Absolute Beginning In the depths of the ancient battlefield, in the Years Divine Restriction, Ning Chen entered and looked for the truth of Years.

Between Heaven and Earth Three Divine Restriction, Yellow Springs, Years, Executing Immortal, each with its own strengths, one dominates Space, one dominates time, one dominates killing, only exists in the legendary Divine Restriction, manpower is difficult.

Today, in order to fight against the most powerful God of the Avenue Saints, Ning Chen is in danger and is fully committed to the Years Divine Restriction.

In the Years Divine Restriction, after entering one of the World and Ning Chen, the flow rate around the time was amazing.

The Avenue Saint Shouyuan is almost endless, however, in Years, Ning Chen’s Fleshly Body is still beginning to age.

Ning Chen felt the amazing change of Divine Restriction, and the scorpion picked up slightly.

Divine Restriction evolved, hundreds of millions of changes, amazingly unusual, Ning Chen reached out and touched Divine Restriction, clearly seeing the traces of Years.

Knowing the complexity of Time Rule, Ning Chen was fully prepared from the moment he came in, and he was looking at the changes in Years Divine Restriction.

Just as Knowing Heaven’s Will entered Years Divine Restriction, Immortal Territory, ghosts sitting on the steps in front of the fairy hall, a pair of beautiful big eyes looking into the distance, looking forward to waiting for his father’s return.

“Ghosts, hungry, hungry? Aunt made a pastry for you.”

Qing Ning came forward, sitting next to the ghost, whispered.

“Not hungry.”

The ghost ghost shook his head, his big eyes continued to look into the distance, and the small face was the desired color.

Qing Ning looked at the front along the ghost’s gaze, and the temperature was warm. “Ghosts want to marry?”


Ghosts nodded and looked forward to seeing, “Aunt, when will you come back?”

Qing Ning Silence, after a while, whisper, “Hurry, ghosts must obey, eat well, or come back, ghosts are hungry, and you don’t like it.”

“The ghost is obedient, can you come back soon?”

Ghosts looked up and asked innocently.

Qing Ning showed a gentle smile on his face, and a pastry dish was placed in the basket from the side. “Auntie made the favorite red bean cake for the ghosts. Come eat it.”

“it is good.”

The ghost nodded hard, reached out and grabbed a piece of cake, and ate it.

Aside, Qing Ning looked at the child in front of him, and sighed in his heart. The ghost is a clever child.

But also very obedient, obedient people feel bad.

In front of a large hall not far from the Temple of Heaven, Fan Lingyue, who was wearing a light blue dress, stood still and looked away, waiting patiently.

In her memory, she remembers the Absolute Beginning period. There is a battle of destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth. The Era, even her will, is still ambiguous and far away.

Perhaps the only ones who have truly experienced this battle are the Nether King, the first to be wise, and the God of Eight Heavens.

Years ruthless, buried too much truth, after Absolute Beginning, the sages of the avenues have produced intelligence, from the Grand Dao Rule.

As for why the sages of the avenues can produce intelligence, I am afraid that even the All Heavens sages themselves do not know.

I hope that Ning Chen can learn the truth about Absolute Beginning from Years.

Knowing yourself and knowing each other is not awkward. This truth, I think he is clearer than anyone else.

There are ghosts.

Fan Lingyue looks at the children in front of the Temple of Dian, the look of micro-condensation, the appearance of ghosts is a huge variable, the variables outside the avenue, how will it affect the future war of God.

Also, is Nether King really fallen? The former Heaven World first Martial God, even the existence of Gods Divine Capital taboo, did not leave any backhand?

Everything is full of doubts, she needs time to verify.

In front of the Xiandian, when Qing Ning accompanied the ghosts to eat pastries, Yin’er jumped up and looked at the little guy in front of him and smiled. “Ghost, my sister took you out to play?”

“I don’t want to, I want to come back here.”

The ghost ghost shook his head, childish and childish.

“I really don’t go, there are a lot of fun places where my sister is going.”

Yin’er is like a little devil like yòu hu squinting at the children in front of him, while describing and sculpt.

On the face of ghosts, there is a struggling color, and a small heart is engaged in a fierce struggle.

Yin’er made a face to Qing Ning and reached out to make a victory gesture.

She has the best way to deal with children.

Qing Ning smiled and said, “Ghost, you go to play with your sister, my aunt is waiting for you here.”

The ghosts and hands clasped together, and the milk sounded softly. “The aunt must come back here.”

“Well, my aunt promised you.”

Qing Ning stretched out the little finger of his right hand and smiled.

“We pull the hook.”


Ghosts also stretched out their little fingers, and they were very serious.

It didn’t take long for Yin’er to leave with ghosts, and Qing Ning looked at the back of the two, and took a sigh of relief.

Qing Ning got up and looked in front of the main hall not far away. He said, “Miss, you have been standing there for many days, what are you waiting for?”

“Wait for him to bring back the truth of Absolute Beginning.”

Fan Lingyue calmly said, “Perhaps this is the key to determining the outcome of the final battle.”

“Heaven and Earth are open, saints are present, isn’t the Avenue Saints the first to appear?” Qing Ning sighed.


Fan Lingyue shook his head. “The appearance of the sage of the avenue is strange. In my memory, there was a big battle before the emergence of the saints. After this war, the All Heavens sages were born with intelligence.”

“Ning Chen knows about this?” Qing Ning looked dignified.


Fan Lingyue replied, “So, we will try our best to find Years Restriction. One wants to know the true meaning of Time Rule, and the other is to find out the truth about Absolute Beginning.”

“There was still this thing.”

Qing Ning sighed softly and said, “It’s hard.”

“Not bitter.”

Fan Lingyue calmly said, “Qing Miss, ghost is an unusual child, you must protect it.”

“I know.”

Qing Ning nodded. “With Yin’er by his side, there will be nothing.”

For a hundred years, the moment of the finger, the end of Heaven and Earth, Absolute Beginning deep in the ancient battlefield, Ning Chen has been into Years Restriction for a hundred years, but still does not come out.

Years change, hundreds of millions, Ning Chen stands in it and personally appreciates the changes of Years.

As time passed, and the traces of Years were engraved, Ning Chen felt the change of Years and saw some memories engraved in the time Rule.

Absolute Beginning, the Heaven and Earth are not open, a demon god Demon Body shadows between the Primal Chaos, each of the God Demon and the stars are huge, deliberate the Heavens and extinguish the Earth.

The war started, between the Primal Chaos, a respected God Demon fell in the war, the body became a mountain, the blood became a river, the eyes turned into Sun, Moon, Stars, a battle of God Demon, broke Primal Chaos, also opened The new jì yuán.

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