Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4423


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“Xuanfuchen, if you only have these strengths, then it can be over.”

Luo Xiu raised his hand high in the sky and grabbed it. In his hand, a strand of condense was turned into a gray sword-shaped phantom.

This sword-shaped phantom.

From Destruction Sword.


There are mysterious floating dust screaming, endless slaughter power of Grand Dao condense, turning into thousands of killing glow, gathering together, and evolving into a great slaughter array!

Countless people have changed their colors.

Because of this Killing Array, it can be said that the way of slaughter mastered by Xuan Fuchen has evolved vividly and thoroughly.


Luo Xiu expressionless.

The sword-shaped phantom in his hand was handed forward.

This sword.

Stick into that slaughter great array.

Countless killing glows are constantly being shattered and annihilated, as if this terrifying slaughter great array is fundamentally impossible to withstand a single blow, fragile.

Everyone who saw this scene.

I was shocked.

What Realm has the strength of True Martial Sky Monarch reached?

Could it be that he has reached the Middle Stage of No Beginning, or even the Late Stage level of No Beginning?

Just then.

You Xuan Fuchen let out a sigh.

“It seems that I underestimated you after all. I have one last move left. If you can block it, I will lose.”

The voice has not fallen yet.

The raging flames are burning on the body with Xuanfuchen, it is the flame of scarlet as blood, it is the Grand Dao of Fire that is burning on Slaughter Avenue!

“With my lifelong cultivation base, to burn my own road, this is my strongest blow after stepping into the borderless realm, a blow that can cut the beginning!”

At this moment.

You Xuan Fuchen is really desperate.

This desperately, either you die or I live.

Even if he could kill the opponent, he would die.

Because he burned his lifelong cultivation base, burned his own slaughter avenue, burned everything about himself, even if he could kill the opponent, he would no longer exist.

“Nine-turn samsara gate!”

Luo Xiu feels the crisis.

Raise your hand to squeeze out the secret art and wave high in the sky.


The huge samsara gate came down, and engulfed the mysterious floating dust that burned everything in it.

However, it was just a few breaths.

The Samsara door blasted open.

Unexpectedly, he failed to trap the Xuanfuchen, but he forced it out with the explosion of absolute strength.


next moment.

The Destruction Sword phantom in Luo Xiu’s hands was also crushed.

Xuan Fuchen’s whole person is like a terrifying slaughter knife, and he smashed and killed him.

“It’s careless.”

Luo Xiu’s eyes narrowed. If he uses the Destruction Sword’s main body, or takes out the Book of Tianwu, he can naturally block the blow without much effort.

But he was a little careless.

So that I only used the phantom of Destruction Sword and Divine Ability of the nine-turn samsara gate.

As a result, these two moves are a little bit worse.

After all, the opponent is the cultivator of the Unbeginning Realm, burning everything about myself, this blow has the ability to kill the Unbeginning Realm!

“True Martial Saint Body, Supreme Primal Chaos, Supreme Strength, Supreme Life and Death, Supreme Space-Time!”

Luo Xiu’s gaze is deep, the real Martial Saint body is revolving to pinnacle, and several kinds of supreme power of Grand Dao are constantly evolving, forming one after another defensive light barrier.

A blow that can kill the endless realm.

It’s really powerful.

But if you want to kill him Luo Xiu, it’s not enough!


“It’s really amazing, Ether Realm, killed the Unbeginning Realm.”

The city of Fallen Moon is more than 10,000 li outside.

A woman in black clothes looked at the battle with her hands on her back, speaking in a cold voice.

This woman looks very young, just like a 17-18 years old girl, but in fact her eyes contain the vicissitudes of time, and the cultivation has survived for a long time.

“What he just displayed seems to be the Divine Ability of the Ninth Rank Samsara Gate.”

Behind the woman in black clothes, an old man said, “this Divine Ability has been lost for countless years, and the last successor died in calamity in the battle of the Shattered Profound Dimension.”

“It is not what it seems, but simply is the ninth-turn samsara gate.”

The black clothes woman said coldly, “In the land of fallen there was originally the inheritance phantom of the ninth-turn samsara gate. Now it is gone, it should be the inheritance he got there.”

“This person has a big secret, great opportunity, do you want to touch it?” the old man said.

“Not used temporarily.”

The black clothes woman shook her head, “He was targeted by the Emperor Xingyue a long time ago, and now the Emperor Xingyue doesn’t know where to seclusion, once leaving seclusion, it is the eternal realm.”

“Once the Xingyue Saint Emperor breaks through, whoever comes into contact with Luo Xiu will have the possibility of bad luck. After all, the entire Xuanzhi dimension, except for that of the Alchemy Dao League, is the eternal realm, and no one can stop what happened after the breakthrough. Xingyue Saint Emperor.” The black clothes woman shook her head and said.

“His avenue has Dao Rhyme from the martial arts world, and the sword-shaped phantom he just displayed has Dao Rhyme of dying…”

Black clothes woman eyes slightly shrink, “You can tell the martial arts side, I believe people in the martial arts will be very interested in him.”

The voice fell.

Black clothes woman’s silhouette disappeared.

What happened in the desert.

The Great Holy Land of the mysterious dimension has long been known, and has been paying attention to Luo Xiu’s movements.

It’s just that the Xingyue Saint Emperor is staring at him, and because of fear of the possibility of breaking through the Xingyue Saint Emperor of the Eternal Realm, each Great Influence did not act.


On the basis of some of the secret opportunities exposed by Luo Xiu, some people would have been tempted to attack him.

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