[49-45 Reward 82 Tiberio Special Training, and] (Part 1856 Part)

“Well, the most important thing in training magic engineering is” passion for making things ”
On Horai Island, Jin is ” Divergence ( Thought ) “Tiberio started engineering magic special training.
“Aside from psycho-theory, in acquiring engineering magic,” Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) It is the key to whether or not it will be possible to build up whether or not it can be used. ”
Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) Is it? ”
“Yes. If I can do this, golem and Automatic doll ( Automata ) We can mass-produce and intentionally increase our knowledge. ”
Tiberio did a face that I could not understand in that explanation, so Jin made a supplementary explanation.
“You can increase your knowledge by using this Demon crystal ( Magi Crystal ) It will be possible to read the information stored in the brain directly. ”
reading ( Lead ) “Or” reading ( Decompile ) “Is” Magical ceremony ( Magi Formula ) You can read it visually, but you can not read it directly.
Then, Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) Can not use Magic Craftsman ( Magi craft man ) How is golem and Automatic doll ( Automata ) Are you making it?

“One thing is education from 1, I will teach you to teach a baby but I will nurture it, but this is a technique that was used only in the very beginning, it’s going to be too long and it is obsolete now”
Jin keeps explaining.
“Second, we use magic tools for education, this is” Control nucleus ( Control core ) “Tell me” the information to ”
Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) Unlike the one which is taught by usual means to the last.
Specifically, the “temporary” ear ” Control nucleus ( Control core ) It teaches necessary knowledge with voice and magical waves to “.
However, it is twice to five times that of humans ( Control nucleus ( Control core ) There are variations depending on the grade) and you can educate at the speed of “I do not forget” and efficiency is good.
Moreover, since it can be done all the time for 24 hours, education is completed as fast as 10 times faster than the method of “1”.
“Third, this is the current mainstream, but” standardized “was” Magical ceremony ( Magi Formula ) “One by one” writing ( Light in ) I will go on. It’s roughly 100 knots so it’s a half day work. ”
Write basic actions and linguistic knowledge one by one. The base was made by Adriana Β· Barbola Β· Tseci, after that, it has been refined over a long period of time Magical ceremony ( Magi Formula ) “.
“And, recently used” Reproduction ( copy ) “. this is” Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) It is said to be a degraded version of. However, it’s pretty easy to use, and many people can use it. ”
Once in the Kingdom of Celua, ” Golem competition ( Gon Petition ) “Although Jikku participated in the jumping technique, it was studied afterwards and started to spread in general.

“So,” Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) It is best if we can use. Let’s first examine the suitability of Tiberio. ”

* * *

According to the results, Tiberio had the potential. So Jin wrote a necessary matter. Demon crystal ( Magi Crystal ) As ” Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) “And replicate it with Tiberio himself” Knowledge transcription ( Transformer Info ) “.
“Is this the engineering magic world …?”
Tiberio is stunned by its enormous amount of knowledge.
“Oh, yeah, some rudimentary scientific knowledge is also included,”
When there is science knowledge on the level of junior high school students, the efficiency is incorrect in managing magic.

“Well, that’s where special training begins.”
Knowledge of only “memorized” can not serve any purpose. It is meaningful only to master it.
“First of all, make 10 balls, cubes, regular tetrahedrons with this bronze to make them the same weight”
“Yes … …. Yeah!?”
“After we have the weight first,” Transformation ( Forming ) You can do it ”
“And, I will try … ….”
In this way, develop a basic “three-dimensional grasping sensation”.

“From this ingot of adamantite” Transformation ( Forming ) “To make a plate with a thickness of 0.1 mm and a width of 50 cm. The length is arbitrary. ”
Adamantite is ” Transformation ( Forming ) Resistance to “is large, and” Transformation ( Forming ) Feeding the power of ‘

“This metal analysis ( Analyze ) I want you to try it. Do you know what is included? ”
“I’ll try”
“There is a carbon steel with carbon added to iron, let’s try making a kitchen knife with this”
“I’ll try”
Jen who is also going to practical lessons to acquire the acquired scientific knowledge.
Since it is a limited time of two days, it can not be helped to feel a bit cramped. Neither Tiberio nor whistling nor whispering hardly speaks.
Of course, I take both breaks and meals properly. It is the schedule management that is the reason why he was working at a black company.

“Because it is better for curative magic that you can use simple things”
“Yes I will try my best”
Sometimes you get hurt while working, remember healing magic and there is no loss.
TibΓ©rio knows it, so he was desperately trying to remember it.

At break time.
“Did you get tired?”
“Yes, to be honest, but I am fulfilling, I know what I did not know, I know what I did not know, because the new world is in front of me”
“It will be worth teaching if you say so”

After training, relax by soaking in a hot spring and sleep 8 hours.
The next day is also a special lesson ……

And two days passed.

* * *

June 16th. It is also the day Marcia leaves Kaina village.
“Marcia Oya-chan, come back again!”
“Yes, I’m sure to come and visit”
“Surely it is !!”
In case Metastatic gate ( Warp Gate ) Because there is, Marcia guaranteed the desire of children because it comes soon if it comes to it.
“Marcia, Thank you for the ship”
Jin also thanks.
“Because I was asking you, I learned a lot from this ….”
Marcia looks at the tiberio next door.
“It seems like I was able to find a good” buddy “, then”
A little red face is not just the burning on the sun.

“Besides,” Jin’s “countermeasure”, I will make it a reference ”
“Yeah, do it”
Jin put an “anchor” on two boats. By doing this, for example, when you want to stop on a river, the ship can not be washed away.
Also, when swimming in a river and wanting to return to the ship, it is effective that the position of the ship does not change.
As a worst case as Jin, he also assumed to help a drowning child. I will not put it out.
Therefore, a floating wheel with a rope was also prepared for life saving, and it was loaded on both ships. It is convenient when a ship golem throws and rescues.

“Rodrigo also take care of your body”
“Jin, thank you … … It seems that a good successor has been made, and I am also happy.”
Then Rodrigo saw a glimpse of Tiberio.
That gesture was exactly like Marcia, and it was Jin who secretly admired that it was parent and child.

“thank you for everything that you have done for me”
Tiberio bows to Jin with a radiant face.
“Yeah, go for it, you can do Tiberio, support Marcia and Rodrigo.”
“Yes, as far as power is concerned”
Thus, ” Divergence ( Thought ) “Tiberio was the only Tiberio.

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