Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4280

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As the restriction of the 9th Avenue Pool opens, Luo Xiu immediately feels the rich energy aura from that Avenue Pool.

Some of the other stations and the people beside the Dadaochi also have the same feeling, and there are surprise colors in their eyes. Under the baptism of this energy aura, the injured people are almost In the blink of an eye, the injury recovered as before.

Luo Xiu body flashed and directly entered the Number One Great Dao pool. After he entered, the surrounding restriction was restored to the activated state again, and at the same time, all exploration was isolated, making Luo Xiu ’s silhouette disappeared. , Completely hidden in array restriction.

Luo Xiu unable to bear closed his eyes in Dadaochi. The energy here is extremely pure and rich. Cultivation in such a place is indeed enough for him to reach Supreme Peak Realm.

At the same time, Luo Xiu discovered that the space where the Dadaochi is located is completely isolated from the space where Xuanshen Dongtian is located.

This isolation is not like the difference that arises due to the isolation of the array, but it seems to exist in two different spaces.

It seems that he came from another mysterious space from Xuanshen Dongtian. This space is where Dadaochi is located. The array restriction previously opened is similar to a channel.

Luo Xiu did n’t think about it, he quickly entered the state of cultivation, not long after, using Luo Xiu as center formed a huge vortex, and the vortex gradually showed a bright golden , A mystery that evolves various Divine Ability mysteries.

Not only that.

Luo Xiu from time to time will also take out a Dao Soul Pill to take, constantly tempering solidify its own True Martial Avenue.

Time passes unconsciously.

Luo Xiu does n’t know how long he has been cultivated in Dadaochi.

Cultivation people in the other eight avenue pools have also stepped out of the avenue pool one after another. Everyone who has come out, the cultivation base has been upgraded to the perfection state, unless it is breakthrough Absolute Beginning Realm, otherwise it is no longer possible to continue the cultivation cultivation base.

Because they ca n’t see the situation in other avenue pools, they do n’t know whether Luo Xiu came out or not.

However, someone from the very beginning is staring at this side, and it is certain that Luo Xiu has never stepped out of the avenue pool.

Time flies.

The time limit for the opening of Xuanshen Cave Sky is up, and all the monks who are in the sky of Xuanshen Cave are sent out.

However, Luo Xiu, who is in the Number One Great Dao pool, has not been sent away, because speaking from a certain perspective, the Daochi pool where he is located is not inside the Xuanshen cave.

I do n’t know how long it has passed.

Luo Xiu, who is in the cultivation of Number One Great Dao, slowly opened his eyes.

The energy vortex gathered around him is very dim. The reason why he wakes up is because he notices that the surrounding energy is weakened, this difference appears, which makes him wake up from cultivation.

Since his breakthrough to Supreme Realm, his cultivation speed has been slow.

Now coming to the Number One Great Dao pool, Luo Xiu finally once again realized the thrill of the rapid increase of the cultivation base. As he expected, his cultivation base has reached Supreme Peak Realm.

Not only that, under the accumulation of majestic energy, he even condensed a part of Taiyuan Tao Yuan Energy. Although he condensed Taiyuan Tao Yuan Energy is not much, but after all this strength is Absolute Beginning Realm Powerhouse can condense strength.

According to the discovery of Luo Xiu, Taiyuan Tao Yuan Energy is the power of cultivation base after condensing to pinnacle, and consolidating its own comprehension of the High Avenue to condense it.

When all the energy in the Number One Great Dao pool is completely consumed by Luo Xiu.

The surrounding space suddenly began to show a crack after one after another, which is about to collapse.

“Not good!” Luo Xiu’s complexion suddenly changed, and he quickly escaped into the book of nowhere.


next moment, the space collapsed completely, and since then, there is no Number One Great Dao pool in this world.

The foundation of Dadaochi is also supported by energy, and Luo Xiu absorbs all the energy of Dadaochi, without the support and support of energy, it collapses directly.

Not only the Number One Great Dao Pool collapsed, but also several other Avenue Pools collapsed together, forming a terrifying chain reaction.

Only these things, Luo Xiu is not understood.

After the terrifying black hole was completely collapsed in space.

Until a long time passed, Luo Xiu felt that the aura of the outside world had changed in the book of the heavenless.

“It ’s a pity that it collapsed.”

Luo Xiu felt a little sorry in the space of the Book of Nowhere.

Because if there is still enough energy for him to continue cultivation, he can completely convert all his cultivation base into Taiyuan Tao Energy at Supreme Peak Realm level.

In such a state, if he breaks through Absolute Beginning Realm, his foundation will certainly be stronger!

Now, with his body cultivation base, only about 30% of him was transformed into Taiyuan Tao Yuan Energy, and there is still a big gap from the complete transformation.

Want to convert the remaining 70% of the cultivation base into Taiyuan Tao Energy, the ghost knows where to look for an opportunity similar to Xuanshen Avenue Pool?

After the outside aura has calmed down.

Luo Xiu turned into a flowing light, flew out of the book of heaven, and then put it into the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

He Divine Consciousness moved towards all around, and found himself in an unknown area, specifically where in the world of the mysterious dimension, he does not understood.


a streak of divine light flew from a distance, a battleship was striking in the air, which inspired the slaver restriction. Luo Xiu was the killer.

Luo Xiu smashed this divine light with his hand, took a short step, and directly crossed the barrier of Space-Time distance, and came to the battleship.

He was a middle-aged monk on battleship. His face suddenly changed when he saw Luo Xiu in front of him suddenly.

“Why did you take action to attack me?” Luo Xiu stared at this person with indifferent eyes, the majestic pressure enveloped the other person’s body and bound the surrounding Space-Time.

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