Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4321


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The Star Fragmentation Young Master is here.

If you don’t take action, you can kill people as soon as you take action, especially the person who was waved and killed by him, or the Middle Stage powerhouse in Taichu Realm. Such a scene is really shocking.

In the face of such a terrible powerhouse, who dares to speak, and who dares courting death?

The beautiful young women of the Xu Clan family also have beautiful eyes that reveal a deep dignity. The Mi Elder standing next to him is no longer calm and collected.

“I heard that the Wu family is your first family of Six Great Families?” Star Fragmentation Young Master’s eyes looked towards Wu Weiran.

The same is a young cultivator.

One Star Fragmentation Young Master and one Young Master Wu.

But facing the Star Fragmentation Young Master in front of him, Young Master Wu felt the pressure that seemed to suffocate himself.

At this moment, Wu Weiran has understood that if he chooses to be silent, the Wu family will inevitably sweep the face in his hands, and no longer has the slightest face to claim to be the first family.

“Five olds, please!” Wu Weiran looked towards an old man sitting beside him.

This old man, known as the Five Elders, has a higher status than the ordinary Elder of the Wu family, and a cultivation base reaches the late stage of the Taichu Realm.

“I am not sure, but there is no way out.”

The five elders sighed, and when they got up, they filled the air around the whole body with the aura.

See Wu Lao get up and walk around.

Star Fragmentation Young Master raised his eyebrows slightly, indifferently said: “Late Stage is too good, but it is barely good. Unfortunately, the foundation is not strong enough, it is much worse than true expert.”

“Your Excellency Star Fragmentation Young Master?” asked the five old cup one fist in the other hand.

“Your eyesight is good, you can recognize this Young Master.” Star Fragmentation Young Master indifferent expression.

Listen to the four words Star Fragmentation Young Master.

The presence of pupil light is shrinking again.

Of course they know who the Star Fragmentation Young Master is, but didn’t expect the person who is respectfully called the Young Master by Dong Xijiu in front of him is actually that of Xuan Gumen.

Even if someone hasn’t heard of Star Fragmentation Young Master, but there is no one who doesn’t know about Xuan Gumen. Looking at the wilderness area, Xuan Gumen is one of the highest Great Influence!

The so-called Six Great Families of the Dragon Kingdom, in front of the Xuan Gumen, is only trivial ant, not worth mentioning at all, even the Imperial Family of the Dragon Kingdom supported by Six Great Families, and the huge monster like Xuan Gu Men Bow your head!

What makes them even more heavy is.

Star Fragmentation Young Master appears here, it is absolutely impossible that Dong Xijiu can bring in help. Could it be that the purpose of this Star Fragmentation Young Master to come here is to represent Xuan Gumen, to control the Dragon Kingdom in your hands?

“didn’t expect turned out to be the Star Fragmentation Young Master of Xuan Gumen. This person’s cultivation base is extraordinary, and his master Gu Motian is even more terrifying.” The beautiful young woman side Mi Elder’s voice was heavy and heavy.

“Gu Motian?” The beautiful young woman was puzzled.

“Yes, Eldest Young Lady may not have heard of this name, but you only need to know that Gu Motian is the first powerhouse of Xuan Gumen, his cultivation base has already reached the beginning. level, there are even rumors that he may have entered the domain of Origin Realm too.”

“A long time ago, when Gu Motian first appeared in a deserted area, he lost the expert in his hands. The lowest cultivation base is also Taichu Peak!”

“So powerful?” The beautiful young woman turned pale.

Gu Motian is so tyrannical, so even if they have a way to deal with this Star Fragmentation Young Master, they will definitely not dare to start.


At this moment, Bidou Field has started.

But just at first, Fifth Elder, whose cultivation base reached the Late Stage of the Taichung Realm, was suppressed. After less than a dozen rounds, Fifth Elder was spitting blood.

Even from the beginning to the end, Star Fragmentation Young Master is one-handed to meet the enemy, the other hand is always carried behind him, proud and arrogant makes people desperate.

In the long years of cultivator, Star Fragmentation Young Master is considered young, and the young cultivation base is extremely high, and the strength is also tyrannical unmatched. How can I fight this?

Six Great Families Although there is also Taichujing Peak, this expert generally does not appear in this six-clan master. Here at most is Taichujing Late Stage.

“We confess!”

Wu Weiran got up and said, if he continues to fight, Fifth Elder is bound to be killed. He can’t afford the loss of a late stage power house.

Star Fragmentation Young Master did not continue to take action.

After all, his mission to the Dragon Kingdom is to subdue Six Great Families. If the killing is opened, even if it is forced to subdue, the effect will inevitably be poor.

However, although he did not kill Fifth Elder, his eyes still stared at Wu Weiran coldly, coldly said: “I have an old servant who died in Moonfall City, the one who killed him, get me out!”

This remark comes out.

Everyone is quiet again. Many people are wondering who dared to act so boldly and killed the old servant of Star Fragmentation Young Master?

Although he is an old servant and a minion with a low status, he can be regarded as a person of Xuan Gumen anyway.

Wu Weiran look pale.

Zheng Minghan even shivered with both feet.

Not long ago, Zheng Minghan also mentioned to Luo Xiu, that Weng Guang is the servant of Star Fragmentation Young Master, and in a blink of an eye, above these six races, Star Fragmentation Young Master came Too.

“Before I used to play the small one to come to the old, but this time it was the other way round. I played the old one and came to a small one?”

Amidst deathly stillness.

A voice came suddenly and slowly, and still came from the crowd watching.

A young cultivator who is unremarkable, looks ordinary, and does not have any powerhouse aura prestige on his body, slowly stands up.

As soon as he hit black clothes, he stood in the crowd, and his expression was calm and calm.


Killing intent is like a substance into a substance penetrating into void, which is the staring look of Star Fragmentation Young Master.

However, this killing intent, disappearing without a trace when it was approaching, did not affect Luo Xiu halfway.

As for the people who had been sitting with Luo Xiu nearby, they all escaped like a differential situation like Ghost God, and no one dared to stand beside him.

However, there is still a person standing beside Luo Xiu. Although the lovable body shiver coldly and the look pale are paper-like, they have not escaped.

“Why didn’t you run away?” Luo Xiu also gave some unexpected glance at the delicate girl Yunna beside her.

“Yunna is not a greedy person who is afraid of death…” Yunna’s voice is very small, trembling, but her eyes are firm.

This point actually makes Luo Xiu look a little surprised.

“You will follow me in the future.”

Luo Xiu touched Yunna’s head, shortly with his hands behind his back, stepped up in the sky, moved towards the central venue.

“It is you who killed my old servant? If you kneel down and beg for mercy, I can give you the opportunity to go to samsara.” Star Fragmentation Young Master stared at Luo Xiu indifferently.

“It’s up to you?” Luo Xiu faintly smiled, “If your Master Gu Motian is here, maybe you still have the qualification to hand to hand battle with me, as for you…”

Luo Xiu hasn’t finished speaking, but the meaning is already very obvious, that is, your Star Fragmentation Young Master is simply not qualified for this.

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