[49-44 and to the summer] (part 1855)

“Marcia, thanks”
Jin returned to Binhdo Castle officially stated Marcia thanking her to achieve the request and paid the fee. I change the barbara ‘s minutes.
“No, thank you, it was a good study.”
Marcia replied with a smile.
This completes the request of one order.
“Are you going to Potlock?”
When Jin asked, Marcia replied with a little lonely laugh.
“Yeah, that’s not it …. I feel somewhat lonely.”
Because the store is also worried, Marcia.
“My father was sometimes returning,”
As a member of “Family” Metastatic gate ( Warp Gate ) You can easily come and go with it.
“It seems that we are operating normally as usual.”
Maruça laughed, saying that Arrow, Arko, Vale and others are excellent.
“But it is somewhat lonely to break up with the children of the village they became friends with”
Because I understand that feeling,
“It is not that we can not meet each other, Metastatic gate ( Warp Gate ) There are so please come and visit us anytime. ”
“Yeah, I see. Thank you, Jin.”

And as the final finish, Marcia concluded that we will return to Potlock after confirming the work of “shiphead” golem prepared by Jin.
“all right”
So Jin decided to make a marine golem.
I already have a plan, so materials are ready.
With Reiko as an assistant, Jin started making works considerably earnestly.
The gollem for ship maneuvering should be as light as possible, so I decided to make it with 64 light silver.
We will also reduce the weight of the skeleton by making the core hollow.
Muscle is also a light material Underground spider ( Grand Spider ) I decided to use one based on threads.
Compared with demon leather dealing on Horai Island, it can be lightened as much as 40%. Instead, the upper limit of the power that can be put out is less than half, but still a few times the power of a general golem comes out.
To make the body light, neutral boys type, height about 140 cm, weight is about 35 kg finish.
In case Train ship ( Trimaran ) And the boat for boarding, each two full-time positions.
This was done in about 20 minutes.

“It’s amazing speed as usual, is not it Jin?”
“I’m Jin-dono …”
“… ….”
Marcelia and Rodrigo were impressed, Tiberio who was not yet used to it was exaggerating.

* * *

“With this, the name … ….” Sailor “will be 1 and 2”
For Sailor 1 to be distinguishable in color, Sailor 1 golden red, Sailor 2 made whitish gold.
“Jin, what’s the name of the ship?”
“Oh, I’m glad that Marcia will attach it.”
Jin thought that he wanted to name the creator as well.
“Well, yeah, then, how about the trimacraft” Halcyon “and for the excursion” Anatola “?
“Oh, good”
Halcyon is a kingfisher, and Anatra is a duck.
Jin thought that he was becoming a fearless trimundant ship and a squatting boat for sightseeing.
Then we engrave the ship “Halcyon” and “Anatra” respectively.

“Would you like to make a docking spot and a warehouse in the appropriate place on the HermΓ© River?”
Jin judged that the place near the bridge would be nice and arranged immediately.
From Horai Island Craftsman ( Smith ) Ten golems came and started working.

“Well, Marcia is better, is not it?”
“It’s a golem that rows an experimental ship”
“Oh, that’s what it is … … No, after this request we will call Arrow and help us out.”
“Well, are you going to be here a little more?”
“Yeah, about the second day”
Because it is not always that the unexpected trouble does not come out, I also want to check whether the delivered ship properly fulfills the role, Marcia smiled and said it.
Jun is favorable and appreciated Marcia’s sense of responsibility.
Then Jin turns to Tiberio.
“How about Tiberio after working with Marcia and Rodrigo?”
“It was fun …. I would like to continue working together forever.”
Tiberio says for a little while.
“Yeah, he’s truly enthusiastic, I have good skills and I am saved because I can use a bit of engineering magic.”
, Rodrigo also made remarks recognizing Tiberio.
Jen also said that,
“Okay … then, should Tiberio work at Marcia?”
If you say,
“I’d love to!”
And Tiberio nodded with a short but motivated voice.
“Oh, I will be saved if you do that … … In fact, the sales clerk was short.”
Marcia said that it may not be possible to keep the delivery date as it is because the summer will increase soon.
“And it was fun to work with Tiberio,”
“Well then, is that not a problem?”
If everyone wants, Jin thinks that it seems to be the best,
“Let’s just do a little engineering magic, so it will be more powerful in Marcia’s studio,”
It was proposed.

Since it was accepted without even one or two, it was Jin who decided to train on Horai Island from the next day.

* * *

“Wow, that’s it!”
“It is funny!”
On the HermΓ© River, children riding the “Anatola” that Sailor 2 operates cheered.
“Hm, you are flying with a good feeling”
“Yeah yeah, it’s the work of Jin, it’s no problem with Shima 2’s maneuvering,”

And from the upstream Manastone sand ( Magisand ) “Halcyon” loaded with Sailor 1’s maneuver came back.
It is Barbara and Rou on board.
“Mr. Jin, Mr. Marcia, it’s really nice!”
“Barbara, if you cool your body you will hurt the child of your stomach”
“It’s okay, I am not in the water and Ruu is with me”
Ruo from Lario village became adopted by village chief Geebeck and curator Sali, and she is also training as a healer herself.
“Well then, is it okay? But please care.”
“I know, today is the ship we asked for, so I only got the representative to take it, I will leave it to Kana, Sema and Bertha.”
Barbara said so, from the “Halcyon” that arrived on the shore, it rose to the shore with a light movement.

Kaina village where a refreshing wind blows under the blue sky. Summer has already been around.

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