Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4425

“Willpower innate talent?”

Luo Xiu is at a loss and does not understand.

“Willpower innate talent, which is equivalent to soul innate talent. Only when Willpower innate talent is created can it be regarded as a true soul cultivator, also known as spiritual cultivation.”

“Originally create Willpower innate talent this matter, you need to go to the Supreme Hall before contacting, but since I personally come to guide you, I can tell you in advance.”

“Every cultivator that can condense Willpower has a unique innate talent. Under the stimulation of external force and master the special Willpower method, you can create your own Willpower innate talent rune.”

“The innate talent rune continues to grow with the improvement of your cultivation realm. If you can reach the pinnacle, it is no less than the highest Magical Treasure.”

“For example, in the highest hall of our martial arts world, the third generation master left an innate talent rune and turned it into a slaughter Divine Tower.”

“There are also innate talent runes from other powerhouses, which have evolved into the Secret Realm. Secret Realm contains rich avenue energy, which is most suitable for turning on fleshly body Secret Sect and cultivation fleshly body.”

“Most people create an innate talent rune, and then continuously tempering this innate talent rune.”

“There are very few people who can create more innate talent rune.”

“I pass you a basic Willpower method.” Chen Feng threw a jade slip.

Luo Xiu raised his hand and grabbed it, and a mysterious secret technique came to mind.

This is a special method suitable for the create awaken of Willpower innate talent.

The moment when Luo Xiu tried to revolving this method.

Luo Xiu felt a certain kind of strength in the depth of one’s soul, as if he was about to revive awaken.


A mysterious concept came to mind.

What surprised Luo Xiu inexplicably is that he seems to have this innate talent originally, but he has never been truly awaken.

The so-called infinite.

represents infinite possibilities.

Luo Xiu not at all feels that he is condense to innate talent rune, as if infinite this innate talent does not exist in the form of innate talent rune.

Just when Luo Xiu was puzzled.

one after another bright radiance is condense in Sea of ​​Consciousness.


A mysterious rune, condense came out.

innate talent rune?

Luo Xiu is puzzled. Didn’t Chen Feng say that innate talent rune is difficult to create?

Why did I just think about it, and it came out and felt so relaxed?

When this innate talent rune condense.

Chen Feng seems to be aware.

There was a deep surprise in his eyes.

“Is this awaken?”

This innate talent is really an evildoer.

Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

When he first came to see Luo Xiu, he didn’t at all expect much.

But after meeting Luo Xiu, Chen Feng was quite satisfied, and he was a good seed.

But now.

In his opinion, Luo Xiu is no longer good, that is a proper genius.

Not a genius at the ordinary cultivator level.

It’s a genius on this level of the Supreme Hall!

Bringing such a genius to the past is considered a great achievement. In the future, Luo Xiu will perform well in the Supreme Hall. Then he can delete the word alternate, Deacon, the alternate of the Supreme Hall.

Don’t look at the two words, but the treatment you enjoy in the Supreme Palace is very different!

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