Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4289

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Return to your residence.

Just a moment passed, a huge strength clansman called giant spirit came to Luo Xiu and sent a jade slip.

Luo Xiu is also known to this giant spirit. It is the guard around Zi Xun and the top three expert of the huge strength family. At least the Giant Spirit God tactic is cultivated to Small Success and above Realm.

In fact, until now, Luo Xiu has n’t figured out what Realm is the Zizi cultivation base. At least the absolute impossible is Supreme Realm, at least the Absolute Beginning Realm, it may be higher.

“I almost did the fake show.”

Luo Xiu also knows that his acting has revealed a weak spot, and it can certainly be seen with Zi Xun ’s wisdom.

But at that time, he was really if you ride a tiger, it ’s hard to get off, ca n’t he go against his bottom line and principles?

At the same time, Luo Xiu also understands that Zi Xun is more accurate in grasping his character. If she wants to explore the secrets of herself and become his woman, it is indeed a useful way.

But it ’s useful, but it does n’t necessarily work.

Even if the relationship between the two really happened on the substance, even if Luo Xiu did not fully trust her, it was impossible to tell her secret.

“What secret does she want to know about me?” This is a question that Luo Xiu has always been curious about.

The Emperor Xingyue pursued him because he knew that there was a book of nothing in him.

If Zi Xun ’s purpose is also this, he can completely kill him and take advantage of it, why bother so much?

If it ’s not for the treasure in him.

What is that for?

Apart from this, Luo Xiu does n’t really know what secrets he deserves to be so concerned about.

Or, is it that you want to explore the secrets in him, not Zi Xun, but the ancestors behind her?

If this guess is true, Luo Xiu feels more headache. The mysterious legend of the ancestors, but he is not willing to deal with it now.

slightly hesitated.

Luo Xiu calmed down his complicated thoughts.

This is where that jade slip was sent by Zi Xun to the giant spirit.

The things in jade slip make Luo Xiu ’s pupil light shrink again.

Because what is recorded in jade slip is a cultivation art, named Wanyuan ancestor body.

According to the description in jade slip, the Wanyuan ancestor body is the true top Body Refining Cultivation Art of the ancestor family, and the Giant Spirit God cultivated by the huge strength family is only part of the Wanyuan ancestor body The cultivation art formed by the branch of Heart Art mystery.

The ancestor body of Wanyuan is far more subtle and powerful than Giant Spirit God.

Except this cultivation art.

There is also a message from Zixun in the jade slip. She gave this cultivation art to Luo Xiu in order to let him improve his strength through comprehend this cultivation art. She is willing to pay for it with Luo Xiu all.

“It’s really reluctant to give the blood.” Luo Xiu was a little speechless.

There is no doubt that the cultivation art like Wanyuan’s ancestor body is definitely an unspread secret for the ancestors.

Zi Xun has even brought out this cultivation art, which shows how great her determination is.

At the same time, it also means that in the eyes of Zi Xun, the value of Luo Xiu is better than this cultivation art.

“Why did you give me so many benefits?” Luo Xiu sighed.

In fact, in terms of Luo Xiu’s character, no matter what the purpose of Zi Xun is, as long as she is willing to tell the truth, Luo Xiu is completely willing to talk to her, as long as it is not related to his life. He basically will not refuse.

After all, the huge strength family has life-saving grace for him, Zi Xun is also willing to send him Tianyuan to the holy fruit, plus Wanyuan ancestor body cultivation secret technique, these prerequisites, as long as they do not violate their own principles With the bottom line conditions, Luo Xiu can basically consider agreeing.

But from the beginning to the end, Zi Xun did not mention it, Luo Xiu also impossible took the initiative to ask, this is particularly difficult.


In the corner of the hidden room.

Zi Xun once again uses the altar and humanoid carving to communicate with her grandfather.

“grandfather, I let you down, maybe my intention was too obvious, let him perceive, I can feel his alert to me, so I am afraid I can not find the secrets in him “

” He wanted to go, I proposed to go with him, he did not agree, I offered to send him a Tianyuan Divine fruit, this only barely left him for a while, but If he insists on leaving, unless I arrest him, I ca n’t continue to block it. ”

“ In order to gain his trust and let him feel at ease, I will also give the secret technique of Wan Yuan ’s ancestor. With him, I can feel that he is very interested in Giant Spirit God. He has aura from our ancestors. Maybe he can cultivate, but he never told me. “

Zi Xun said a lot to the old man’s carving.

“Do n’t use strong!”

After a moment of silence, the sound of the old man carving came out.

“Since you heard the news, we called out several other old guys of seclusion and discussed them together.”

“This person mentioned by Da Shizu may be It is related to the end of the avenue! “

” Because Da Shizu said that although the breakthrough failed, he vaguely touched the end of the avenue, and only then saw some future events. “

“According to what you said, he doesn’t even have the Absolute Beginning Realm in the cultivation base. Even if he is arrested and controlled, it won’t do much, because he hasn’t walked up to Dao Road.”

“If he is a possible future presence at the end of the avenue, then only when his cultivation reaches a sufficient height, at least when cultivation reaches no beginning, will he have the greatest value, and it is possible for us to learn from him Know how to ask for the secret at the end of the avenue. ”

“If he wants to go, you let him go. Only by letting him go through many hardships and troubles can he grow up faster.”

“You take Tianyuan to the divine fruit It is right to give him Wanyuan ancestors personally, so that it can be equivalent to the impetus to promote his faster growth. “

” After consultation with several of our Old Guys, you go to him to show off and ask him to ask him in the first place How the Dao Foundation was reshaped after the Dao Foundation broke down. “

After the old man said this, he cut off the connection with Zi Xun.

This also makes Zi Xun understand the grandfather’s purpose and ideas of the older generation more deeply.

Because Da Shizu ’s prophecy mentioned the end of Dadao, they guessed that the person mentioned by Da Shizu, Luo Xiu, might be involved in the secret of the end of Dadao.

But now Luo Xiu is too weak, and does not have the foundation to reach the end of the avenue, nor has he walked out of such a avenue, so the old monsters of the ancestors will not choose their own hands, but to Let Luo Xiu continue to grow. When he grows to a certain level, he will pick the fruit again.

In addition, they are interested in the secret of how Luo Xiu reinvented the Dao Foundation after the destruction of the Dao Foundation.

Because Da Shi Zu failed because of the end of the impact avenue, the Dao Foundation eventually broke down. If you can master the method of reshaping the Dao Foundation, you do n’t need to worry about the failure of the impact avenue and body dies and Dao disappears There is a greater chance to go to the end of the road.

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