[49-46 Opinions 83 Admiration and Goals] (Part 1857 Part)

To leave now seven years ago in March, 3457, as the birthday party of the 3rd prince Ernest in the capital city of Egera Kingdom “Golem garden party ( party ) Was done.
At that time, an antisocial organization ” Unification party ( Unifiler ) “But it launched terrorism for the purpose of showing its power.
The golem that was announced, the golem that was in the castle from the beginning, under almost all of its control under the control, plans to overthrow the nation.
However, gorem “Lotte” which was not dominated and ” Black Knight ( Black Forest ) “And Automatic doll ( Automata ) With the success of “Reiko”, that Intention ( Efforts ) Is Crush ( Just ) I got it.
Egera kingdom heavyweights of those days, security guards, soldiers, and Magic Craftsman ( Magi craft man ) Everyone, “Lotte” ” Black Knight ( Black Forest ) “And” Reiko “with gratitude and awe.
And there were also some people who had ambitions to create more than three gorem someday.

In case Magic Craftsman ( Magi craft man ) Audrey Β· “Red” Β· Hanks was one of them.
In addition to its well-balanced facial features, redheads gathered in a ponytail are impressive female technicians.
Along with Gladia Hampton, she is a master and uncle, “Golem garden party ( party ) Although I was participating in, I was terrorist at that time.
At the time she was still 12 years old. I did not know what had happened, I felt the danger of life, when I was trembling and crying, I was saved by Reiko’s success.
Reiko at that time wielded the mace that Jin suddenly made and blown away crazy golems literally.
The overwhelming strength and unbelievable sight are still in her eyelids ( eyelid ) I was seized.
Such a yearning admired the strength of Reiko, struggle towards the goal, and now it is 19 years old Egrea Kingdom Kingdom Magic Craftsman Royal Magi craftman As a result of receiving the “Red” Masaki, despite having no rank, he received aristocratic treatment.

“Dolly, is that a new golem?”
Dolly is the nickname of Audrey. What I asked was my colleague, senior Gregory Bradley.
Gray eyes on short brown brown hair. He also Kingdom Magic Craftsman Royal Magi craftman .
“Yes, that’s right.”
Audley answered briefly.
Today she completed the latest golem and came to the drill to check its performance.
“Well, I do not know the difference from what I’ve ever had … … Why are you stuck in a compact?”
Gregory inquired mysteriously.
“Well … I’d like to take advantage of the small size, I wonder,”
“What are the benefits?”
“Concentration and efficiency of power”

Even though it has a magical world, the laws of physics exist strictly.
Reika with a small petite weight loses a big heavy golem, it is great that it applies force from the bottom to the top.
When this applies force from the top to the bottom, the body floats, but in the case of from the bottom to the top, the force pushed against the ground works as a component force, so you stand firmly on the ground.
Not only that, but also the shoe sole that can fully demonstrate the frictional force, Force field generator Force Generator There are also combinations of Reiko, Reiko can stand up to a huge opponent.
Furthermore, Force field generator Force Generator When I was not equipped yet, I used to fix my feet to the ground using earth attribute magic, but until that time I did not realize Audrey Red Hanks.

“… That means …”
“I wonder, is that it nods?”
Of course, there are also harmful effects when making small.
First, since the cross sectional area of ​​the muscles becomes small, the upper limit of the force that can be output is lowered.
The skeleton will also become thinner accordingly, so that the strength will be lower.
Small amount, making it somewhat difficult to make.
Etc. were the negative side that Gregory could come up with right now.
Nonetheless, these are not a solution without a solution, it is a question left to the judgment of the making side.
And Audrey almost solved them.

“Oh well, you will do a new type of test?”
“Please let me see you”
“Please do not hesitate”
It is a blatant reply, but this is Audrey’s element. It is not very good with people.
“No.28, run it please”
Golem called No. 28 started running in the battle field. The speed is like people run.
“Sounds good … … Faster!”
Audrey who saw that there was no stagnation in operation, ordered speed up.
Gregory, who was watching it together, cried out aloud. The speed of No. 28 rises steadily.
No. 28 to wind up sand smoke. Is the speed estimated at about 200 kilometers per hour?
But Audrey still has a displeasing face.
“If you devise the way you run and the shape of your sole, it will be even faster.”
In Audrey’s brown eyes, “Golem garden party ( party ) The appearance of Reiko at the time of “is burning. At that time Reiko was quickly falling short of his eyes, kicking off a powerful golem standing by.
“Please, go back, bastard …… No. 28, come back.”
Dust wound up by No. 28 got worse, so Audrey took the driving test to the end.
“Next time I will try my power, try lifting that weight”
The weight for strength testing is not a barbell or dumbbell, but a mass of metal shaped like a rectangular parallelepiped.
No. 28 is lifted lightly it 200 kilometers away.
“O, that’s amazing”
It is a very surreal sight when 28 children’s figure do it. But Audrey is still a face.
In addition No. 28 raised 300 kilometers.
“Wow, that is amazing”
Even an adult-type golem, about half of those that can lift 300 kilometers are about. You can see how the No. 28 has outstanding performance.
But Audrey lifted a heavier weight.
400 km. I also lifted this.
500 km, I managed to lift somehow. There was a crack in the underlying paving stones.
550 km. …… I could not lift with 1 degree, managed to change my way of holding, and managed to succeed at the 4th try.
600 km. …… It does not matter whether to lift.
“Here, it is amazing to lift 550 kilometers in this size!”
Although Gregory who witnessed was praiseworthy, Audrey,
“I am not satisfied much yet …. If you are satisfied, that’s it.”
Then I started on the next test.
It is a simulated battle of 10 battle golem partners.

Together with the command, ten gorem with a stick instead of a sword struck 28.
Here another advantage of “small” comes up.
It is hard to apply because of the small attack target. Moreover, near the feet is bad visibility, it is hard to attack or defend.
No. 28 seemed to fully understand it, and released a fist that pushed up from a low position.
Gregory raises a marvelous voice. By fighter No. 28, the battle golem blew away.
It is three in a row. It floats more than 5 meters, falls to the ground and does not move.
This is not broken, it means “simulated warfare”, so if you receive more damage than a certain amount you are instructed to leave the battle line in this way.
“Well, that’s too long”
Gregory was surprised at the voice of Audrey who murmured a little. No. 28 is definitely a golem that enters the top level in this kingdom of Egurea. In spite of knowing that she was not satisfied.
But Audrey’s goal is Reiko. In a swing of Maize, I will blow off 10 gorem or more, unmistakable world’s best Automatic doll ( Automata ) It is.
If Reiko, if I let the simulated battle in the same way, I think that I will instantaneously blow 10 bodies over 10 meters and end it.
And that is right. However, although it is Reiko when “20% output”.
“It is impossible unless you change materials as well”
While looking at number 28 which defeated the tenth battle golem, Audrey muttered with a difficult face.

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