{ }?Immortal Territory, moonlight night, in front of the river not far from the Temple of Heaven, Ning Chen stands still, watching the world of Immortal Territory’s perfection, flashing a little stream of vicissitudes.

It’s finally coming to an end.

Rebuilding the Immortal Territory is indispensable. To fight against the most powerful of the All Heavens saints, he can’t be controlled by the original Great World’s Rule.

He worked hard to create the Immortal Territory in order to truly have the opportunity to have an equal battle with the All Heavens saints.

He believes that this day will come soon.

By the river, at this time, a Heavenly Venerable with a long sword and a powerful Aura was born, and the handsome face was full of arrogance.

“I have seen the fairy.” Heavenly Venerable looks at the white-haired man and salutes.

Ning Chen sideways, recognizes people, this is an Unrivalled Heaven’s Chosen coming out of the world, named Lone Star Tears, the sword is extremely talented, and the future is limitless.

Faced with the hope of the future of the world, Ning Chen’s look became calm and open, “What?”

Lone Star Tears looked at the front of the Immortal Territory, which has become the legend of the world. He calmly said, “I have come from the world and listened to too many legends about the Immortal. Today, I want to challenge the Immortal, and I hope that Xianzun can enlighten me. ”

Ning Chen heard the words, smiled on his face, did not refuse, nodded, “wait a moment.”

After that, Ning Chen walked aside and picked up a piece of dead wood from the ground, pointing his hand to the right hand and cutting it into a soldier.

Lone star tears and patience, waiting patiently.

On the edge of the river, the moon is like a bow, the dead wood is cut into a strange front, and the last piece of broken wood is cut down. The dead edge of the sword edge represents the greatest respect of the Immortal Territory to the future generations.


With the dead wood, Ning Chen looked up and looked at Heavenly Venerable, whispering.

In the face of Heavens above Earth below the legendary existence, Lone Star tears did not dare to be half-hearted, a sip, and the whole body of the sword intent rose sharply.

Unrivalled Heaven’s Chosen in the realm of Monarch, even though each Era is an absolute Expert, Lone Star tears spurred God Yuan and angered Samsung.

Point dazzling’s Divine Sword, three stars embellished, Lone Star tears, sword intent skyrocketing.

Looking at the figure that swiftly rushed in front of him, Ning Chen flashed a smile on his face, and the expert of the generation, the expert, he was relieved.

Thoughts fell, Ning Chen disappeared, and it was astonishing, and it was incredible.

There is no cultivation base suppression, but the simplest sword intent confrontation, Ning Chen swings the sword of the dead wood in the hand, and the control of the sword in the second to Peak, each time the most accurate stab to the gap of the Lone Star tears.

The Lone Star’s tears are constrained, and it’s not a return to the gods.

The figure of the plain white hair flew to the front, the sword to the throat.

Less than ten strokes, Lone Star Tears did not even feel the Aura fluctuations in the Immortal Territory, and the battle was over.

The difference in strength between Heaven and Earth is almost desperate.

“I lost.” Lonely star in tears bitterly.

“If you lose, you will continue to practice.”

Ning Chen smiled. “Go back.”

“Sin Zun has been defeated?”

Lone Star Tears looked at the Immortal Territory and asked.


Ning Chen calmly said, “And, I have lost many times, and I can’t even remember myself.”

Lone Star Tears heard it, silenced it, didn’t ask more, respectfully bowed, and immediately turned and left.

It turns out that the powerful sages that make All Heavens sages fear are also defeated.

Lone Star Tears left, Ning Chen looked at the sword of the dead wood in his hand. After a moment, his right hand waved, and the sword of the dead wood turned into a streamer.

I don’t know where, in the dark and boundless World, a sword light breaks through the darkness, and it is deep into the darkness.


In the depths of the dark world, the Lord of Darkness opened his eyes and looked at the sword light coming from the front. The look was slight, and the palm of his hand was shot, and the sword of the dead wood was blocked.

Suddenly, the dark world turbulent, the horrible word intent fluctuations, almost ruin the dark World.

The Lord of Darkness is cold, waving his hand to hold the swaying Small World, his eyes looking far away, his look cold and cold.

Shì wēi?

Immortal Territory, under the moonlight, Ning Chen stepped away from the river and walked toward the Temple of the Immortal.

The plain clothes are like snow, and they are not stained. The white hair fairy under the moon bears the rise and fall of the generations of the world. This life is about to end the eternal Great Tribulation.

In the fairy hall, after a day of ghosts, I fell asleep, and Ning Chen came and looked at the sleeping children. The look was gentle.

Ghosts, like them, are human hopes. He wants to make a real Pure Land for the world, no longer the World at the mercy of All Heavens.

At the same time, the world, a beautiful and powerful shadow of the shadows in the world and one forbidden land, is also rushing for the rise and fall of the world.

From Absolute Beginning to the present, there are too many taboos in the world, burying the truth of Years, and Changling Nu Venerable is walking in the forbidden land to find the Years Restriction method.

In a hundred years, Nu Chang has traveled almost all over the world, but nothing has been achieved.

Years Restriction, as if it had disappeared from the world, except that Ning Chen had acquired some of the missing Divine Restriction changes, Years Restriction has been unknown.

However, the importance of Years Restriction, Nu Chang is very clear.

God of Gods controls the time of Great World, and they only have to fully understand this Rule before they can defeat the most powerful God of Eight Heavens.

At the end of Heaven and Earth, Absolute Beginning is an ancient battlefield. World Chang, which is almost squandered by time, Nu Chang forcibly broke through Small World and entered it.

Absolute Beginning In the ancient battlefield, the Dessert of God Demon is faintly visible, indicating the fierceness of Absolute Beginning.

Suddenly, Nu Chang looked condensed, and the figure passed, turning into a stream of light that rushed to the depths of the ancient battlefield.

In the temple, the ghost bedside, Ning Chen sat quietly, carefully covered the quilt, and got up and went out.

Ning Chen looked at the ancient battlefield of Absolute Beginning and said, “Is it found?”

“found it.”

Absolute Beginning Deep in the ancient battlefield, Nu Chang looked around the magnificent World, the voice.

“Slightly wait.”

Ning Chen should take a step and step out, and the figure disappears instantly.

Absolute Beginning Outside the ancient battlefield, Space Formation Mark scrolled and Ning Chen appeared and stepped away from the ancient battlefield.

In the ancient battlefield, Ning Chen walked step by step, plunging into Nu Chang’s body.

I saw the world ahead, the light is shining, so beautiful.

“Do you need me to go in together?”

Nu Chang looks at Knowing Heaven’s Will in front of him.

“No, no.”

Ning Chen gently shook his head and smiled. “Years Restriction I know a little bit. Although it is not as dangerous as Executing Immortal Restriction, it is very troublesome. Immortal Territory can’t sit in the town for a long time. Nu Venerable will go back first.”

Nu Chang daggers, reminded, “Be careful.”


Ning Chen nodded and stepped into the Divine Restriction without further delay.

Outside Divine Restriction, Nu Chang took a moment to leave and turned away.

Immortal Territory, the fairy in the East, the ghosts woke up from their deep sleep, rubbed their eyes and shouted, “Oh.”

Qing Ning stepped forward and picked up the ghost who just woke up and whispered, “Would the ghosts wake up?”

“Aunt, what?”

Ghosts looked around and didn’t see his father’s figure, asked in a childish voice.

“Go to the ghosts to find something fun.”

Qing Ning looks gentle. “Ghosts and ghosts must be obedient. If the ghosts are obedient, they will come back soon.”


The ghosts heard the words, and they made a little bit of effort. The milk sounded milky. “The ghosts are the most obedient.”

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