Mage Network Chapter 1432

People heard little Lori’s words. In the face of the gods, mocking the gods is only a baby. If it wasn’t her feeling too terrifying, it was estimated that the gods would have gone away. Because people say hello to the emperor, and they look familiar, everybody’s not moving. And listen to that tone, and everybody has reacted.

The Lord of the Orange, Orange.

There’s probably no second Mage chasing a man or a woman after the myth of the world.


Everyone just heard the name of Orange, and never met the man of Orange. Some have seen and even challenged in the Orange era. But since the fall of the Oshin meteor, everyone has slowly forgotten. The resurrection of Orange is different from before, and this is just a little Laurie. Ever since the resurrection of the Orange, how many people remember it.

Or say.


fact, few people are genuinely concerned about the god of Arcane, whose reputation is limited to the death of Void. Like Nine, there are few people who really know.

Now it is true that you understand why O’Lin is called the Lord of Arcane.

This feeling…

She gives people the same feeling as the night scenes. When you’re trapped at night, you’ll find yourself just a weak lamb, and each other may kill you any second. Owen doesn’t have a night curtain, and she’s standing here is the “nightscreen”. In front of her, you’ll find yourself not even lamb, just like an ant, and she can step on herself without stretching her hand.

That despair, like the night curtain, will never see a little triumph rays of light.


The gods give people the feeling that they cannot overcome themselves.


O’Lin gave people the feeling… that his own courage to do not raise.

“Oh, that’s what happened.” At this point O’Lin is still asking questions about what happened here.

“Well, the erosion resurrects, and winning loses.”

“If Void collapsed, I guess I can’t stop it. Again, I can be better off than the last time, but still dead. In the absence of Void, it is still unconscious. But it’s easy to free these babies, like this,” O’Lin has risen his hand on the nearest Sun, instantaneously changing the situation.

Sun defences have no idea what happened, nor can they resist it.

He landed from the top level of force to a minimum of 1: 00 Mana and barely possessed magic. If not Orange’s domination, he would be “unlimited” to the extent that the air is fatal here.

See this scene, the rest of us are desperately missing.

The solar defences were not injured, nor lost, and his force was simply forcing ‘repression’ to the 1: 00 Mana line. Such repression is not eliminated, nor seized, and the solar defences still have full force. However, he wanted to use it, with a maximum of 1: 00 Mana. A little simpler, solar force is still the ocean, but every time he drinks one drop of water.

Attack, defense, it’s all 1: 00 Mana line.

It doesn’t have the force to come out, that’s the status of the Sun Defense.

“Is there anything left?” O’Lin was surprised.

She meant it.

Turn the sun back to “mortal” status.

‘Cause it’s an eroded force, and you can’t control it all. If he’s really a natural erosion, it’s not possible for you to’ repress’ him. Forbidden Curse Force, not affected by the exhaustion of Void rules. Let him go. There’s no need to let them go. My problem is the erosion, not the gods. The forces and bodies of the gods, and I have sacrificed Void and the world. Except Forbidden Curse Force, they have nothing left. “Tang Shidao explained.

“Forbidden Curse is not affected by endless Void?” O’Lin liberated the sun and heard something.


“Are you sure?” O’Lin needs to rehearse a Forbidden Curse when he’s ‘doorkey’, definitely asking.

“I died once in a fight with Forbidden Curse. Understand, the endless Void sanctions did not destroy Forbidden Curse. I don’t think it’s the question of formidable power, but it’s an exhaustion of Void ‘doesn’t know’ Forbidden Curse.” Tang Shidao said that.

“according to what you say, Forbidden Curse does not belong to endless Void. So, why does dust need it to be a door key outside?” The more weird O’Lin hears.

At this point, people are thinking.

Arcane’s gods’ hold ’the sun, the latter being simply as weak as the baby. This moment we all understand that the fighting is over.

And the angels will return to the heaven unless they wish to die. Otherwise, the Lord of Arcane can treat them as toys. It may also be possible to join forces with the Emperor, who can’t even do anything against the leader of the Front Orange.

Sky erosion of force can control energy and be used.

But O’Lin can ‘dominate’ energy and magic two things, grow smaller, change less, all under control.

Controllers are targeting magic.

Self-reliance is directed at energy.

In front of O’Lin, unless, as Tang Shidao said, possession of Forbidden Curse’s ‘does not belong to the “incomplete Void” force. Otherwise, weakness has nothing to do with Orange.

“I’ve never heard of the dust outside.” The mother suddenly spoke and said, “In principle, there is no place I don’t know.”

“Is this it?” Tang Shidao light nodded.

Unexhausted Void is the basis for the construction of all substances, including energy. So the mother ‘knows’ all the places, as long as he owns Void Soil. While knowing that is not tantamount to being able to go, there is little theoretically to hide the mother. Similarly, the sky erosion certainly knows all the places, just the sky erosion is not yet a natural erosion.

Hear that.

People are silent, and they all imagine where the earth is outside the dust. Nor have they heard, including the gods, the inheritors of the generations before them.


first day of dust, the day of dust, the day of dust, the highest.



A completely stranger name.

“It is necessary to submit a Forbidden Curse to get in.” Well, Don, you said, “Will the man and woman of the myth of the world ‘throw’ em away?” O’Lin doesn’t like to think about this, she’s the king of the emperor, she’s the only one who likes cultivation or the natural environment?

“If it is normal to understand, it should be them.” Tang Shidao doesn’t have to guess.

You can leave a legend.

Basically not a second thought, it’s just them.

“I have a problem.” The mother suddenly opened the mouth and faced the Orange opening. Of those who were there, besides Tang Shidao and White Beauty, she was probably not afraid of Orange and her eternity. The rest is basically ‘baby’ in front of Arcane’s gods.

“You said.”

“Do you need to leave all Forbidden Curse outside the dust, or a Forbidden Curse?”


“Are you sure?” Mother asked again.

“Of course, nothing exists to deceive me. In some detail, the dust is not a tax levy on the outside, but simply requires the entrant to have Forbidden Curse and to leave a Forbidden Curse at his place of origin. You’re the mother of the earth, you don’t know the dust outside, and it doesn’t belong to endless Void.” Nor is Orange stupid, the simpler it goes to the higher truth, because there’s no more to guess.

“Is that the place?” Tang Shidao suddenly asked.

“No, definitely not ‘Zero’. We still have projection in the zero world, and it’s impossible to find it. And the dust is not a little Void, and the forcible break-in can trigger endless Void sanctions, proving that it has something to do with endless Void.” Orin slowly said.

“You can think the other way.” Tang Shidao.

“What?” O’Lin doesn’t understand.

“When I was killed by endless Void sanctions, Forbidden Curse left.”

“In turn, think. Leave Forbidden Curse, and sanctions without Void will not appear? Or is this‘ tax ‘being handed over to endless Void?” Orrings wrinkle.

“Almost. However, in my view, endless Void is not meant to collect taxes, but to certify that you have different conditions. For endless Void, everything but Forbidden Curse is known, and only Forbidden Curse does not know it. You have Forbidden Curse before you have full void accreditation. A little bit of a human being, an endless Void, just like Mom and Dad, did child grow up and needed a uniform certification.”

“The dust is dangerous out there?” The mother says hello.

“Not necessarily dangerous, just endless Void needs an authentication that thinks you can leave.” Think about leaving a Forbidden Curse, not all Forbidden Curse. If there are two Forbidden Curse, one can leave. So, the endless Void is not for tax collection or for the regain of force. Moreover, Forbidden Curse was left random or granted to others, which was clearly irrelevant to the failure of Void. “


These conversations hid an element, and there is no doubt that Void is “revitalized”.


Not like that.

At least Void didn’t ask for anything and always paid.

At this point.

Everyone thought of a man and a woman of the myth of the world, and Tang Shidao thought of Snake Mage and 72 people. Especially the Dragon Fairy and the Moon God, it’s hard to say that they’re really dead.


Failure to live without Void is not tantamount to living elsewhere.

Tang Shidao has been less convinced of the results of Void’s death since he had a little Void. After being sanctioned by Void, and entering the ‘zero world’, the death of endless Void is even more unrealistic. What if the snake Mage and 72 people have projections in the ‘Zero’?

And don’t mention Zero.

Dusty outside.

If the Dragon Fairy and the Moon God left Forbidden Curse, 72 people would not have died. If you leave a Forbidden Curse, go outside the dust, and the dust belongs to normal magic World, your single thought will be able to return to those who have completely died. In the same vein, the Dragon Fairy and the Moon God can save 72 people from their lives.

After all.

Life fabrication is what they study to create.

If they are still alive, the level of promotion in cultivation is not necessarily lower than they are. It is likely that they have completed the life planning of the Forbidden Curse model.

For now.

It’s not appropriate to go outside the dust.

Sky erosion.

He also needs a solution to the things of the gods, and now it’s just a delay.

“Don, have you ever thought of a possibility?” O’Lin said it again.


“Why did Void leave a Forbidden Curse?”

“What do you think?”

“If someone can come from the dust, who can handle it? There are people who can pay taxes on Forbidden Curse, and the power is absolutely good.”