Mage Network Chapter 1528


The mark of the last world tried to kill the enemy with one stroke, didn’t expect, the opponent was not as weak as he thought. Bai Shengnan has the first speed of the void and the Force of the Infinite Great Perfection ‘Unbounded’. It can only be said that Bai Shengnan is not as good as Zen Jiu in terms of basics, and everyone has similar upper limits. Of course, there is a difference between strongest and fastest.

If it is Zen Nine, this ‘silent starlight’ will not affect her at all.

Bai Shengnan is the second method.

It returned to its original state at an extraordinary speed. Whether it was damage or elimination, Bai Shengnan knew it in the shortest time, learned it, and realized it again. In other words, the means of the last trace are not ineffective, but they are caught up with by the speed of repair.

“This is the Force of the Starforge, isn’t it?” Bai Shengnan asked lightly.

At this time.

The starlight on her is disappearing and reappearing. Every time it fades, it lights up again.

“…” The trace of the last world did not speak at this moment.

At this point in the battle, the two sides are in a wonderful balance. All parties have different Forces, and each party also has different skills. It’s hard to say who really wins and who fails. For the last seven people, their actions were ‘failed’. Unable to defeat the endless emptiness of the heavenly might, their plan will not succeed. Similarly, even if they are undefeated now, they will one day fail.

Aoling, Zen Nine, and Bai Shengnan. These opponents can’t beat them, they are just deadlocked.

Even said.

Slightly weak.

According to this ending, the seven people in the last life have no way out.

“Let’s not waste time. Think about the matter of the eclipse later, and kill them with all your strength.” At this time, the men and women of the world spoke again, greeting the six people around them.

It sounds like they still have good cards.


I heard the greeting, but the other six were unanimously silent.


They can be two-in-one and three-in-one, and naturally have the ability of ‘seven-in-one’.

as it should be by rights.

The seven-in-one Force is not seven times, nor is it a little stronger than the six-in-one. As long as the seven of them are united, that power is an unprecedented power. Because the difference between 99% and 100% is not 1%, but the difference between the normal level and the Great Perfection level. The seven are united, and they are some kind of ‘satisfaction’.

At this time.

The other heavenly mighty men tried to move, but Xiao Aoling smiled, stretched out his hand, and separated the space again.

This is not a separation of East, West, North, and South. This is a separation of ‘real’ and ‘illusory’.

Or rather.

Little Aolyn uses the Force of the Dominator to create a space, a space that is ‘illusory’ for people with insufficient strength. It really exists, but if Force is insufficient, what you see is fake. It’s as if mortals can see rays of light, but can’t reach out to catch it. Rays of light also exist in reality, but mortals can only watch it ‘illusory’, not in real hands.

Space is separated.


Zhen Nine steps forward and becomes the first person to enter this unreal space.

Then, Bai Shengnan is the second, and she is the fastest. Then, the Mother Earth and the Pleiades also entered. Surprisingly, the Mage Network team and the three major swords are still hesitating, and it seems that there is no way to enter for a while. Lantern Festival is a bit slower than others, but it’s also part of it. At this time, everyone looked towards Tang Shidao, but Tang Shidao was … no response.

Everyone present is very clear that Tang Shidao’s strength is at least as high as the stars.

The Pleiades, who have solar and lunar eclipses, can enter, and he has no reason not to.

Tang Shidao doesn’t move now, and no one else understands it.

The opposite.

These seven people who were also separated by ‘Unreal Space’ were stunned. They found that it was not easy to get out of this space because it had no way out.

“Come, let me see your true abilities.” Little Au Ling waved gently.

When speaking.

Suddenly turning around again, pointing at Tang Shidao: “Hey, don’t get in my way. Even if I lose, I can isolate them and keep them from entering the endless void.”

Tang Shidao listened and smiled, gently nodded.

At this time.

Everyone knew faintly: Aoling really wanted to fight a fight, the real strongest seven people in the world. Whether she is playful or guardian, no one else can stop her. Tang Shidao deliberately refused to enter because … he was guarding against the consequences of failure. Even if everyone in the unreal space loses and he is still outside, he can still find a way to stop the winning seven people in the last world.

“This is not a fantasy space, right?” Next to Tang Shidao, the Queen of the Astral Sky didn’t enter.

“Well, no.” Tang Shidao complied.

“What is it?” The Queen of the Stars was a friend of Aoling, but she didn’t know.

On strength.

She doesn’t belong to this level yet. But she felt a little familiar.

“Life.” Tang Shidao knew that Aoling didn’t mind explaining, even if the seven people in the last world heard it: “It’s not magic, it’s the self-creation of the God of Arcane. To be precise, it should be called ‘Arcane Space ‘or Ms. Aoling’s realm of life. “

“Arcane space? The realm of life?” The queen of the astral faintly understood, but not fully understood.

“Yes. Now this space is not a magic effect or a law of nature. It is a self-defined space by Aoling. Use her life as a basis to delineate a world that is not connected to anything. You know Yin Taiheng and Yang Taiheng, they also ‘incorporated’ into the void and became part of it. Now, Aoling is not integrated into anything. Instead, she created such a space. “

“Similar to Endless Void?”

“Infinitely close, closer than anyone, but not exactly. Even if Ao Ling loses, they probably can’t get out. Unless, destroy this Arcane space. But there must be an explosion at the time of destruction. At that time, they could not bear it, and it was difficult to say. “Tang Shidao motioned to the seven people in the last world, saying that Eclipse was only likely to use Chaos Reset to kill them, but Aoling had already done so.

The pitfalls that Eclipse did not complete easily, Aoling’s single thought head is set.

At this time.

The seven people in the past really felt ‘frightened’.

This is crazy.

The words of Human Sovereign Tang Shidao, they all understand. Aoling was built by fate, and this ‘Arcane space’ will break if they break through. However, you can never go out without breaking. Even more terrifying, even if we win the Aoling, this Arcane space will not disappear. When the time comes, it is still unknown whether it will break.

Unknown, that means … 50% of Xiao Ming will die.

“Join them together.” At this time, the book of the last book, which has been reading, opens.


That’s it, seven people in the world have to join forces.

Think about the future. They will definitely lose if they don’t join hands. It is extremely difficult to be an Arcane god alone, not to mention the involvement of others. Outside the Arcane space, Human Sovereign Tang Shidao has not yet started. Farther away, the scarecrow of Mage Network, the dusty night and the eclipse that has been hidden all are watching.

They must win this time, and they must win quickly.

Listen to the conversation.

Little Aoling and the people nearby didn’t stop, they really wanted to fight. This is not just a matter of victory or defeat, or the question of survival of the endless void. Strictly speaking, this is still the first battle of Endless Void ‘vs.’ against extraterrestrials. Although the extraterrestrial powerhouse will not invade anyone, they do exist. To enter that World, the endless void powerhouse must have the force of ‘confrontation’.

It is one thing to go to war.

Without the same force, the endless void powerhouse is simply not qualified to stand in the dust.

Seven people in the past, they are a test.

At this time.

The seven people in the past who also wanted to win did not delay, they turned into energy flow. Quickly, the seven of them joined together. Surprisingly, their unity still looks like a human form. It can only be said that it is slightly taller than the ordinary person.

Of course, like not equal.

At this time, the last seven people had human bodies, but their heads were different from ordinary person. He has three faces, with no nose, nose and eyes in the middle, but an eye pupil in the forehead. In addition, the left and right sides are also the faces of a man and a woman, and their facial features are normal except for their ears. From the head, the middle of the three faces is the strangest and has no ears.

After unity.

The fusion of the seven in the last world has particularly strong arms and particularly large palms. Even stranger, there is another eye pupil in the palm of the hand.

The same.

The body of the fusion body is not very strong. Normally, to the extent of a normal person, there is also an eye pupil in the chest. If the left and right eyes are counted as two copies, plus the middle, middle chest, and the pupils of the palms of the palms, it is exactly the number of ‘7’ copies.

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