Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 216

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After the middle-aged man said something, the jet black battleship slowed down, and the Defensive Array light barrier opened, showing a channel.

Luo Xiu and Long Ming hurriedly flew forward, and after the figures crossed the passage, the battleship’s defensive light barrier slowly closed.

After entering, Luo Xiu’s eyes glanced at the battleship arbitrarily, and saw eighteen people on the deck.

Headed by 3 Martial Kings, all of them are Martial King 3rd Layer. One of them is a woman, dressed in red-clothed, faintly led by these people.

As for the other ten or five people, the cultivation base is relatively low, mostly Refining Spirit Realm.

“Myself Asura, many thanks for your help.”

After Luo Xiu landed on the deck, he thanked him while observing each other’s face, and found that when these people heard the name Asura this, there was no abnormal change in expression.

“This is my companion, Long Ming.” Luo Xiu introduced to the other.

If in Sky Martial Country, the name of Asura must be unknown to everyone, but the people here have turned a deaf ear. It can be seen that this place is indeed not in Sky Martial Country.

“Brother Asura is polite. See if you are young at Martial King cultivation base. I do n’t know which is the Great Influence’s discipline of Northern Blood Land?”

Of the three Martial Kings on the other side, the middle-aged man who had previously spoken to Luo Xiu asked with a smile.

“Northern Blood Land?”

From the opponent’s mouth, Luo Xiu was keenly aware of this special place name.

“When myself came out to gain experience, the elders in the door cautioned that they should not mention the teacher arbitrarily, and also looked at all of you Haihan.” Luo Xiu faced awward look.

Of course, he doesn’t have a so-called teacher. The reason why he said this is just to show a sense of mysterious, which will make it easier for those who are interested in it.

After hearing this, the 3 Martial Kings on the opposite side are all brows that are lightly trembled. Generally speaking, it is not convenient to mention Sect teacher, or Sect is too small, not worth mentioning, or Sect is too strong, so I am afraid to scare you.

“These two people look young. Martial King cultivation base is less than 20 years old, and ordinary sect can never cultivate such a genius.”

“Maybe it was a successor from Three Great Holy Lands.”

“Isn’t it possible? The successor of Northern Blood Three Great Holy Lands, which is not a proud and arrogant, with nostrils? If they come out to gain experience, I’m afraid they will not know that they are from Holy Land.”

The 3 Martial Kings and each other’s Divine Consciousness sound transmission are guessing the identity of this Asura in front of them.

Through conversation, Luo Xiu learned that the three people in front of him were Clearlight Chamber of Commerce Martial King Protector, and Clearlight Chamber of Commerce was one of the Four Great Chambers of Commerce in the Northern Blood Land.

With Martial King as the Protector, it is not difficult to speculate that this Clearlight Chamber of Commerce Elder is necessarily the Martial Monarch Level, and perhaps the Old Ancestor oversee of the Martial Sovereign Level. The strength is by no means generally strong.

It may help to show that Luo Xiu speaks less, but also has some simple understanding of this Northern Blood Land from the words of the other party.

Northern Blood Land is located in the northern part of Star Sea World. The origin of the name of Northern Blood is because there was a terrifying battle in Ancient Era. It was called the largest bloodshed in history. There are dozens of fallen martial cultivator. On 1000000.

It is also because this is the ancient battlefield of the past, so that there are many vestiges in the Northern Blood Land. In the tens of thousands of years after the ancient times, many Great Influences and Martial Dao powerhouses were born.

The strongest influence is Three Great Holy Lands, which is said to have Martial Emperor Level powerhouse oversee.

The desert to which Luo Xiu was teleported was called Lost Wasteland. According to the 3 Martial King of the Clearlight Chamber of Commerce, thankfully he did not venture into the depths of Lost Wasteland, otherwise he might not be able to walk out for a lifetime.

The battleship he boarded was a merchant ship to and from 2 cities, passing through the peripheral zone of Lost Wasteland.

Star Sea World is very large. If it is divided into East, South, West, North Four Great Regions, Northern Blood Land is located to the north of Star Sea World, and the area where Sky Martial Country is located is to the south of Star Sea World.

If you do not want to use the Transmission Array to reach the Northern Blood Land from Sky Martial Country, it will take at least several months to arrive.

“There is no Northern Blood Land in my antiquity.” Long Ming shook the head. Before ancient calamity erupted, he was suppressed in Myriad Monsters Secret Realm, so he basically knew nothing about what happened in the last days of ancient times.

Luo Xiu asked Soul Spirit Hei Xuan again.

“Ancient calamity swept the entire Star Sea World. As you said, this Northern Blood Land should be a territory of Ancient Era Heavenspan Sect.”

Soul Spirit Hei Xuan slowly said: “Ancient Era, Heavenspan Sect suppression Northern Region, deter all directions, I don’t know if it still exists today.”

The words of the Black Profound Martial Emperor are a bit sentimental. After all, the ancient calamity is tens of thousands of years old, and the formerly supreme Supreme Profound Sect no longer exists.

Without a word, after 4 days, the jet black battleship flew out of the peripheral zone of Lost Wasteland and entered a lush oasis.

Among the oasis, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi abundant and dense, there are towering cities built here.

The scope of this oasis is very large. It is named Moluo Island in the Northern Blood Land, which is comparable to the Land of a Province in Sky Martial Country.

There are 13 cities in Moluo Island. The Headquarters of the Clearlight Chamber of Commerce are located in the largest city of Moluo City. This is also the destination of the battleship that Luo Xiu boarded.

Two days later, the battleship finally arrived in Moluo City. After thanking the 2 Martial Kings from the Clearlight Chamber of Commerce, Luo Xiu stepped out of the battleship and entered Moluo City.

The chapters of Four Great Guilds are found throughout Star Sea World, and naturally there is Hunter Guild in Moluo City.

Immediately after Luo Xiu entered Moluo City, he went to Hunter Guild.

“Hello Young Master Luo.”

After confirming the authority with Hunter Badge, Luo Xiu passed through the dedicated channel of Inner Member and entered Guild’s interior.

A 5 official, pretty, tall woman came forward, saluting him salutingly.

Not all Inner Genius Members have this level of treatment. The internal authority of Hunter Guild has 4 levels of Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow. Luo Xiu has Profound High Level authority, equivalent to Martial Monarch powerhouse level. treatment.

“I need to submit a mission,” Luo Xiu said.

According to Hunter Guild, he must complete at least one mission per year. This was the case before the removal of the Pei Family of the Yongqi Province.

Had it not been for the strength of the Xu Family Old Ancestor, he could not complete this mission too much beyond his own cultivation base based on his personal cultivation base.

In Hunter Guild, when the mission is completed, you will get relative rewards and rewards. The higher the mission level, the higher the reward will naturally be.

Mission is also divided into Guild Mission and Bounty Mission. For example, the mission to eradicate Pei Family belongs to Guild Mission. It has only reward and no reward.

“Young Master Luo, please come with me.” The tall and sexy woman smiled lightly, bending over and bowing inadvertently revealing the proud gully.

She has also received many great character with high authority in this Moluo City Guild, but it is the first time she has seen such a young person.

She is very clear that the guy who can obtain high authority in Guild at a young age must be a Genius Member, and it has a great potential.

Led by the tall woman, Luo Xiu came to the secret room of a room.

In the center of the secret room, there is a stone platform with a groove on which to insert the Hunter Badge.

Except Luo Xiu himself, not at all in the secret room.

On the stone platform, many mysterious array inscriptions are engraved. Luo Xiu takes out the Hunter Badge and inlays it in the groove.

“weng! ”

A piece of radiance lights up, with the stone platform as the origin, projected onto the wall in front, and a blurry face contour emerges.

“Luo Xiu, a member of Hunter Guild Profound Level high grade genius, the Pei Family mission has been completed and can be submitted! Mission reward is a Grade 6 Medicine Pill, optional,” said the face on the wall.

Then, on the stone platform in front of Luo Xiu, three phantoms of elixir emerged: Purple Fire Refining Origin Pill of increasing cultivation base, Gathering Soul Jade Light Pill of Condensing Primordial Spirit, and Earth Spirit Tiger of tempering fleshly body. Bone Pill.

This Three Grade 6 Medicine Pill has different effects, but all of them can be used by Martial Monarch Level powerhouse to improve strength.

The more common one is Purple Fire Refining Origin Pill. The other two Condensing Primordial Spirit and tempering fleshly body medicine pill are relatively rare and precious.

Luo Xiu is just Martial King 1st Layer Realm, and it is far from Condensing Primordial Spirit Realm, so naturally Gathering Soul Jade Light Pill is not needed.

There was almost no hesitation. He chose Earth Spirit Tiger Bone Pill directly. Because of this tempering fleshly body medicine pill, the materials are more difficult to collect. With Purple Fire Refining Origin Pill, the materials are easier to handle and he can refining himself.

“I chose Earth Spirit Tiger Bone Pill.” Luo Xiu said.

After the voice fell, the Guanghua flashed on the stone platform, and then a delicate jade bottle appeared on the stone platform.

This surprised Luo Xiu. Obviously, this jade bottle could not appear out of thin air, but it was directly transmitted here through the transmission method.

“It’s no surprise that Four Great Guilds already existed in Ancient Era, and on the Dao of Array, it has already reached the point of Array Connecting Divinity Spirit.” Luo Xiu’s left hand palm, Soul Spirit Hei Xuan voice.

“Array Connecting Divinity Spirit?” Luo Xiu looked puzzled.

“Beyond Rank 9 Array, it is Spiritual Array, array create out spirituality, don’t say is a little Martial King, even when I was in the heyday, I could not touch that layer of Realm.” Soul Spirit Hei Xuan Say so.

Heaven and Earth Attribute Law can create spirituality, which is called Spirit of Heaven and Earth.

Array, elixir, weapon, Magical Treasure, can also be lifeformed, with all kinds of incredible powers.

According to Soul Spirit Hei Xuan, Hunter Guild’s internal array system is actually the Array Spirit operating.

Spirit, this word contains infinite Profound Mystery, which implies the mystery of Heaven and Earth Source.

Hunter Guild passes countless information through array’s records and is controlled by Array Spirit, while Hunter Badge is the medium for martial cultivator to communicate with Array Spirit.

As Black Profound Martial Emperor said, the realm level is too far away from him.

Obtained an Earth Spirit Tiger Bone Pill, Luo Xiu was confident to raise the fleshly body Realm to the peak of King Battle Body.

There is also his own cultivation base, which also needs to be promoted. He needs to rush back as soon as possible, otherwise the safety of his loved ones will make him uneasy.

Although he also made some arrangements before leaving, there are many variables.

The level of Martial Dao Cultivation in Northern Blood Land is much higher than that of Sky Martial Country. The Hunter Guild President of Moluo City is a Martial Monarch Realm powerhouse.

Even so, Martial Monarch is not the most powerful existence in this Moluo City, not to mention other influences, just the Clearlight Chamber of Commerce, it is said that there is a person Martial Sovereign Old Ancestor oversee.

After submitting the mission to eradicate the Pei Family, Luo Xiu chose seclusion in Guild. He needs to raise his strength to a limit level, and then look for the opportunity to break through to the higher realm’s opportunity.

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