Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4426


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“What is your innate talent rune?” Chen Feng was curious.

I just started contacting the Willpower method, and directly gave the innate talent rune to Condense. This is the first time Chen Feng has seen such an evildoer.

In the Supreme Hall.

He Chen Feng is considered a top genius in the same generation, and it took him at least one month to master the Willpower method, and then it took more than a year to condense the innate talent rune .

“This brat innate talent is higher than me?” Chen Feng clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

“I will try.”

Luo Xiu tried the revolving Willpower method, activate the innate talent rune from the just condense in the Soul Consciousness Sea.


The moment this innate talent rune is activated.

A vast and powerful imposing manner pressure suddenly fills the air from Luo Xiu’s body.

“really strong pressure!”

Chen Feng’s face changed slightly. With his cultivation base strength, he could actually feel a lot of pressure under this pressure.

“Release the pressure beyond its own cultivation base?” Chen Feng roughly speculated.

Innate talent rune has a variety of abilities, and there are all kinds of them.

For example, the current Luo Xiu is just too Origin Realm cultivation base.

In the case that the opponent has not prepared in advance, Luo Xiu suddenly releases this powerful pressure, which will cause a kind of pressure. He is not too Origin Realm, but the beginningless realm, even the eternal realm. feel.

Once under the envelope of this pressure, even if the opponent is affected for a moment, in the life and death battle, it is possible to decide life and death.

“auxiliary innate talent, not bad.”

Although I was shocked.

But Chen Feng still has a faint expression on his face, as if to say that your innate talent is only this.

Luo Xiu didn’t care about this.

The ability of innate talent rune exposed him to a whole new concept, which was a brand new door opened by him.

“Don’t worry about excitement. Compared to Willpower, you are just learning to walk like an infant.”

Chen Feng said indifferently, “Whether it is majoring in will or fleshly body, for true powerhouse, not at all is a stronger argument, but it depends on how far you can go. ”

“Willpower is such a mysterious one. If you are only an Origin Realm, and a fleshly body powerhouse has reached the eternal realm, no matter how powerful you are, it is impossible to leapfrog.”

“And to be honest, the ability of your innate talent rune is not strong. For example, I condense an innate talent rune. The ability of this rune is a soul attack. In a sudden burst, someone with the same strength as mine. It may be directly broken by him, Soul Consciousness Sea, Soul Source suffers heavy injury!”

Luo Xiu hearing this.

eyes slightly shrink.

Obviously, this innate talent rune that Chen Feng said is a powerful soul attack rune.

I have to admit.

Compared with his innate talent rune ability, which can only release powerful pressure to frighten opponents, there is a big gap between the two.

“A lot of things will be understood when you go to the Supreme Hall.”

“Now are you willing to follow me to the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts?”

Say so much.

The main purpose of Chen Feng’s coming this time is to bring Luo Xiu this talent back.

The existence of the Supreme Hall, aloof and remote, cannot be touched by ordinary cultivators.

Except for Top Great Influence of the five higher dimensions, which are eligible to be exposed, and each generation will send a group of people to the Supreme Hall for cultivation.

The Supreme Hall will also look for outstanding talents in the five dimensions.

It’s just that there are very few such talents.

Because most of the geniuses with very high talents are basically treated and cultivated in some Great Influence.

“I am willing.”

Luo Xiu clicked nodded, “But the people around me, I can’t rest assured, can I bring them together?”

“You can take it there, but they are not qualified to be cultivation in the Supreme Hall. They can only act as follow-up family members within a limited range.” Chen Feng said.

“I provoke a very powerful enemy, can the Supreme Palace ensure my safety?” Luo Xiu asked again.

“You underestimate the Supreme Hall.” Chen Feng heard this, disdainful smile, “No matter how powerful the enemy you provoke, he will definitely not dare to touch you in the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts, he If you dare to move, don’t wait for him to start, he is a dead man!”

Chen Feng simply did not ask Luo Xiu who offended him, nor did he ask how strong the cultivation base he offended was.

In Chen Feng’s words, no matter what kind of cultivation base the other party is, regardless of whether you are in the eternal realm or not in the air, the highest hall of the martial arts is not in the eyes!

Furthermore, Luo Xiu can clearly feel the self-confidence and determination between Chen Feng’s speech and behavior.

“many thanks.”

“However, I still recommend that you choose the will innate talent pulse, majoring in the cultivator of will, and also the fleshly body combat path.”

“Of course, there are also fleshly body lineage cultivators, and will also take part in Willpower. Which one you major in varies from person to person.”

As time goes by.

The two walked out of the passage.

Arrived in a huge Divine City suspended in the air.

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