Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4274

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“I am not a Great Sect discipline, but a loose cultivator. I got the quota of the loose cultivator recruited by the Liuyun Jizong sect to get into the Xuanshen cave.” Luo Xiu said.

“so that’s how it is.”

Cheng He suddenly realized that there are many rumors in Guan Yu’s magical magic realm, but the one with the highest credibility is that It is rumored that the magical magic realm is a master expert for condensing the avenue, which is related to the secret if breakthrough is not empty. “

” Breakthrough is not empty? “

Luo Xiu heard this, the pupil light could not help but shrink, “Cheng Fellow Daoist, not above the air, there is a higher realm?”

“It should be there.” Cheng He said, “I listen The elders have said that no airspace is far from the end of the avenue. Only when the airspace once again breaks through and enters a higher level, can you have the opportunity to ask about the achievements at the end of the avenue, but if you want to achieve this step, you must be at a complete high level In the dimension world, there is a complete Supreme Rule avenue. “

” But once there was a battle of calamity, our profound dimension and several other higher dimensional worlds were damaged, Supreme Rule avenue is not Complete, so fundamentally impossible someone here breakthrough is not empty The only dimension to the days of the world have a chance. “

In this regard, Luo Xiu’d also listen to the black dragon had mentioned, in particular with regard to the end of this road before.

“What kind of Realm is in the air?” Luo Xiu asked again.

“From Absolute Beginning Realm, until it is not empty, it belongs to high level times.”

“We, Supreme Realm monks, need to find Profound on Insight Supreme Rule Avenue Mystery, after insight to a certain realm, with sufficient precipitation and accumulation, you can break through Absolute Beginning Realm and condense your own Taiyuan Tao Yuan Energy. “

” Insight of Supreme Rule Avenue to more High-level Realm has the opportunity to break through the Taishi Realm and condense the power of the Taishi Taoist Spirit. “

” As for the Origin Realm that reaches the higher realm, it is considered to be the primary rule of the High Avenue. , So as to condense the Taiyuan Dao species and truly lay the foundation of the High Avenue. “

” After Taiyuan, there is no beginning, and it began to touch the intermediate rules of the High Avenue, and evolved to the high boundary by itself. Intermediate rules have evolved in the Supreme Elementary Rules, and the evolved boundaries can also be called no-start boundaries. “

” Eternal Powerhouse, the evolution of intermediate rules in the Supreme Division It is more perfect and can be called the Myriad Ancient Realm domain. “

” As for the non-empty realm, it is to complete the rules of the realm, claiming that the avenue is not empty, and refine the legendary Undying and Inextinguishable. ”

“Speaking of which is not invincible in Undying and Inextinguishable?” Luo Xiu exclaimed.

What Cheng He said was something that Luo Xiu had never known before. After all, he did n’t join any sect, and he never had any elder powerhouse explain it to him.

“It ’s not as invincible as you think.” Cheng He shook the head. “I ’ve already said that, from stepping into Absolute Beginning Realm, the foundation of High Avenue is built step by step, and then Based on this, the Supreme Rule has been further evolved at a higher level. The height and depth of different monks ’comprehension are also different, so the avenue is also strong and weak, and the avenue is also different.”

“So it is also a non-airspace powerhouse, but its strength is very different. It is also divided into ordinary non-airspace, top-level non-airspace, Peak non-airspace, and even the legendary Xeon non-airspace.”

“According to what my master once told me, I can rely on one’s own cultivation to the non-airspace powerhouse, and many people can reach the Peak non-airspace. As for ordinary non-airspace and top-notch airspace, they all rely on external forces. The non-airspace that I just reached is the weakest in the non-airspace. ”

” As for the legendary Xeon non-airspace, I will not understood. “

Listen to Cheng He Luo Xiu has already roughly understood this explanation Whether or not you reach non-empty space, and how high you can reach when you step into non-empty space, have a crucial relationship with the foundation of the Supreme Avenue that you have built.

The stronger the foundation, the greater the plasticity in the future.

“As for the magical magical realm, it is rumored that it was left by a Peak non-vacuum supreme expert, he arranged this place, wanting to further condense and condense his own Supreme Avenue, hoping to be able to go further and find another One way to break through is not above the air, but unfortunately it failed in the end. “Cheng He said.

According to Cheng He.

Fantasy magic realm fills the air with a strange invisible strength. Under the influence of this strength, all the avenues and sources here will be continuously stripped out, and then condense the condensation to a specific place.

And the magic magic realm is actually a great array, as long as you can find the location of the array, you can find the way to leave.

While speaking, Cheng He turned over and took out a jade slip, saying: “Before you came, only me had walked in here for millions of years, and I also found many other monks to stay. Under the storage ring, this jade slip records some things about the magical magic realm. “

Luo Xiu took the jade slip and dive sense into it.

A message is recorded in the jade slip. According to the record in the jade slip, that Peak expert is arranged in the magical realm for the purpose of condensing to high Grand Dao Rule for many years. Next, in the array’s array, a sense named treasure will be condensed. With the Tao soul essence, you can refining the Dao Soul Pill. The Dao Soul Pit allows the monks to condense and condense their own avenue foundation, which has quite improved their own. Potential aptitude.

That Peak no air supreme expert ’s purpose is to refining Dao Soul Pill, and then condensing and condensing its roots of the Highest Avenue to pinnacle with the help of Dao Soul Pit, so as to seek that line can break through shackles Opportunity above the air.

Although the final result confirmed that the supreme expert failed in the end.

But the value of Dao Soul Pill is still inestimable. For any level of powerhouse, it can be said to be yearn for something even in dreams medicine pill, especially those that have been trapped in a Realm shackles for many years. The most needed is that this can improve aptitude and potential medicine pill.

If you find the formation, you have a way to leave, and at the same time, you have a chance to get Dao Soul essence.

Everything seems beautiful.

But Luo Xiu is very clear that Cheng He has been trapped here for millions of years and has not been able to go out. The formation of the magical magic realm is definitely not so easy to find.

However, Luo Xiu will not intend to give up anyway.

After that, the two went on the road together, because there was no way to discern the direction, so while the two were walking, Luo Xiu was also constantly deducing the changes of the magical magic realm, hoping to find some rules from it.

More than half a month passed in an instant.

Luo Xiu, who had been walking with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

“How is it?”

Cheng He quickly asked, he did n’t understand Array Dao. When he knew that Luo Xiu was quite good at Array Dao, he was also in his heart. Full of expectation and hope.

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