Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4240

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Seeing that other people are listening to themselves seriously, Supreme continues, “Gumo void, until now are a very special place in the highest dimension, this place seems to belong to the highest dimension Part of it, but it does not belong to the void of the highest dimension. “

Although the real hand Supreme said is not very clear, everyone present knew what he meant.

The uniqueness of Gumo void is like it is not on the same timeline as the highest dimension. As long as you enter Gumo void, you can feel the changes and differences in Time Flow Speed.

For example, if you entered Gumo void and stayed in Gumo void for a year, and when you came out, other places outside Gumo void might have passed less than a year, or it was already More than a year.

Although this time gap is not very large, but it really exists, as long as it is a cultivation base reach a certain realm cultivator, you can feel it.


Real Hand Supreme continued, “In the past few years, some unknown people have appeared, occupying the entire Gu Mo void, and their means of occupying Gu Mo void can be said to be very domineering and cruel, Except for a few influences who choose to acknowledge allegiance, other influences that are slightly rebellious are all slaughtered! “

The reason for this.

Because for the real hands Supreme and the others, they vaguely felt the threat from Gu Mo void.

If it ’s just a Gumo void, they do n’t care much.

But if those people are not satisfied with Gumo void, then they will inevitably choose to invade other voids, and other voids fall into the scope of four large void influences.

“I think this time they appeared in Huanyu Da void, it was a bad start.” Magic Horn Supreme said solemnly, “They came to Huanyu da void and killed two Supreme Realm’s Fellow Daoist Not to mention, I also snatched a supreme source treasure, which shows that those who occupy Gu Mo void simply did not put us in the eyes. “

Luo Xiu heard these words and couldn’t help but wrinkle Frowned, he is also curious about the origin of the people who appeared in the void.

After all, the Magic Horn Supreme is also regarded as the Supreme Peak Realm powerhouse, standing at the top of the highest dimensional pyramid. These people dare to come to the world to make trouble, obviously they are really not afraid of the Magic Horn Supreme.

Real Hand Supreme glanced at Luo Xiu and said: “The strength of Real Fellow Daoist Wu, without me saying, everyone knows it, so I mean, the five of us go to Gu Mo Take a trip and see what the origin of those people is. “

Luo Xiu this thought when he was in Gumo void, deep in the burial ground, he used to Enter a valley and take the avenue samsara flowers.

There is a stone clock suspended in the valley. If no one helped him, he might have died there.

At that time, he also promised a promise that if he had a certain strength in the future, he would go to help the person who was sealed in the stone clock.

Compared to the original Dao Venerable Realm, the current Luo Xiu is already powerful and I do n’t know how much, maybe he can try it.

“I agree with this proposal.” Magic Horn Supreme made the first opening.

Because those of Gu Mo void are really ambitious, then the one closest to Gu Mo void is definitely the first to bear.

As the first powerhouse of Huanyu Big Void, Magic Horn Supreme naturally regards this void as its own territory, how can it tolerate others to peep?

“I also agree.”

Jiuyun Supreme and Tianji Supreme have also spoken one after another.

“I agree.” Luo Xiu also did not object.

“Okay, since everyone agrees, then we will agree on a time.” Real hand Supreme said.

His tone barely fell.

The faces of several people sitting in the Magical Artifact of this palace changed at the same time.


next moment, the Magical Artifact of the palace will explode.

Luo Xiu silhouette of several of them appeared in the distant void, the palace Magical Artifact has just been disappeared without a trace, completely destroyed and smashed by a powerful strength.

“bastard!” The complexion of the magic corner Supreme is gloomy.

Because this is still the territory of his world-wide void, they are sitting here with a few Peak powerhouses to discuss things, and some people dare to take action attacks. This is clearly not to put his this Supreme Realm in his eyes.

At the same time, Luo Xiu ’s eyes looked towards the distant void, because a purple haired man wearing a battle armor in red appeared, his body was tall and burly, with some faces on his face The veined pattern of black looks sinister and cold.

“What a courage! It seems that you have killed two Fellow Daoist and robbed the highest source treasure!” The magic corner Supreme voice is full of killing intent.

Luo Xiu did n’t speak, but the divine sense was locked on the body of this purple haired man. He could feel that this person was not simple. It was estimated that a cultivation base and strength would be no less than the real hand Supreme.

And after the other party snatched the highest source treasure, they dared to appear here, which undoubtedly shows that the other party really does not take the magic corner Supreme seriously.

“Hero Ruo Fellow Daoist, you step back first.” Luo Xiu said to the Hai Ruo Supreme around him.

Although she is also a Supreme Realm cultivation base, it is only Supreme Realm Middle Stage. Once the hand to hand battle of this level breaks out, there will be life worries if her strength is not noticed.


Hai Ruo Supreme obviously also knows that it is cumbersome to stay, so he immediately retreated.


Hai Ruo Supreme is about to retreat, then the eyes of the purple haired man looked over and waved a word light.

Luo Xiu ’s pupils shrink, he also waved a sword light, but his sword light is a Space-Time sword formed by the highest space-time power condense.


Two sword lights collide with each other, one after another ripple ripples fills the air.

Seeing this scene, Hai Ruo Supreme was taken aback, and his face was much paler. He quickly cast light and stayed away from here.


The eyes of the purple haired man looked towards Luo Xiu. Obviously he also noticed that the sword light played by this person just now contained the highest Space-Time. force.

The words fell, and the purple haired man was body flashed, high in the sky moved towards Luo Xiu rushed over, his condensing between fingers and a Seal Art, and suddenly filled the air out of the mysterious fluctuations of the vast space Avenue .

The Supreme Space is part of the Supreme Space-Time.

But Luo Xiu can feel it immediately, and the purple haired man ’s insight and mastery of the highest space is far from him.

However, Supreme Space-Time is a combination of Time and Space, so Luo Xiu is not afraid of it. One after another Space-Time Sword Condense comes to resist the opponent ’s palm print.

At the same time, real hands Supreme and Magic Horn Supreme have all taken action.

Magic Horn Supreme exhibited the power of supreme thunder, and Real Hand Supreme exhibited the supreme Power of Flame.

With their take action to help, Luo Xiu suddenly felt much less stressed.

Next, Divine Sword in Jiuyun Supreme ’s hands flew away, and Tianji Supreme activated a roulette-shaped Magical Artifact, killing intent and locked it on the purple haired man.

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