Mage Network Group 1501

“How is it possible”

to invade outside the dust, the circle of the world is broken, and Mage has resisted the hostile gates in vain. In fact, this‘ war ’attracts a lot of sight. It’s not just the erosion of alliances, but the dust and dust, but also the people of other camps. They’re not involved, just because they’re not interested. Or, they’re more interested in small, empty creativity experiments.

Most of them were surprised when they heard the latest news.

“Star Star is dead?”

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“Who did he fight?”

“It was just a small actor who died in vain, once a little famous, but was then designed to die, called the Battle of Stars. She’s dead, too. She’s fighting with the Star of Star. It was heard that three people were fighting, and that the Magic Dome helped Sky Star to fight it together. As a result, all three were dead.” The information of the dust is fast, because no one is hiding it. For them, an intel is like a‘ story ’that is neither worth nor hidden.

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“The magic dome did its last intelligence work before its death, and returned its own‘ death ’and the film of the warlords. Then it’s passed out by his friends.”

So, this is definitely not a fake thing. ”


It’s weird. ”

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“ Do you know the landless Great Perfection Force of Stars? It’s called‘ man ’. Unfirm definition is probably what everything means to be defenceless, or the Force of the Star can do no stronghold one cannot overcome. Normally, there’s nothing that a star can’t break unless it doesn’t hit. Even outside the dust, few people dare to fight with the Stars. ”

Is he good at magic?”

Insecurity does not mean physics, but is a model of‘ crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood ’, including magic. Those seven people tampered not only because of the means of erosion, but also because of the battle power of the Star. If it’s just a pair, there’s not necessarily one person who can stabilize the stars. ”

Seven people in the world are supposed to be in the middle of the general public, right?”

It can be said, after all, that their real force has not been seen yet. Normally, they’ve waited a little higher than the public and hidden. There are many celebrities of’ famous’ outside the dust, but there are few who really ignore them. Stars are not ignored, at least a man with the courage to ‘single pairs’. ”

So it is.”


last intel of the devil dome reveals two things.

First, the star died, and the dome itself died, and the opponent died on the spot


Secondly, there’s nothing left to own with the celestial star ‘perish together’.

In less than a while, information on the Battle of Stars was also sent to the hands of the streets, but the result was a greater accident. Because these ‘intel content’ are really too few, completely inconsistent with the results of this level.

“Almost no bright spot.”

Not almost, not really. ”

The powerhouse of the dust is concerned about this war and has no interest in the victory of both sides, but simply wants to see the empty ‘bottom’. They are also not interested in an endless vacuum, but rather because they want to know the little mystery experiment. Since the experiment was initiated and led by Tang Shidao, everyone would like to know what kind of place this‘ proposer ’lives are


Like Mortal World, like a scientist who proposed some kind of latest invention, one wants to see if his country is developed or backward, that’s all


“ The Battle of the Star is fine during the‘ children ’period, and the teenagers die. ”


Integration with non-life, with non-living and non-dead life, is barely an odd thing. But just at that level, I’ve heard millions of examples. Such an’ example ’is unlikely to be beautiful with the powerhouse of dust. ”

It was mentioned later that she cooperated with the pilot.”

Human Sovereign Tang Shidao? ”

“Yes, this is the only possible turning point. Turning back to the information of the Magic Dome, he mentioned one thing: he started thinking about the man who was going to do it called the Devil Rosa, an undivided intelligence agent. And before he died, he clearly met him. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that Devil Rosa ‘ambush’ the Magic dome, and she’s probably confident to be able to deal with the Magic dome.”

But the last intel clip is strange. The devil Rosa is Tang Shidao’s Apostle, and he’s a friend of the Star Trek? ”


The star and the dome fight against the stars, but she didn’t help. ”


powerful conversations of all parties outside the dust are far from the same as intelligence agents, and they dare to say anything, and they dare to argue that strange things are heard. They’re all at this level of strength, and they don’t need anyone to give a face.


are few pieces left of the magic dome and no secret content.


already knew he was going to die, just choosing a more acceptable method of death.

According to general speculation: the devil is trying to sneak attack the devil Rosa, but he’s being deliberately resisted by the devil Rosa and a step back. Sky stars enter by accident, or they are summoned by the devil dome. Then he fought the stars who had been present or were summoned in. Four people, three dead, can estimate ‘stories’ too much. For sure, this battle was supposed to be just a magic dome and a demon Rosa.

This was supposed to be a confrontation between two ‘intelligence agents’.

“ I think that the devil dome is not hostile to the devil Rosa, and that’s why the celestial star enters. ”

I don’t think the dome is hostile to the stars, and then I call the stars.”

No way. If that’s the case, the Sky Star won’t leave the helm after it enters, and we’ll find a way to run first. I know the devil dome this man, he’s not a risky person. If he doesn’t fight the stars, he won’t put hope on the stars. You know, the devil dome is a caster, and he’s not much less powerful than a star. ”

What if he can’t escape?”

Then he must have taken down the devil Rosa and found breakthrough from the devil Rosa. ”

What if you can’t take it?”

That’s not enemy to the devil Rosa, I just said. ”

Everyone’s good at Force is different, maybe De Rosa’s better at controlling…

You know, we don’t seem to have to argue about this. Where are the magic domes, where are the stars, and we don’t even know that. ”

All the way out of the sky is the weirdest thing.

The war has begun.


what about

the battlefield?

This war already has a ‘sacrifice’, or a famous intelligence agent and no stronghold one cannot overcome powerhouse.


doesn’t even know what to hit.

“ The magic dome seems to have not mentioned it intentionally. ”

Well. It’s strange that he was an intelligence officer, but he didn’t ‘notify’ his allies about this place. Isn’t that what the devil is trying to hide? This is his death report, and there is no significant information.”

People don’t understand.

At this time

another group of people is similarly strange… the last seven.

At the time they received the message, it was actually not earlier than anyone, but a little later. Theoretically, the magic dome is their chess, and something happens first time to inform them. Even in order to avoid identity exposure, he should inform him of his apostles. By death, it is only a triumph.

It’s not like an agent anymore.

“The last part, the devil dome seems to enjoy that battle. And, is it true that the starfight is dead, that she doesn’t seem to be normal, a bit like an erosion?” Observations by females of the world focus more on details.

“Sky Star is dead, I didn’t think.” The men of the last century pay more attention to the issue of power.


other five don’t hum.

Things have become more qualitative to this point, and empty ‘growth’ goes beyond their own entire group estimates. Things have changed since the first caster introduced the clouds of creation. First, the erosion, then the creation of clouds, now empty, even their ‘creators’ don’t know.

Sky Star’s death ‘surprises’ a lot of people.

They don’t care who did it, and they care more about people like Star.

Same point.

Since the stars will die, that means that the vast majority of the people in the dust are the same. The impeccable strength is far from as weak as you can imagine


“I don’t think this human Sovereign can stay.” The upper man didn’t realize that Tang Shidao, an experimenter, could not stay


“Why?” The daughter of the world is hesitant, after all, more respectful of Scholar.

“The biggest problem now is where the stars and the stars are. It is clear that all of them have not entered an endless vacuum. If someone hits them, the biggest possibility is human Sovereign Tang Shidao. The erosion will not move, and the scarecrow are defending Mage Network, and no one but them can pitch so many people.”

So, are we gonna send someone to deal with this human Sovereign? ”The daughters of the world remain hesitant.

The dust is a strange place.

Everyone here has it.

And here’s what Force and whatever academy has. Because these people go out to dust, and they’re gone, so they love cultivation and research, and cultivation is a personal matter, and research is a popular thing. Thus, there is greater respect and care for those who propose new programmes and new disciplines. The time is not right to deal with human Sovereign, but not right now.

It would be easier to deal with human Sovereign if the little mystery experiment was completed.

Now, there must be countless objections.

‘Objection’ of the dust is not just a word, some old monster can’t look at it and kill it directly in a minute. You don’t need your credit outside the dust, you really did something good, everybody will remember. So, dealing with human Sovereign is in trouble, probably still deadly.

“ I didn’t say to kill him. ”The men of the world also know the dust.


are no normal people here.

It’s all crazy.

“ Hide him? ”

No, get over here and do research. Isn’t he genius, staying in an empty place is too wasted. It’s not better to bring him here sooner than to focus on the creativity experiment. That would also be objected to, but there was more disagreement. As long as human Sovereign is not in danger of life, they will not normally interfere.”

Well, the magic dome is dead, and we need a new chess. ”The daughter of the Hereafter is a great enemy without being Tang Shidao.

They don’t know yet.

They were right.

All this is done by Tang Shidao, and it’s done in complete secrecy, and outsiders are unable to detect the existence of the circle world.


God, I can’t look at it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

There was a man waiting for their actions in an endless vacuum, waiting for them to show signs. That’s a weak, cute look… little Lori!

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