Mage Network Chapter 1434

The battle of dust and dust, the body and skill of the Emperor’s “purifying” gods, has also been phased out. Apart from the ignorance of the natural erosion, Void has no hegemonic war. Ethnic heroes are certain, but that is competition, not war. During this period, no one wants to provoke the Emperor to take over the hegemony of God. Moreover, the King’s desperate force, no Forbidden Curse, has to challenge him.

On the other hand.

There is no need for much thought about the erosion of the earth. If the sky erosion is truly returning, the endless Void is broken, and there are few people left in the race.


really worried about this.

It’s better to try cultivation to get yourself qualified to join this level. Now, it’s like ordinary humans fear that the sun will not explode. That’s not what you can worry about. It’ll blow you up. And it is better to live happily than to worry about the day.

More important

“In fact, the reason why you’re not worried is that it’s hard to return.” Races also talk about this, and it’s easy for smart people to think about it.


“Because of the vagina and the sun balance.”

“They? Are they part of the sky erosion?”

“The sun balance must be, but it’s not hard to say. So, even if the gods of the sky are left dead, he will not be eroded. The clouds and the sun are not dead, and the erosion cannot be transformed into one. According to the mother of the earth, the vague balance and the sun are on the side of the race of life, and they do not wish to be exhausted for Void to break back.”

“So, it’s not surprising that everyone is so calmly.”

“Nor dare the gods turn back to heaven. After all, the powerhouse that can survive after the collapse of the endless Void, these people, if they experience the reorganization of the chaos, must join hands in killing the erosion. They’re more afraid of death than we do, and they don’t know what happens when they turn back into heaven.”



History is bending.

Although dust is still high in the world, it’s still in Okins, Emperors, Mother Mother Mother, the night of these monster. But that level is too far, and ordinary man can’t imagine it. In their minds, ordinary Mage is looking at the Holy Land, the Lord of the Holy Land Visitor, and the host of the community is looking at Paragon… at a very high level, with attention being paid to wasting time. Do it yourself, that’s enough.

Maybe someone will ask, don’t you worry about the Emperor?

You don’t have to answer, you have an answer.

War’s over.

The rest is that Mage powerhouse is eligible for a stand stage.

At this point.

Tang Shidao is reshaping the environment and reshaping the life order. The Grand Quebec and the Scarlett have spoken and found the Queen of the Star. With regard to the war between the scarecrow and the first caster, as well as the speculation of the casters, one after another was also explained in the Grand Quebec.

“Undone Void workers?”

“Yes.” The Queen of the Star, though not yet a caster, knows her job: “Big Star, it’s not just a casting star, but also the role of building a life environment. In Lower Devil’s cosmic Plane, a lot of planet is lifeless. Without an appropriate planet environment, life cannot be born.”

“Well.” Tang Shidao also understands.

High magic and low magic environments are very different.

In the high-magic environment, mountains, water, mud, stone, anything could become a living group. On the contrary, in a low-magic environment, life is more demanding. Light, darkness, cold, hot, a little bit less. This is particularly true of the intelligent race, with higher environmental requirements. If it’s a “demonic” environment, the need for life is even higher.


The birth of a life race is not tantamount to their survival.

If the sheep and the wolf were put together, the sheep would die. The sheep is far from the wolf, and the grass will die again. If the grass dies, the sheep dies, and the wolf dies. It is also a major challenge to make life race viable. The Queen of the Star has personally built countless life circles, but not much remains in this process.

Even if left behind, very little can be developed.

Even if developed, nothing can be done to destroy itself.

“If I look only at one place, keep adjusting, life circles can be very smooth. But I have created a lot of life, and there are more than billions of races, and it is impossible to stare at only one place. There is also a problem, where intelligent races evolve to a certain extent, and they often don’t like people ‘control’ of them. They have their own hold, their own insistence. For these lives, they are often ignored or destroyed.”

“Is this what the wisdom race is?” Tang Shidao laughed.

“Most of them are, with very few exceptions. I usually ignore it, let it develop. And then a group of scientists, or a group of Mage, died, what the hell were they doing against God or Magical Artifact? Finally, the unintended death of their own community. Life development takes a phase, one knows two, two knows three, and if one sees 100, they only fear. Now I’m basically invisible, making it slow to find answers.” The Queen of the Star explained in detail.

Now she needs to know the most about the casters, and she knows the most about the casters.

The more she provides information, the easier it is to face.

“小星,如果铸星者是敌人,他们比诸神更麻烦。因为他们在做‘正确’的事,我们才算破坏他们工作的坏人。”奥灵一直在琢磨Forbidden Curse ,不差Force 只差一个想法,一个灵光一闪的契机。

“Yes. Theoretically, what hinders them calls the bad guys. So others can’t convince them.” The Queen of the Star knows exactly what that is.

“Big Quebec, did the scarecrow say why he fought with the first caster?” Oren asked again.


“No reason?”

“I think what’s not important. You met, you might have fought a fight.” The Quebec didn’t ask, because there was no need for more questions.

“Well, yes, I fought with Yoshiko, too.” O’Lin won’t deny it.

At this point.

Tang Shidao opened the door: “If the first caster first came first to Mr. original ancestral turtles, then the failure to run Void should still be confused. Even if there’s life, it’s probably Orange, you’re such a great grandfather.”

O’Lin shakes his head: “There is no need for us. Without Void’s confusion status, it doesn’t necessarily fit for the birth of ‘life’.”

“No, there must be something that was born on its own. If not, the first caster will not exist. Even if it wasn’t the emperor, there must be other life. However, that model does not necessarily exist for a long time. Bad environment, easy birth, difficult survival. If the scarecrow guessed right, the first caster came to pass knowledge.”

“Creative Clouds?” O’Lin also owns the creation of Divine Physique, who naturally understands the creation of the cloud.

“Yes. If the scarecrow guesses right, the clouds of creation must have been built by the first casters. Even more…”

“Is it the creation of the cloud itself?” Oren naturally connects.

“Or, all casters are part of the clouds of creation, as if the gods’ gods’ right ‘. The gods represented an integral part of Void and represented material and energy. Casters represent part of the creative clouds and represent knowledge. They don’t belong to endless Void, they’re outside.” Tang Shidao light nodded.

Hear those words, people don’t talk anymore.

In fact.

This is weird, but there seems to be no other answer… unless the scarecrow guesses that the first caster is not from the dust.

This is the case.

“Star, how did your big star come from?” Orringly asked.


“Be clear.”

“Before early, I was just a magician. You don’t have to think too high, when I was just a magic ‘peasant’, and I was only good at Plant Growth and ‘natural relatives and magic’. Strictly, I’m just kind of a field.” Star Queen from the beginning.

“What happened later?”

“I’m dead. Because it’s too curious that I started studying some special magic plants. For example, rice and dessert can be safeguarded. Or, you can fish grass. In any case, at that time I felt that plants should have the ability to hunt themselves, develop themselves, not just the harvest of everyone.”

“Big Death.” O’Lin shakes his head once he hears.

“Yeah, then I was eaten by the plants I studied. You also know that a magic little peasant is weak, and even a hunting monster can’t fight.” The Queen of the Star admitted to death and continued to state: “Then, at the time of death, I found myself ‘changed’ and became aware of the whole land. Not big, just a few hills, a small forest, a small lake.”

“The spirit of the land?”

“Something like this. But I don’t think I’m being assimilated or absorbed, I am still me. So…”

“Continue to die?” O’Lin knows this friend, really.

“Yes. You don’t understand, I don’t think so. It’s just too boring. I’m not the spirit of the land, I am still me, I want to move, but I can’t move, I can only stay here. So I started ‘nurturing’ some strange plants again. And, well done.”

“You’ll become a material park.” O’Lin guessed the consequences.

“Yes. A bunch of Mage came over, hit, kill, rob, like this, and I’m tired anyway. To benefit from their deaths, I absorbed some magic and grew up slowly. It’s not that I grew up, it’s growing in scope. Then you know, the vicious circle, the bigger I am. The more chaos, the more I grow.”

People Nodded, you can imagine that situation.



must be a chance to change.

“I don’t know how long it took, and one day I felt: I was full of the planet. The planet was me, and I was the planet. Then go on with the vicious circle, and this planet is getting weirder and Mage’s getting stronger. In a war, the whole planet was destroyed. It’s not the surface that you imagined to erase, no, it’s the whole piece of me, and it’s a scum.”

“And then you changed your mind?” Tang Shidao inserted a sentence, which is the beginning of the birth of Big Star.

“Yes. At that time, I felt the most hateful of these intelligent races, the most cute being plants. After crushing, I found myself dead. Then turn into a piece of Fragment into different planet. Next, start a new round of development. At that time, I made the plants stronger and made them kill the wisdom race, leaving only some necessary and unwise wild beast.”

“To crash.” O’Lin likes the knife.

“Yes, it collapsed. Magic plants grow crazy, and they fight like ‘food’. More terrifying, they’re not smart, they’re all capable of fighting. So I’m each and everyone’s new body dead faster and smashed more. And then my thoughts changed again.”

“Can’t they all hold them?” Tang Shidao can catch the points.

“Yes, the idea at that time was that everyone couldn’t help, and I did it myself. And then, I don’t know how many years I’ve been demolishing a whole ‘planet’. Then I split myself into Fragment invaded others. A subsequent growth, intensification, encounters and sees the existence of ‘cosmic heart’ and community owners. Because there’s too much to understand, so the heart slows down. At this point, Big Star was born.”

“You turn back to the little peasants of ‘planet’?” Tang Shidao got it.


The crowd was silent and heard that the Queen of the Star was chosen. Start with ‘altering plants’. It’s a caster who keeps her alive, like the spirit of the land, and makes it easier to continue research.

If the Queen of the Star is not qualified, she will never know her birth.