Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4257

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After the injury recovered, Luo Xiu turned into a light and went away, he needs to figure out where he is now.

The endless pristine mountain range is huge. Luo Xiu flew continuously for several days without flying out of this jungle.

Finally, within his divine sense, aura of other monks appeared.

He put away the Space-Time Wings behind him, and a moment later, cup one fist in the other hand stopped a monk standing on the flying shuttle Magical Artifact.

Under the influence of Luo Xiu, this monk cultivation base in front of him seems to be the Transcendent Dao Venerable level.

The other party could n’t see the Luo Xiu cultivation base, and he did n’t dare to neglect. Cup one fist in the other hand asked politely, “Fellow Daoist stopped me, why?”

“This is the case. I encountered a terrifying Vicious Beast a while ago and was chased all the way. I escaped for more than ten days and I do n’t know where I am now. Inquire. “Luo Xiu cup one fist in the other hand said.

“It turns out that way.”

The Venerable Realm monk suddenly realized that he turned over and took out a jade slip and handed it over. understood. “

After speaking, this Venerable Realm monk took the flying shuttle away.

Luo Xiu ’s divine sense swept into the jade slip and immediately understood where he was.

The place where he is now is called Xuantian Linhai. Linhai is not a sea, but it means the endless mountains and forests here, like a sea of ​​mountains and forests.

At the same time, Xuantian Linhai also belongs to the dimension world of Xuan.

This dimension world is different from the Supreme dimension and the Lower World dimension from Luo Xiu.

This is a vast world, there is no extra plane division.

It ’s just that Xuantian Linhai belongs to the peripheral zone of the dimension of Xuan. In an azimuth not far from him, it takes only less than three hours to fly to reach a city called Qingyun Rainbow The place.

“Actually came to the dimension of Xuan …” Luo Xiu sighed.

Although he originally planned to go to the higher dimensional world, at least he has to wait for him to explain in the True Martial world and arrange some backhands.

As a result, he has n’t had time to deal with many things. He was penetrated by the Great Battle of two powerhouses into the Space-Time dimension interface and forced him to roll over.

Luo Xiu does n’t know if he is the first monk who came from a lower dimension to a higher dimension in this form.

But at least this probability should be very low, and I do n’t know if he should be said to be bad luck or whether he should be said to be lucky.

He still remembers that after the 9th Emperor was smashed the fleshly body by the black palm, Luo Xiu went to capture Heavenly Palace and saw a blonde woman trapped in the array.

From the blond woman ’s mouth, Luo Xiu learned that Fiendgod, who was born in the dimension of the Profound God, won the Heavenly Palace.

Luo Xiu ’s mentality quickly restored calm. The so-called “come from now on” will calm down. After so many things and ups and downs in the life of cultivation, he is not so easy to suffer.

Into a light, Luo Xiu flew in the direction of Qingyun Rainbow City.

A few days have passed.

Luo Xiu saw the outline of a giant Great City from afar, this city was built on top of an azure cloud, there was one after another rainbow flashing over the city, just like It is a meteor that pierces the sky.

Qingyun Rainbow City is named after that.

When Luo Xiu came here, he saw many monks coming and going in the city gate. Among the large number of monks, the cultivation base is also low and high, and some are weak, only the detached Realm .

This means that even in the higher dimension world, not all are powerhouses, the weak monks still exist, and a large number.

Relatively speaking.

Luo Xiu also sees many Supreme Realm monks, completely can be seen everywhere.

When entering the city, Luo Xiu did not encounter any obstruction. There was a shop not far from the city gate.

When Luo Xiu passed by this store, I heard someone talking about this store selling some information about Xuantian Linhai. The first thing many people do here is to buy a Xuan Introduction of jade slip in Tianlinhai.

However, when Luo Xiu also wanted to buy it, he learned that a jade slip cost only 1,000 low level Primal Chaos Dao Pill.

Luo Xiu did n’t expect it to be so cheap, so he took out a storage ring and handed it over. After all, Primal Chaos Dao Pill on his hand, it was calculated in billions.

“Slow down!”

Just when Luo Xiu picked up the jade slip and turned to leave, the guy in the shop called him and said with a ugly face, “You Actually gave me 1,000 inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill and wanted to get through? “

” Inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill? “

Many people around me looked at him pointing fingers.

Luo Xiu realized that the Primal Chaos Dao Pill he brought from the highest dimension, placed in the lower dimension, that is the best cultivation resource.

But placed in the higher dimension world, but because the rule level is too low, it can only be regarded as inferior resources.

When Luo Xiu saw someone take out a low level Primal Chaos Dao Pill, the energy of the Condense in that Primal Chaos Dao Pill was higher than his inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill. How many.

The energy contained may be similar in quantity, but in terms of quality, the gap can be larger.

In the higher-dimensional world, basically do not produce the inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill, but there are also a few places destroyed by the powerhouse great battle, because the Grand Dao Rule is broken, the inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill will appear Only the lowest level monks will use this thing cultivation.

“Take the jade slip back, or you will give me 1,000 real low level Primal Chaos Dao Pill!” said the guy at the shop, and toss Luo Xiu to his inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill Came back.

“I can compensate for more inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill.” Luo Xiu said.

“Where are you when we are here? There are so many inferior Primal Chaos Dao Pill, we don’t need it either.”

“1000 Primal Chaos Dao Pill, I will pay for you.”

At this moment, a voice came suddenly, and a woman came over and threw a ring to the guy in the shop.

The shop guy looked at the ring, which was nodded and did not continue to struggle.

The woman pulled Luo Xiu directly and walked out of the crowd.

“Many thanks Fellow Daoist’s help.” Luo Xiu cup one fist in the other hand Thank you.

“You are welcome, I just feel that the Primal Chaos Dao Pill you brought out has a familiar aura, and 1000 Primal Chaos Dao Pill is nothing to me.” The woman smiled.

Until then, Luo Xiu took a good look at this woman in front of her. Her appearance is still very beautiful, but her attire is very ordinary, it seems that she wants to cover herself up with this ordinary attire Beautiful appearance and temperament.

“Familiar aura?”

Luo Xiu ’s eyes slightly shrink, the Primal Chaos Dao Pill he brought out comes from the highest dimension, this woman is familiar with Prima Chaos Dao Pill ’s aura, Either she is also from the highest dimension, or she has been there.

“Have you heard of 10,000 li Gu Zun?” Su Yi woman suddenly asked.

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