Mage Network Chapter 1529


The seven people of the last world are united, and the original creation god is reappeared. At this moment, people watching the battle can’t help but have a strange feeling: the taste is very ‘familiar’. They are like some existence … adult version of the mystery!


Or rather.

They will be a little older.

It feels like the primordial creation god is a complex of ‘father and mother’, or a concrete body of endless void. Aoling is a new generation, having a transcendent existence as a parent in adulthood. Just now, how strong ‘Aoling’ was after growing up, everyone saw it. With a special power of the last world, he was almost scattered with a slap.

If it wasn’t for the help of the last trace, he wouldn’t be able to say anything.


A similar existence, the original creation god appeared.

When he reached out his hand, he instantly had a boxing power similar to Zen Jiu. This move proves that the original creation god also has the ability similar to that of the “Dominator”. Of course, this property is different from Aoling. Aoling is a self-cultivated ability, while the original creation god is archival and knowledge reading. Because the endless void is upgraded by them, they have certain permissions to read this information.

On the other hand.

The original creation god has a boxing power of Zen Jiu in one action, not to prove that it is the same as Zen Jiu. It can only be said that the foundation that the previous seven people did not have, now it has it. That short board no longer exists.


If you want to defeat Zen Jiu with such a fist, it is impossible.

Zhen Jiu not only possesses the power of the Void Number One Body technique, she also possesses the Force of Infinite Great Perfection. It can be said that the power of the original creation god is more than all powerhouses within the limit of endless void, even more than the collection of these powerhouses. However, beyond the bounds of the endless void, the original creation god still cannot obtain the same.

After making a fist.

It’s next move, dashing, kicking. The Primitive Creation God did not launch a special Force, only simulating the speed of a person, Bai Shengnan.


Simultaneous kicks of Aoling, Zen Nine, Mother Earth, Yuan Xiao, Bai Shengnan, and Xingxing.

The crowd noticed.

This is not only the first swiftness, but also the Zen Ji’s body technique Force. Therefore, of the six people who were hit at the same time, only Aoling and Zen Jiu remained intact, and the Earth Mother, Yuan Xiao, Bai Shengnan, and Ping Xingdou were all kicked off. In addition, the Earth Mother used the defense of Netherland to protect herself, and Bai Shengnan also used ‘Unbounded’ Force to protect himself, but Yuan Xiao and Ping Xingxing were both ‘hurt ’.

“You don’t deserve to stay here.” After the original creation god united and spoke again, it would make seven sounds at the same time. Looking at Yuan Xiao, it only had a mockery.

“…” Yuan Xiao.

Listening to this, no one here can refute.

You have already seen just one kick: Yuan Xiao is not weak! As the ‘perfect man’ and the Force of the Great Perfection ‘no flaws’, Yuan Xiao is infinitely close … No, he is already as powerful as the original creation god. With perfection and flawless Force, Yuan Xiao’s maximum limit is the maximum limit of the original creation god.

Why is it hurt?

Quite simply, this original creation god also has ‘7’ special Forces. If the original Force of the seven people in the previous world is just equal to the height of Yuan Xiao, then the extra Force of the seven of them can completely stabilize Yuan Xiao.


No problem.

It does not at all transcend the maximum limit of the endless void … or, in other words, Yuan Xiao has not surpassed this limit.


He can have the same ‘perfect and without blemish’ as the Primordial deities.

But he can’t beat the additional heights of those seven Forces.

At this time.

Yuan Xiao didn’t speak, she retreated silently. After retreating from Arcane space, Yuan Xiao did not leave. Because winning or losing is one thing, and war is another. If you can’t beat the original creation god, you can’t beat it. To protect the endless void, you can’t beat it. In this world, victory does not mean victory. There are also victories. Yuan Xiao is really desperate, and the original creation god cannot win without injury.

Yuan Xiao is here now, in order to wait for a while.

If Aol and the others are invincible, someone in the Endless Void must harden this primitive creation god. The same is true of Chaos Elder and the others.

“Aren’t you going?” Primordial gods looked at the stars again.

It says ‘you’, not Yuan Xiao.

Just now.

The two do not move.

The two are not hurt.

The two are wounded … as it should be by rights, the injured are not eligible to stay.

Hearing the taunting voice, Ping Xingdou ignored it and turned his head to Tang Shidao outside Arcane space. At this time, Tang Shidao was also gently nodded. Everyone didn’t understand why, but only believed that Ping Xingdou would not be left without face or skin. Since she did, there must be a reason. At the same time, everyone knows that, unlike the Mother Earth, Puppet Star never really owned Forbidden Curse.




The three are completely different in nature.

Not to mention Ao Ling and Zen Jiu, the earth mother owns the Forbidden Curse of ‘primitive eclipse’, and Bai Shengnan owns the Force of the Infinite Great Perfection

Well, Stars are nothing.

In other words, the Forces she owns are powerful, but they are all within the boundless void. To others, Puppet Star can be super powerful. But, to the original creation god, these Forces are just things that can be generated by its single thought head.

“In this case, let’s play a real game.” Ping Xingdou slowly said.

“On you?” The original creation god sneered.

“The so-called laws and permissions are actually the realization methods after Force transformation or condensing. Returning to the most primitive nature, the outcome is determined by the ‘Force’ size. The size of the brute force, the speed of the speed, and the skill High and low, these are all Forces. I don’t compare with anything else, we will use ‘Force’ to determine a victory. Things of victory and defeat … “Xing Xingdou spoke slowly, but did not finish.

At this time.

The original creation god has flashed twice, and ‘kicks’ the puppet star into flying smoke.

It seems.

An opponent like this is n’t even worth listening.


“I don’t care about winning or losing. Because you abandoned seven ‘weapons’, your Force is not perfect. I have only one reason to fight with you: someone needs your Force data, and it is created by this The creation experiment of the little void. Whether I win or you win, in the end, this is an experiment. “The star who turned into flying smoke did not die.

The reason, purpose, and all are frank.

It feels strange.

As if.

Xing Xingdou volunteered to be a pawn and test the ability of another opponent. Even stranger, she didn’t go for victory, she went for ‘data’.

The crowd outside the field couldn’t help looking at Tang Shidao.

I believe in my heart.

Only he can persuade Pingxingdou to do so, and only he is able to do so.

The original creation god still sneered.

No matter what it says, it shouldn’t be a star opponent.

As for Human Sovereign Tang Shidao …

As I turn my head.


The original creation god is stunned, just like a mortal who sees a ghost, and the whole person stands still. At this moment, it saw some of the most familiar things … No, it should be said, it saw seven things that had been so deep in his mind that he couldn’t forget. These things are also the things it once ‘owned’ but ‘discarded’, and it ’s still the thing it most wants to find now.

At this time.

“Black hole 铳, dimension body, shadow of the last world, shadow of the next world, eye of omniscience, seed of chaos, box of time, these 7 things you want most, right?” outside Arcane space , Tang Shidao said slightly with a smile.

At this moment, there is a magic wand playing in his hand, and there are two shadows standing beside him.


Everyone present was silent, including the original creation god himself. It is even said that Aoling and Zen Jiu and the others are the first time they have seen these things. They’ve heard it many times and guessed it, but never really seen the real thing.

This moment.

Even if Tang Shidao didn’t specify, everyone can guess what they are.

The response of the original creation god has proven that this is what they want most. At the same time, it must be something that helps them become the God of Creation. Even though the ‘Force’ of these things have been stolen by the last seven people, their original modules are useful. It is precisely because of the lack of them that the seven talents of the last world could not succeed twice. These things are their ‘defects’.

The eclipse can stop them, and it is the threat of destroying them.


They were taken out generously by Human Sovereign.

“You guys are weird, why do I tell you that I own them?” Tang Shidao pointed at Pluto, and Pluto was also changing. Primitive solar eclipse, primitive lunar eclipse, stars, and the three Forces of Forbidden Curse are blending: “When you are seven in one, and you are back to the original creation god, the ‘end’ I want to see has already appeared. Understand? , I just need a ‘successful’ experience. Little Void wants to take off the word ‘small’ and needs a successful experience. “

“…” Of course the original creation god understood that this ‘experience’ is himself.

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t need your cooperation or take you down. I have the Void Bloodline, the Void Bloodline, and the Creation Gods. I only need a glance to understand. I started the experiment before, and now I see the results again. , The middle process will certainly not stump me. Now let you know, just because I want you to understand, you may not have a chance in the future. ”

“…” The original creation god turned to starry stars.

At this time.

The changes in Puppet Stars are amazing.

Primitive solar eclipses are not within the bounds of endless void, nor are primitive lunar eclipses.

The stars.

It is the Forbidden Curse of the Creation Cloud.

Three Forces, all of which have nothing to do with the endless void. In other words, Force of the Primal Creation God cannot affect them. Although Pingxingdou is not the true owner of these Forces, it is the same as what she said before. Rules and permissions are actually just specific methods of Force. Right now, Pingxing doesn’t need to have permissions, she just has Force.

If these Forces are within the boundless void, they can also be rejected by the Primal Creation God.


None of these three Forces are present.

So … this is exactly what Ping Xingdou said, this is the final victory of ‘Force’, regardless of any rules and permissions. Similarly, Human Sovereign ’s deliberate display is also explaining that the original creation god may not win, it is likely to die here, and there is no chance to take a look at it in the future.

Another spectator understands one more thing.

Human Sovereign mean …

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