Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4315


Luo Xiu felt ridiculous after hearing what the person said.

First of all, is this an array disk or something else?

The veined pattern on the disc contains the mystery of the Great Dao of Life, which is true, but the disc contains a lot of Life Power, that is nonsense.

this Dong Xijiu obviously activated the disc with a special method, but because the disc itself is already damaged and incomplete, the activation of this method will make the disc damage more serious, similar to this kind of excitation, excitation Two or three times, it is estimated that this disk will completely break up and become a waste product.

Combine this information.

Luo Xiu can directly judge that the so-called treasure of ancient vestige is used to pit people, and since it appears in Wu Weiran ’s mansion, it is to rush to Wu Wu.

Imagine that Wu Weiran discovered that this disk is rare treasure, and will definitely be willing to spend a large price to seize it, and then take this treasure and give it to a great character of a Great Sect happily.

As a result, treasure was sent to the great character, but it was found to be a piece of garbage. Once the great character was furious, it must be a disaster for the Wu family and the entire Dragon King Capital City.

Luo Xiu did n’t bother to join in these influence disputes, so although he saw the greasiness in it, he just did n’t speak.

Then, those who were not small in the market started bidding one after another, and the bidding was calculated by Primal Chaos Dao Pill.

As the price has soared, even Luo Xiu was surprised to be unable to bear. These family influences in the wilderness area, do n’t look at the background is not strong, the strength is not strong, but the family property is very solid, dynamic Then the Primal Chaos Dao Pill above 100 million took it out, even without frowning.

Doesn’t that mean that those loose cultivators that are mixed in fallen Divine City, as long as they have the power of cultivation base, and come to the wilderness area to fight the autumn wind, can they earn a lot of money?

Just thinking for a moment, Luo Xiu knew that his thoughts were a bit ridiculous. If there is such a big benefit and resources in the wilderness area, how can the Great Sect and family over the fallen Divine City not care?

Even if these resources are nothing to Great Sect and the family, they are impossible to ignore them.

That is to say.

The so-called kingdoms, sects, and families in the wilderness areas are all supported by Great Influence. Some powerful loose cultivators do n’t dare to easily run the autumn wind, because once they do this, they will be Great Influence over fallen Divine City.

These influences in the wilderness area are meant to serve the big sect and family. The good things they get need to be turned in. Even the Great Influence behind them will have hard requirements and conditions. Within the stipulated time, how much value do you need to hand in, so that you can get the support and protection of strength.

Luo Xiu feels that his guess should be pretty close. These views basically see through the essence of the wilderness zone, and also let Luo Xiu understand that even if he came to the wilderness zone to live in seclusion, he is still in Under the eyes of the Great Influence of fallen Divine City.

Looking at this, Luo Xiu smiled bitterly. It turns out that his so-called seclusion is just a joke that ’s all that covers one’s ears whilst stealing a bell.

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