Mage Network Chapter 1433

Things reached this stage, and everyone is convinced that the war of hegemony is over.

The gods are over.

Void’s calm.

From now on, the “big mountains” on the heads of all the nations of Void have been completely shattered, and there is no need to worry about ‘the will of the gods’. We can live in peace, and we can interact with each other, and there are no more people on top of their heads who play chess.

It looks like the gods are alive.


In fact, they’re not threatened anymore.

The Emperor killed the body and the skill of the gods for a second, and there was only an eroded force, which was the first layer factor. Thereafter, the eternity of the night illustrated why she did not kill the gods, which was a second riot. Then the Lord of Arcane appeared, and the identity of the ‘mother’ was revealed at the time of the conversation, which was the third riot. Finally, O’Lin added a knife, and it was easy to “crush” the solar defences.

So the gods have no chance of turning around.

Calculate it.

May the gods join hands over the Emperor and say not.

Even if you can.


is also a permanent night for the opponents here, Mother Earth, Olympian… and the gods will never be more likely than all.

Go ahead and say it.

Even if the gods were left behind and turned back into heaven, he would not have been able to prevail over the emperor, the night, the mother of the earth and the Oren. The scarecrowers and the eternal night did not open, because both winning and losing would lead to the collapse of the endless Void. They just didn’t want to do it, but they were tired of all kinds of race.


Is there any other gods now?

No more.

The angels, though they are, have nothing left but one possibility of becoming a natural erosion… Now it is clear to the angels that they cannot be turned back into heaven. Owing to the existence or death of the sky, endless Void would collapse and would be confused. As long as the gods dared to do so, the emperor, the night, the mother of the earth, even the scarecrow, killed them and killed the sky.

Either living or dying will collapse, of course it will be better to “remove” than “stay”.

Stay, and next time it collapses.

Kill, just once.

For this reason, the gods are also afraid to bet that the erosion will prevail over all. The next day, the erosion will not be returned to all.

The war is over.


Fighting is not over.


Mage people who challenged the gods enter the dust high, not only the gods, but also the angels of the ancient generations, powerhouse, and the Mage of the Mage, who had the power of God. They can’t fight the Emperor, but it’s easy for the rest of the RUF.

War has a purpose of vengeance.

There’s no fighting.

Fighting is just a competition for some people, or a joy.


Neither the people who challenged nor the people of dust refused to fight, and they were all willing to accept the war. Before O’Lin mentioned dust, they also had minds. powerhouse was not interested when, second, dust was not the first and second, and they knew that there was no interest in permanent residence.

At this point.

Challenges to the population and the dust population went up and went to 300 floors.

Tang Shidao, for its part, continued its work prior to the alteration of the 201 floor. At the same time, O’Lin left it to learn how to upgrade Forbidden Curse. The terrain of the gods is very special and suitable for this type of cultivation.


The news of the end of the gods is spread, and the people of the heavens are shocked. And then… cheers, celebrations, fanatics.

At this point.

Mage Network also has a special guest.

“It’s been a long time since we last met, Quebec.” Nor does the straw head rise, and the creator’s breath is clearer than anyone.

“The gods are over.”


“The Little Brat of the Emperor” has slowly stated that, including the emergence of the night, the identity of the mother of the earth, the dust of the dust mentioned by Oren. Rice people are quiet, too. I don’t know if I stopped.

It’s still working, but it itself has a sense of ‘finally relax’.

“The sky erosion is not dead?”

“No. I don’t know how to avoid the collapse of the endless Void, so I didn’t fight. You were the same, weren’t you?” Big Quebec or an egg. This egg is made up of Void Soil, sealed its own special shell. Void Pyongyang was formed by the erosion of force, so there was no “Forbidden Curse” force at the same level, and the Quebec was definitely out of reach.

Now, not only does Orin need a Forbidden Curse, but the Quebec also needs Forbidden Curse to come out of the shell.

The scarecrow didn’t answer, but everyone knew the truth.

“You can leave.”

“Not yet.”

“The gods are no longer in danger, and we can protect them.”

“There are also casters.” The scarecrowers break their heads and say, “The war of hegemony is over, and no one will want to invade Mage Network, or to destroy Void and the world. However, competition has not yet ended. Casters aren’t alone, they’re a bunch of people. I fought with the first caster, and I was dead with him. I have Forbidden Curse, and I can be resurrected. But the first caster is not necessarily dead.”

“Is Forbidden Curse likely to survive?”

“Probably, O’Lin didn’t die. Although she was a special one, it was not dead.” Rice gave an example, and lazily said, “The gods are sinking, Mage Network’s greatest threat is lifted, and we can all relax. But don’t forget, I’ve been used to this job, and wait and see.”

“When do you want to wait?” The Quebec knew that the scarecrow ‘self-sacrificed’ a lot, and it didn’t have to do so.

“Wait till the boy goes out to dust, and then what changes will happen?”


Listen here, the Quebec hasn’t talked much more.

Now, all the people of the world are celebrating, and we all know that Void is exhausted into the “calm” period. Similarly, some of the top Mage targets another goal: dust! This place, it certainly has nothing to do with war. If power was to be desired, those people would not be able to hand over a ticket for Forbidden Curse. So, a hegemonic war without Void will never happen again.

However, competition between Mage has not ended.

Sky erosion is still there.

The first caster may not die.

They don’t deal with Mage Network, but they don’t have to deal with Mage at the top.

实际,大魁凰还能想到一个可能:如果天蚀真的回归重现,稻草人大概会尽力保住Mage Network 。无尽Void 崩坏,它不一定能够保住,但它必定全力庇护。所以,稻草人还不想离开。另外,人皇舍弃一个Forbidden Curse ,前往尘外天很容易,他本身就把原始月蚀转移White Beauty 使用了。

According to O’Lin, leaving a Forbidden Curse to White Beauty is also in accordance with the rules.

But the emperor didn’t leave.

I didn’t want to go outside the dust.

This means that the Emperor is also thinking about solutions to ‘natural erosion’.

The war is over.

There’s no fighting.

Every day the Mages are safe, and the top Mages have not stopped moving forward.

“Rice, do you say that the failure to withhold ‘Forbidden Curse is tantamount to retaining a hope?” The last question of the Quebec.



“If the dust does exist, the people there will not invade the endless Void.”

“Are you so sure?”

“You didn’t fix Forbidden Curse, you don’t understand. When you fix it, you can naturally understand. Forbidden Curse is simply a torture in places where Void is not exhausted. The towers of the gods are like supernatural objects, where cultivation is easier, you understand? By way of metaphor, people with Forbidden Curse enter the gods towers like fish entering water. On the contrary, it’s like the fish rolled over the beach.”

“So they don’t want to come.”

“Yes. The abandonment of Forbidden Curse’s people is unlikely to be exhausted for regional hegemony incursions. You want to rehearse, and you don’t choose to come over without Void. You want to fight, they’re easier to find their opponent outside the dust. So, even if someone comes, it’s probably coming to invite… slowly, casters… they” are suddenly depressed.

The Quebec didn’t ask, just waiting for the scarecrow to finish thinking.

Good for a second.

“Big Quebec, you know what? And the casters were earlier than the gods, and before the generations before them. Even, the original ancestral turtle said,” The first time it heard the name of “powerhouse” was a caster. “The scarecrow suddenly said.

“Does this mean that the casters appear earlier? You hit them. They’re dry and so on?”

“They all have a common Great Curse: Big Star.”

“Which means…”

“Specially made planet workers. Probably like me, I’m Mage Network’s worker, and they’re an unfinished Void worker.”

“Scarletts, you suspect they come from dust, start casting stars without Void’s” chaos “status, then a little bit of order and life?”

“Maybe not a bunch, one is enough.” The scarecrow is pointing at himself, and Mage Network is the only one.

At this point.

The Quebec doesn’t speak anymore.

“A man and woman of the myth of the world, if they don’t have to finish, there are a lot of things that can be imagined.

“Well.” The Quebec is also lightly nodded.

At this point, the two were silent again.


fall of the gods creates a lot of things, such as the erosion of the sky and the mother of the earth, and then the dust of the sky. Neither did anyone know the heavens nor the earth before, nor did they guess what the casters were doing. Now you know the dust, and everyone’s thoughts will change. It’s not about smartness, but the ceiling has determined the level of thought.

The gods are the highest, and everyone can only imagine what is below them.


‘s dust out there, and everyone can imagine it.

“To tell that teenager these guesses, he may be easier to find answers than we do. And the other thing, Yun Kung Yuan was him, and he had three Forbidden Curse. Divine Physique only taught him that there was no other cloud monastery.” The scarecrow didn’t want to move for the time being, and the natural erosion of the existence required a solution.

“Oh, well.” Big Quebec had a surprise in his eyes and knew that the secret was inappropriate to pass.

And the sky and the casters.

Without Void’s last two doubts.

“If you can find the Queen of the Star, take her together to dust. The Queen of the Star has the Big Star, and she just needs to be further able to become a caster. And the Queen of the Star is a friend of the Orange, and if the Queen of the Star is in trouble, Orange will not stand by. The gods are dead, and I don’t want the casters to be new trouble.” The scarecrow says something.

In fact, it’s been able to leave, and there’s absolutely no problem leaving in a short time.

No one dares to move Mage Network except the gods.

The scarecrow says so.

Casters are just ‘unfinished Void Workers’, okay. If you want to be a new hegemony without Void, you can’t. If that’s true, it must have hit.

“I understand, I’ll take the Queen of the Star.”

“Be careful.”


“The war of hegemony is over, but the challenge of individual competition may be even stronger. Many of the monster left behind by the ancient generations of God, who were not interested in power and were very committed to fighting. And you can’t expect them to stay in love, and they fight very seriously.” The scarecrow once again refers to the ancient generations, and it seems very well understood.

The scarecrow went to the towers of the gods of dust, and they were absolutely not jokes.

The Quebec also understands.


struggle for hegemony ended, and the legacy of the Catholic racial and new divine alliances were “leisure”. Without Forbidden Curse, the challenge of competition became the only one at a boring time.

Ethnic calm in the sky.


powerhouse can’t be calm all day.