Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4427


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This is an Ancient Divine City.

The name of this city is also very simple, it is called Wujie ancient city.

The moment you walk out of the tunnel.

Luo Xiu felt the majestic avenue energy. Such a strong avenue energy was far more intense than what he felt when he was in the fallen Divine City.

Luo Xiu even has a feeling.

The effect of cultivation in this ancient city of martial arts is not inferior to the effect of swallowing pill refining in the fallen Divine City.

What kind of gap is this?

In ancient city.

Luo Xiu also saw the silhouettes of many cultivators.

The cultivator of the Supreme Realm can be seen everywhere, and it can only be regarded as the lowest level.

Too Origin Realm can be seen everywhere.

Some people even walked by. Luo Xiu could sense the hidden aura fluctuations. It must be that the cultivation base has surpassed the Origin Realm and reached the endless cultivator.

Say something not exaggerated.

In this ancient city of Martial Arts, only when the cultivation base reaches the Origin Realm, it is considered that it’s the threshold to enter the powerhouse that’s all.

The ancient city of Wujie was originally suspended in the sky.

And where the Supreme Hall is, following Chen Feng’s fingers, a magnificent palace is suspended above the ancient city.

There is a vast area in front of the gate of the Supreme Hall.

Chen Feng brought Luo Xiu here, gave Luo Xiu a storage ring, gave a few words casually, and then left.

Standing at the gate of the Supreme Hall.

Luo Xiu was at a loss for a moment.

It was just a moment before he adjusted his mentality and paced towards the door.

“Is this Junior Brother the newcomer to report?”

A tall woman walks towards her face, smiling.

“Yes.” Luo Xiu nodded.

“What do you call Junior Brother? I am responsible for attracting new people, and my name is Huawu.” The tall woman introduced herself.

“My name is Luo Xiu.”

“Junior Brother Luo, can you show me your recommendation letter? Or you can receive the fuse.” Hua Wu said.

There are generally two ways to come to the Supreme Hall.

One is the cultivator of the Supreme Hall going out, looking for suitable talents, and sending out the fuse. The other party can take the fuse and enter the Supreme Hall.

There is another kind of genius who is born in Top Great Influence, at least it is a recommendation letter written by powerhouse above the eternal realm before they can recommend people here.

Luo Xiu nodded, before coming here, some precautions and rules that should be said, Chen Feng also explained in advance.

He took out the token Chen Feng gave him from the storage ring.

Seeing the token, Hua Wu’s eyes immediately lit up, “It turned out to be a token of top genius!”

top genius?

Luo Xiu didn’t know this, nor did Chen Feng say.

“Junior Brother, enter the hall as the top genius, the reward is very generous, you can enter the secret cultivation for free, and you can get one hundred supreme crystals.”

The Supreme Crystal.

It is a kind of general currency circulating at the high-end level. Some rare resources cannot be found at the level of ordinary cultivator, but if the Supreme Crystal is used, many things can be exchanged in the Supreme Hall.

The treatment of top genius started with a hundred supreme crystals. Luo Xiu actually didn’t know how valuable a hundred supreme crystals were.

Looking at this Huawu’s surprised and envied expression, Luo Xiu can probably guess one or two.

“Junior Brother Luo, the Supreme Crystal is really precious.”

Hua Wu took Luo Xiu into the Supreme Hall.

Walking and saying, “Some missions will be released in the hall. After completing the mission, you can get a small amount of the highest crystal reward, but the mission with too high difficulty is not easy to do, and the mission with low difficulty cannot be obtained.”

“Take me as an example. It has been six 10,000 years since I came to the Supreme Hall. The Supreme Crystal is not enough at all. The poor are dying.”

Speaking of this, Hua Wu’s face was very helpless.

Luo Xiu was a little surprised when he heard that, “then there is no other way to get the Supreme Crystal?”

“This is still there.”

Hua Wu quickly adjusted her mentality, said with a smile, “If you have confidence in your own strength, you can challenge the genius battle strength list. Only the top 100 genius battle strength list is eligible, as long as you can occupy it. For a quota, there will be a reward from the Supreme Crystal every year.”

“The genius battle strength list is limited to the infinite realm. Basically, those who can stand on it are all too Origin Realm cultivation base, and each of them is a Peak expert in the same realm level.”

“Junior Brother, don’t underestimate the people on the genius battle strength list, just take them out and put them in the five higher dimensions, you can easily sling ordinary endless cultivator.”

“Apart from this, there is another requirement on the genius battle strength list, that is, the age cannot exceed three 100,000 years.”

“Sister, how many disciplines are in the Supreme Hall?” Luo Xiu asked curiously.

“It’s not too much. Those under the age of three 100,000 years are considered younger generation, and the number is about 4,000.” Hua Wu said.

“Four thousand people?” Luo Xiu was a little surprised.

“There are not many four thousand people, and there are countless cultivators of the five higher dimensions. The highest geniuses have gathered in the highest halls. Let alone one of 10,000 li, one of ten 10,000 li is not an exaggeration.”

This explanation is also reasonable.

Don’t say anything else.

Take the Xuanzhi dimension as an example. Among the five higher dimensions, it is the most broken, but the number of cultivators is beyond imagination. The lower dimension he was in before was placed in the higher dimension, but it is fireflies than Haoyue. That’s it.

The five higher dimensions, geniuses like the sands of the Ganges, are countless.

Thousands of people have been selected out of so many geniuses. It’s not that many.

“In the palace, the supreme crystal is a hard currency. Except for some very basic things, the supreme crystal is not needed, but once it involves a little more profound things, don’t think about it without the supreme crystal.”

“For example, if you want to find a Deacon, an infinite alternate, personally point you on Willpower or fleshly body battle. If you point out for a month, you need 5 Supreme Crystals.”

“So expensive?” Luo Xiu was speechless, the alternate Deacon without beginning, like Chen Feng.

“It’s not too expensive. The official Deacon, the deacon, points to 10 supreme crystals a month. As for the Protector-level powerhouse at the eternal level, don’t even think about it.”

“In addition, if you want to go to the Book Collection Pavilion, you also need to consume the Supreme Crystal, because there are countless secret technique methods collected in the Book Collection Pavilion, and any book is very precious.”

“Take the secret realm for example, at least one hundred supreme crystals are required to enter the secret realm!”

“Senior Sister, I have been to the palace for cultivation for six 10,000 years, and I have been to the secret world once.” Hua Wu said with emotion.

“By the way, Junior Brother Luo, a genius who is not at the same level, the cultivation area is also divided into different areas.”

According to Huawu.

Everyone who can come to the Supreme Hall is a genius.

Divided according to the evaluation of the Supreme Hall.

Divided into Heavenspan, middle grade genius, senior genius, top genius.

top genius.

It is already considered the most advanced evaluation, and it is difficult to obtain.

Luo Xiu estimated that he quickly mastered the Willpower method and quickly condense an innate talent rune to get such an evaluation.

Of course, this genius evaluation is not fixed either.

For example, although Chen Feng gave Luo Xiu top genius the evaluation, if Luo Xiu does not perform well in the Supreme Hall, this genius evaluation will be downgraded, and Chen Feng, who is the lead person, will also be affected by it. Some penalties.

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