[49-47 Reward 84 Hatred and Goals] (Part 1858 Part)

To leave now seven years ago in March, 3457, as the birthday party of the 3rd prince Ernest in the capital city of Egera Kingdom “Golem garden party ( party ) Was done.
At that time, an antisocial organization ” Unification party ( Unifiler ) “But it launched terrorism for the purpose of showing its power.
The golem that was announced, the golem that was in the castle from the beginning, under almost all of its control under the control, plans to overthrow the nation.

At that time, there were some people who suffered serious injuries to become irrecoverable.
The aristocracy of Blue Land, Count Dave Maida Garana, is one of them.
Coccyxoid fracture, complicated fracture of both arms, complicated fractures of ribs and internal organs, whole body bruises.
Elsa, who was still immature at that time, did a first aid.
Elsa ‘s first aid was adequate, although it was able to prevent secondary infections, it has not been completed yet.
This is something that she was still immature, but there is a big reason to suppress consumption of magical power more than that.
At that time, even injured people who needed first aid exceeded 100 people.
Then Earl of Garana was treated by a renowned healer, but his healer was bad.
Just because I just “cured”, the bones of my arms stayed crooked, stuck twisted, the coccyx was also the same.
As a result, daily life could not be done by one person alone.
I need assistance even to walk, there is a possibility that I can not even eat or change clothes.
Internal organs, too, because the liver was severely damaged, there were some symptoms of jaundice.

“… …. Huu, this is not Golemno!”
An anger without faction was directed to the existence of golem itself.
“How much money is spending money, make the world’s strongest golem wow”
Since only funds were abundant, it was notorious for gold to be prominent Magic Craftsman ( Magi craft man ) He called me to make a powerful golem.
But the golem of the strength the Earl was convinced was not completed even when it passed.
One day a man came visiting.
“I heard that they want a strong golem,”
“Umm, what about you?”
Earl of Garana, whose nose is curved, is meeting with a mask covering the mouth.
“I am … a flower … ….” T ratamiento ( Tratamiento ) “”
“O, Oh!?”
Did not the crooked nose of Earl of Garana be healed by the magic of magical casting that the man used?
“Here, this is …! … No, thank you”
Due to the bent nose, the pronunciation was somewhat obscure, but that was also improved. The Count is delighted.
“… … Can you cure these arms and legs?”
I will hold one hope and ask,
“There, too, to me …. However,” T ratamiento ( Tratamiento ) “”
“Well, yes?”
“The internal organs seemed to be bad, so I was able to cure it.”
“Oh, is that so!”
Certainly, I felt that the unpleasantness that had been stagnating in my body was gone, Count Count Garana lowered my head to a man.
“No, I’m just too bad. Even this is enough.”
By having the face and internal organs treated, the confidence in the Count of Garana became firm.

* * *

The man named “Marco”.
That skill is exercised not only in curative magic but also in engineering magic without regret.
“Umu, it is amazing!”
The golem that Marco made was drawing a line from the first golem to the previous golem.
It boasted more than three times the power of the golem ever made by Earl.
“Well, this is what you requested!”
Earl of Garana was quite satisfied,
“No, it’s still long, let’s make a more powerful golem.”
“Oh, do it quickly”
The intention of the Earl and Marco were in agreement, and further gorem was produced.

A few months later.
“O, this is the strongest golem!”
“We made something quite satisfactory,”
A golem that blows off 20 old golems created by Marco himself without any difficulty.
“If this is the case, no one will be afraid.”
“I think so”
Satisfactory Earl of Garana,
“What’s his name?”
I ask.
“Is that right … ….” Do you want to do “allergy”? ”
“What do you mean?”
“In my hometown’s words … there is not much meaning”
Marco laughed and turned his language into turbidity.
“Huh, oh well, celebrating the completion of” Allogans “, it is a celebratory tonight.”

But that night, Marco had disappeared suddenly.
Earl of Garana is fierce, but I did not think that I was so sorry for anything I wanted.
“As soon as the Allogans was completed, there are no more uses … but no, that talent was regret.”
I muttered and wiped the wine. An evil smile appeared on that face.

* * *

“… … Well, it was a funny guy”
Marco who left the Count of Gaara County … … No, he laughed awfully at “Marcosias”.
“Arrogance” made this time … No, if “Alloguns” that Automatic doll ( Automata ) You can do a good game with him. ”
Marcosius had in her heart the harassment of Reiko who unilaterally trampled his “Goliath”.
“Well, where will you go this time …?”
There is no one to know the future of Marco.

* * *

“Well, would you like to try it?”
Two days later, Earl of Garana launched “Alloguns”. The place is a wasteland in the outskirts of Blue Land.
“Ho, I’m looking forward to it”
“No, absolutely”
It is the same aristocrat who comes to see the sights.
“Well, let’s go.”
Earl of Garana brought the flight control device for manipulating “Allogans” to the mouth.
“Allergy, running”
This is to convey the voice of the pilot to the allogans. a kind of” Magic transmitter ( Manacam ) It might be good to say. Very communicable distance is narrow.
Allogans runs as instructed. It is not autonomous and semi-autonomous, so it will not work unless it receives an order.
However, because it can make some self-judgment, it is okay with just the command ‘run’ as it is.
In other words, the allogans do not run anywhere, they are running running like drawing circles, and avoiding obstacles exactly.
“Huh, how amazing”
“Is 100 kilometers per hour out?”
Despite the huge body of 2 meters tall and 50 centimeters tall, its agility is spectacular.
“Okay, stop, … destroy the rocks there”
The allogans stopped and hit the rock roughly 5 meters high, right in front of him.
“It’s tremendous power”
The rock crumbled down to pieces with roaring sound.

After that, the aristocrats who showed that five battle golems prepared readily changed to scraps were amazed by their power, trembling up.
Earl of Garana echoed the laughter on the wheelchair.

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Fixed 20180420
(False) It is not an autonomous type but an anti-autonomous type, so it will not work unless it receives an order.
(Positive) It is not autonomous and semi-autonomous, so it will not work unless it receives a command.

(Old) One year later.
(New) a few months later.

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