Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4424


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Yu Xuan Old Ancestor and True Martial Sky Monarch this battle.

Being a cultivator in the wild, it is called an endless battle.

This battle also established the reputation of True Martial Sky Monarch, which can be called invincible in the wild.

this so-called fame and fame.

Luo Xiu doesn’t care.

The only thing he cares about is the reputation of this, so that all the great influences from the wild come in and flatter him.

That’s it.

Luo Xiu can use the great influences in the wild to help him find the whereabouts of Yan Yue’er.

Because according to the clues he got, Yan Yue’er once appeared in the desert, and seemed to be inquiring about his whereabouts, but he disappeared without a trace after being taken away.

This day.

The small courtyard of Fallen Moon City.

Someone came.

This is a person who looks very young.

But seeing the other person’s first glance.

Luo Xiu couldn’t help but eyes shrank, with deep vigilance in his eyes, because he could feel that this person is very strong.

Even the many array restrictions he arranged around the small courtyard.

For this person, it’s like a fake, you can pass through easily, even without Luo Xiu noticing it.

“introduce myself.”

“My name is Chen Feng, I come from the martial arts world, and I come from the Supreme Hall.”

Youngster is dressed in white clothes and smiles very mildly.

“Martial World? Supreme Palace?” Luo Xiu was puzzled, because he had heard of Wujie for the first time and Supreme Palace for the first time.

“That’s right.”

Chen Feng slightly smiled.

“The Martial World was once the most powerful dimension of Human Race. Martial Dao is also the most powerful inheritance among All Heavens. There is no one!”

Mention these.

Chen Feng is very proud, very proud.

Luo Xiu was a little stunned.

Martial Dao is the strongest inheritance among All Heavens?

“The avenue of your cultivation is extremely pure and can enter the inheritance of Martial Dao. Would you like to follow me to the Supreme Palace cultivation?”

while speaking.

Chen Feng took out a jade slip and threw it to Luo Xiu.

This jade slip contains a lot of basic information about the martial world and the Supreme Palace.

The martial arts world has had an extremely glorious past, and Martial Dao inheritance has also been powerful, sweeping All Heavens, and standing on top of the five higher dimensions.

But in the calamity where the five higher dimensions were beaten and broken.

The martial world was also broken, even more thoroughly than the Xuanzhi dimension, and basically no longer exists, only some broken world fragments remain.

The former powerful Martial Dao Inheritor has fallen a lot, but now there are not many left.

The Supreme Hall.

It is the highest inheritance place of Human Race.

From the very ancient inheritance.

The Supreme Hall of Martial Arts is one of them.

In the words of Chen Feng.

The background of the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts is very powerful. Luo Xiu’s True Martial Avenue is very compatible Martial Dao inheritance. If you can go to the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts for cultivation, his avenue can become more pure and powerful.

Not only that.

The powerhouse of the highest palace in the martial world is like a cloud. Anyone who walks out can easily kill most of the outside world without beginning.

“We heard about you, so Martial Dao primordial lineage sent me to see you and see how your aptitude is.” Chen Feng said.

“I’m not at all planning to go to the so-called Martial Realm and Supreme Hall in your mouth.” Luo Xiu said, shaking his head.

He has never heard of the martial arts world, nor has he heard of the Supreme Palace.

As a result, someone came to the door and told him a lot, and he wanted to follow him. How could it be possible?


Luo Xiu has secretly contacted Xiao Sui Elder of the Alchemy Dao Alliance through a special message, and wants to inquire about the Martial World and the Supreme Palace.

Before this, Luo Xiu had never been in contact with Xiao Sui Elder because he had an enmity with the Xingyue Saint Emperor and did not want to involve Xiao Sui because of himself.

And favor this thing can’t be used casually.

“You can ask someone to ask, but if ordinary people are too weak, they can’t touch this level.” Chen Feng said with a smile.

If someone else dares to speak like this.

Chen Feng had already turned around and left. After all, for the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts, even if it was not as good as the Peak period, he would not care too much about a so-called genius.

Since ancient times, geniuses have gone.

But after seeing Luo Xiu.

Chen Feng didn’t think so anymore, because he could feel that Luo Xiu within the body had successfully practiced a kind of pure avenue, this avenue was extremely compatible Martial Dao, especially the compatibility of their Martial Dao primordial lineage.

“According to what you said, at what level can you reach the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts?” Luo Xiu asked.

Chen Feng laughed, “I may not speak well, but what I said is the truth. Since the Xuanzhi Dimension was broken, the Xuanzhi Dimension has declined more and more. In terms of the current situation of the Xuanzhi Dimension , Only a few people are eligible to be exposed.”

“For your profound dimension, a cultivator of the endless realm is the powerhouse, and a cultivator of the eternal realm is the supreme powerhouse of aloof and remote, right?”

“But for the five higher dimensions, for the Supreme Hall of Martial Realm, the Wushu Realm is just a starting point that’s all.”

“The level you are exposed to is not high enough, you can never imagine how powerful a true powerhouse can be.”

“In terms of the cultivation system, from the Absolute Beginning Realm, I only touched the level of the Supreme Avenue, then the Taishi Realm, and the Origin Realm.”

“The real reach a higher-level starting from the beginning of nowhere.”

“Although your current cultivation base has reached too Origin Realm, your potential and your innate talent are not at all fully utilized. You have not been guided by the system, and you have made many detours.”

“If you are willing to follow me to the cultivation of the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts, I can guarantee that after a period of your cultivation, your cultivation base will still be too Origin Realm, but your strength can be at least five times stronger than your current one. Above!”

I heard the other person say this.

Luo Xiu’s pupil light shrank suddenly, indeed a little surprised.

He knows his own situation. Every realm has been consolidated to the extreme. If he can further improve on this basis, he can further tap his own potential and increase his strength by five times.

“I heard that after the Unbeginning Realm, it is the Eternal Realm and the Non-King Realm. Then, after the Non-King Realm, is there a stronger Realm?” Luo Xiu asked.

Just now.

Xiao Sui Elder wrote back to him over there.

What Chen Feng said is true.

The Martial Realm does exist, and the Supreme Palace does exist, and among the five dimensions, only a few geniuses are eligible to be invited by the Supreme Palace.

Most of the time.

They are all top influences in the five dimensions, sending their own geniuses to the Supreme Hall for cultivation.

The opportunity for loose cultivator to go to the Supreme Hall is almost negligible.

Furthermore, Xiao Sui Elder also said that Chen Feng, this person, was indeed born in the Supreme Hall and enjoyed the status of candidate Deacon in the Supreme Hall.

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