Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4452


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Under the witness of Hong Zhan.

Chen Feng taught Luo Xiu “Priordial Martial Secret”.

Afterwards, Hong Zhan and Chen Feng left and let Luo Xiu comprehend the Profound Mystery of Primordial Martial Secrets here.

Three years passed in a flash.

After all, for the cultivator of Luo Xiu this Realm, time is basically counted in years. If you comprehend something, many years may have passed.

“Primordial Martial Secret” is indeed a profound mystery method, corresponding to will innate talent rune.

For three years.

Luo Xiu can obviously feel that his Willpower has improved a bit, and the innate talent rune of condense in Willpower Sea of ​​Consciousness seems to be a bit stronger.

Condense’s three Innate Ability in innate talent rune is also very harmonious under the effect of “primordial martial secret”, without half rejection.

Even Luo Xiu can clearly feel that in three Innate Ability, the pressure Innate Ability that was the first to awaken has a faint sign of an impending breakthrough.

Innate Ability, there are also levels.

Innate Ability, the first level, generally corresponds to the Origin Realm level.

Once you can be promoted, it will be the Intermediate Innate Ability, which corresponds to the Innate Ability level.

Three years later.

When Luo Xiu walked out.

Chen Feng and Hong Zhan have been waiting outside.

“How? How do you feel?” Chen Feng smiled and looked towards Luo Xiu.

“The primordial secretaries are very strong!” Luo Xiu said.

“Haha, of course it is very strong. This is the foundation of our primordial Martial Dao lineage!” Chen Feng laughed.

Because he had the same feeling as Luo Xiu when he got the primordial martial arts inheritance.

The primordial secret is indeed very powerful!

It’s just that the requirements for innate talent awaken are very high. If you can’t have enough awaken and enough powerful Innate Ability, you won’t be able to bring out the formidable power of primordial martial arts.

Therefore, mediocre people are not qualified to be a cultivation primordial secret.

“How many kinds of Innate Ability do you awaken now?” Hong Zhan asked Luo Xiu.

“Currently only three.”

“Three? You are already fast. I heard Chen Feng say that before you introduced you to the hall, you Cong Wei had contact with the Willpower cultivation method.”

“The awaken of innate talent needs opportunity and aptitude. It should be possible to awaken five kinds of innate abilities within 10,000 years, there should be no big problem.”

For the cultivator of the Supreme Hall.

There is basically no day-to-day talk here, it’s all how many years.

And it’s 10,000 years at every turn.

Many temple disciplines, the cultivation time here has exceeded tens of thousands of years.

As for the powerhouse of the older generation in the hall, it is even more cultivated. Old monsters that don’t know how many years have survived are counted according to the Primal Chaos era.

As for Luo Xiu’s innate talent, Hong Zhan often listens to Chen Feng’s mentions and praises.

So his expectation for Luo Xiu is to be able to awaken five kinds of Innate Ability within 10,000 years.

If Luo Xiu can do it, he can awaken more than a dozen kinds of Innate Ability within a few 10,000 years.

At that time, the primordial martial arts will truly begin to show its effect, and it will be time for Luo Xiu to break through without beginning.

As for whether Luo Xiu can awaken more than a dozen Innate Ability, it depends on opportunity and personal potential.

If there is no this innate talent and this potential, then he is also destined to miss the primordial Martial Dao lineage.

Because the Primordial Martial Secret wants the most preliminary effect, at least nine kinds of Innate Ability are required.

If you want to use Primordial Martial Secrets to exert a powerful effect, you need at least a dozen Innate Ability.

In theory.

The primordial secret has no upper limit.

The more Innate Ability is integrated, the stronger the primordial Martial Dao Divine Power from the primordial martial condense.

“The brat in my house has been cultivated from the hall for two 10,000 years.”

Hong Zhan mentioned his son Hong Yun, “When I brought him to the hall, he had already tempered Willpower to the Origin Realm level. In two 10,000 years, he was awaken. Six kinds of Innate Ability, along with the secret door of fleshly body, also reached the Peak of the Supreme Beginning Realm, and the Willpower tempering also reached the Peak of the Original Realm.”

“According to his progress, within 10,000 years, he can awaken to nine kinds of Innate Ability and meet the minimum requirements of “Priordial Martial Secret”. The fleshly body secret door can also enter the Origin Realm level. Up.”

“If all this goes well, after more than ten thousand years, this brat can logically step into the borderless state.”

“Starting from entering the hall, 30,000 years of cultivation to no beginning is no less than the genius of cream of the crop.”

When Hong Zhan said this.

Chen Feng’s face is a bit ugly, “Xiaoyun, will it be delayed because of this injury?”

” Delays will definitely delay some.” Hong Zhan shook his head and said, “This can be considered a lesson for him. His character is too stubborn. It is a temperament for his temperament. I hope he will think The problem can be more mature.”

“First Senior Brother, I heard that Hong Yun rushed into the top genius list before, how long did he cultivated to rush into it?” Luo Xiu asked curiously.

“It looks like 15,000 years.”

Hong Zhan slowly said, “When he entered the top genius list, the fleshly body secret door was the Late Stage of the Taiji Realm, and Willpower tempering reached the Tai Origin Realm Late Stage.”

Being able to enter the top genius list for more than ten thousand years, it is already amazing.

However, Hong Yun’s start was very high. When he was brought to the high hall by Hong Zhan, he had already been exposed to Willpower’s tempering, and even Willpower’s tempering had reached the Origin Realm Early Stage.

In comparison.

Luo Xiu’s starting point is too low in this regard. He came to the Supreme Hall and started to get in touch with the Willpower method and fleshly body secret cultivation art.

Luo Xiu made a rough estimate in his mind.

Willpower too Origin Realm Late Stage, fleshly body secret door Taiji Realm Late Stage, the overall strength that can be exerted, is completely equivalent to fleshly body secret door too Origin Realm powerhouse.

So it means.

If you want to break into the top genius list, the minimum requirement is to reach the level of strength comparable to that of the fleshly body secret door is too Origin Realm level.

“First Senior Brother, who is the one who hurt Hong Yun?” Luo Xiu asked.

Hong Zhan’s gaze looked towards Luo Xiu, slightly smiled, “You don’t care about this for now. Your mission is to increase your Willpower strength and speed up your fleshly body cultivation progress.”

Of course, Hong Zhan knew that Luo Xiu was thinking about the opportunity to help Hong Yun come out.

But in Hong Zhan’s view, Luo Xiu is still too weak after all. He is still in the growing stage, and he might suffer a lot when he emerges at this time.

“When you grow up to a certain level, there are some things that you don’t need to ask, we will tell you that we will let you do it, and before you have that strength, you don’t need to manage other things, just need to cultivation That’s it.”

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