for people who didn’t follow the Mage Network rules, and the rest didn’t care.”

“Do you think the Scarecrow let the spies?” Tang Shidao asked.


“Maybe. But I can understand that some people are better placed under their own eyes than in the dark,” Tang Shidao added.

“I just wanted to understand this question. It was also the first time I was hit. The object is… Ding Ling.”

“External Void visitors.”

“Well. The most comprehensive one against Mage, and really want to invade the strongest of Olympus Void. At that time, I realized that there are other Voids beside Void. I am not afraid to say frankly, I secretly challenged him. Use other identities. But the results you know.”

“you lose.”

“Yes, the loss is very thorough, there is no power to fight back.”

“Ding Ling dared to start with the Scarecrow. Although he was killed, he was not able to beat Mage.” Tang Shidao said with a smile.

“Correct, this ‘general Mage’ is used to describe me as the best fit. I am a little lucky, but the Mage Innate Skill is really limited. The initial mix is ​​good and the latter is extremely weak. Fortunately, I have a different ability. I let The other one I used the Mage file to resurrect me. Then I got rid of the Mage Network.”

“Because you met the messenger of the dusty world?” Tang Shidao asked.

“Right, that was the second blow. At that time, I realized that there was dust on the top of the Void, and there was a secret in the world. I spent a lot of time asking about it and I heard two amazing news: In our period of Olympus Void, once known as the ancient times, it was rewritten by two last generation Mage.”

“Time and space dragons and outside magic.” Tang Shidao knows this.

“Yes. It was only in the era of the ancient times, but later in the ancient times. It can be said that these two are the revisionists of an important history. However, we do not know that in the world of the world, the space dragon is only a genus. Similarly, In the world of fire, the outer magic is also a genus. In the world of the world, there are many space races like Space Dragon. However, one of them entered the Oring Void, which wrote a history.”

“Do you feel aggrieved?” Tang Shidao suddenly understood the character in front of him.

Time and space dragon.

Out of bounds.

They are famous in the Oring Void, in the world of the world and the world of fire, they are only one of the original Dragon Race and Primitive Demon Race, and one of them. In the world of war and the world of fire, they may not even be patriarch.


Entering the Olympian Void, they cast a history.

Tang Shidao can imagine how desperate he was at the time. Even beyond the space-time dragon and the outer magic, it is just one of the generals who are beyond the original Dragon Race. There are countless opponents like this, and there are many more powerful ones.

“Yes, I am wronged. Therefore, I accept the proposal of the last generation clan to become their pawn and suppress the major Void.”

“i understand.” Tang Shidao lightly nodded.

“Do you really understand?” 蛊said with a smile, laughing a bit miserable.

“Yes, I understand. At that time you were disappointed. You are disappointed with all the ‘master’ heroes. You think they are just ignorant, just a waste of Void’s resources. They are not the culmination, but they believe that they are the apex.”

“Not only that. There are obviously scarecrows, there are Olympians, there are Zen nine, there are big ninth, there are original primaries, they still do not want to believe, still claim to be the apex.”

“So, you decided to kill these masters and take their Force in a ‘蛊’ way?”

“I have been very successful.”


“My Innate skill is not good, but I got a strong Innate skill with the ‘蛊’ Force. My Force is not strong, but I got strong force with the ‘蛊’ Force. At that time, I believe I can turn the tide by myself. Unfortunately, the reality has given me a heavy blow.”

“Someone betrayed you?”

“Not someone, everyone.”

“It’s miserable.”

“Yes, it’s really terrible. You can understand it, right? I try my best to save Void, but Void everyone betrayed me. My hope, my dream, my trust, annihilated in a flash of disappear Without a trace. Since then, I only believe in myself. After that, there is no second person at the core of the Yi people, it is me, only me, it can only be me.”

Tang Shidao did not speak.

At this moment.

The whole story is almost spread out.

Sakamoto is in love with Void, but he hates all those who waste resources and occupy high positions and do not try to resist. He regards Void as a strong enemy. At this time, Tang Shidao suddenly understood why the group of people in the Great Quebec did not deliberately pursue the killing. Not because he is hiding too well, but because the group understands the person’s actions.


Understanding is understood and cannot be recognized.

“I did something wrong.” His face was a bit bitter, and he said honestly: “After owning Force, I inflated. In addition to killing some of the masters, I used a lot of talents to take their talents and take away their Innate skills and skills. Originally, those people still tolerated me. If you kill young and young elites, you can’t stand it. So, I have to hide like a mouse.”

“You have challenged the original too early.”

“Dead. Or, one of them died. I don’t hate him. Really, I am very grateful to him. He let me know… Even if I work hard, I still can’t get on the table. In addition to the original too, there is still one. I am defeated by myself.”

“Shi Sidu?”

“Smart. It’s easy to talk to someone who is smart like you. You don’t need to talk nonsense, you don’t have to hide anything. I am coming, try to win you, have the confidence to go to the division again, understand? Talk to you so much, I think Can you understand me, right?”

“you mean?”

“Artifact Spirit. You try to integrate into the earth, and also freely disclose the cultivation technique of Artifact Spirit. But, just like I tried to save Void, you, me, we are all betrayed. That kind of mood, you can understand.” Looking at Tang Shidao, I really want to get a glimpse of it.

“I understand……”

His eyes are bright.

“But…” Tang Shidao didn’t like to lie, and said: “The last generation clan ‘betrays me, I don’t feel at all.”

“No…” The rays of light in the blink of an eye disappeared.

“In fact, don’t talk about the clan of the last generation, even if Void betrayed me, Kuang Peng betrayed me, even Mage Network betrayed me, I don’t feel anything at all. Humanity is a very strange thing, I only cherish the loved ones and friends in the in-situ. Others I will not betray, or betray, I don’t mind.”


“Because you are like you, I know they must have some reason. This reason may be reasonable, maybe not reasonable, but it doesn’t matter. If you care, everything is important. If you don’t care, everything doesn’t matter. You think you are Help Void, you feel that you are being betrayed. If you want to abandon Void yourself, their approach is reasonable.”

“If the Mage Network team betrayed you, don’t you hate it?”

“If I hear that Wu Yueer wants to challenge me, I will not even kill me. I am not surprised. It is just a victory. We said at the outset: The time is right, you can do everything. Similarly, others feel that they can win me. It is normal for them to challenge or kill me. Hey, you may have one thing that you have not realized yet.”


“Maybe Void doesn’t need you to save.”


“The Great IX has existed in the era of the ancient times. The big quince teamed up with a group of people to create the Mage Network. The original Taiyuan was the pillar of the ‘original jurisdiction’ of the outside world. You know, what you think, what you see, they have already understood However, are they really stupid enough to help?”


“Hey, what do you want Void to look like? It’s like dust on earth? Or is it like the world?”


“I haven’t figured this out yet, really. I can only do this: how much can I do as much as I can, and then what Void will look like, let it change naturally. Better, worse, all defined by one person Is it a good thing to become dusty? You think you are saving Void, but Void has countless young people who die because of this ‘you think’, there are countless races because you are dying. Right or wrong, not a ‘ What do you think is ‘defined. Whatever your idea is, what you do, it does betray Void.”

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