Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4454


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Three golden horn war wolves roar roar.

However, Chen Feng didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and continued to Luo Xiu, “This is the Dark Night Spirit Race, similar to the source spirit life on our five-dimensional world.”

“The Dark Night Spirit Race can create a dark environment, and come and go without a shadow or trace in the dark. His level of strength is the Early Stage of Quasi-Eternal Age.”

Luo Xiu hearing this.

I was surprised.

After all, this is a Quasi-Eternal Realm.

The Dark Night Spirit Race, he has also heard that it is a life from the ancestral spirit dimension, and it is also one of the more powerful source spirit lives.


Chen Feng also introduced to Luo Xiu several other creatures on the 1st floor of the restrictive seal building that were sealed here.

For example, on a stone platform, there is a dark horse.

And this dark horse, named Black Cloud Beast, is known for its extraordinary speed.

There is also a seven-tailed white fox, Late Stage cultivation base without beginning stage.

A creature like Phoenix.

In this 1st floor.

The most powerful one.

is a creature that looks exactly like Human Race.

“Don’t look at him looking the same as our Human Race, but it’s actually not the case. He just transformed into the same appearance as our Human Race.”

Chen Feng introduced, “He is the Innate clan, the strength of the Late Stage of the Quasi-Eternal Realm, this clan is rare in Life and Death World.”

Wait until Chen Feng finished the introduction.

Luo Xiu was surprised to find out.

These different-dimensional creatures on the 1st floor of the restrictive seal building.

Any one of the weakest is the Unbeginning Late Stage level.

In the words of Chen Feng.

These life races in different dimensions, whether it is a giant beast creature or a source spirit life, each race has its own special abilities and innate talents.

The primordial Martial Dao lineage, the reason for establishing this restrictive seal building and capturing these hetero-dimensional creatures is for research purposes.

In addition, it is possible to extract source from within the body of these different-dimensional creatures, which is also very valuable.

The nucleus of a different dimension creature within the body.

In fact, it is the condense of the source of the different-dimensional creature.

Although the extracted different-dimensional creature source is not as valuable as a complete crystal core, it is better than it can be extracted continuously.

As long as you grasp a degree, don’t let this different dimension creature die.

“Don’t go in the 2nd floor of the restrictive seal building for now. I won’t even go there because the seal on it is an eternal creature.”

“Our Master cultivation base is the Peak of the Eternal Realm. It is not difficult to restrictively seal several Eternal Creatures.”

“But the eternal-level creatures are very dangerous. Even if there is a seal, it is accidentally easy to bad luck, so don’t go up.”

Chen Feng said so.

Luo Xiu heard it, and his heart shook.

Even an eternal-level creature can be captured and sealed. It seems that Master Ren Wu, who he has not met, is also a fierce man.

Seeing Luo Xiu’s face.

Chen Feng smiled slightly, “There are many eternal realms in the Supreme Palace, but in fact this is the powerhouse accumulated over endless years.”

“The existence of an Eternal Realm Peak, in other dimensions of the world, is already considered the most powerful existence in some of the weaker races.”

“And our Master has successfully cultivated our primordial Martial Dao lineage’s primordial secret technique. In the absence of air, there are very few lifeforms that can compete with our Master.”

Luo Xiu hearing this is also nodded of approval.

The power of primordial martial arts, Luo Xiu also knows, this method, the more the Late Stage of cultivation, the more Innate Ability of awaken, the greater the formidable power.

Theoretically, the amplification of primordial martial arts is unlimited, a peak of eternal realm. If the number of innate talent runes of awaken is enough, then primordial martial dao divine power of primordial martial dao divine power, skipping grades to contend The existence of is also possible!

Said a few more words with Luo Xiu.

Chen Feng turned around and walked out of the restrictive seal building.

Only Luo Xiu is left, facing these different-dimensional creatures on the 1st floor of the restrictive seal building.

The six eyes of the three golden horn war wolves stare at Luo Xiu.

The other creatures of different dimensions also remained silent, and the hall was very quiet.

A long time passed.

The head in the middle of the three golden horn wolves opened the mouth and said, “Human Race, how do you call it?”

“Luo Xiu.”

Luo Xiu indifferently said, “From now on, you creatures will be under my control.”

You control it?

The three golden horn war wolves have killing intents in their eyes.

a trifling has not yet reached the endless human race, dare you say it!

They are the creatures that are sealed here, which one is not the Late Stage at least without beginning?

But the three golden horn war wolves still suppressed the anger and killing intent in my heart.

Keep your voice in a gentle state as much as possible, “Luo Xiu, right? Give me an extra Supreme Crystal every time, I can teach you a secret technique, so that your fleshly body can be cultivation stronger! “

“Not interested.”

Luo Xiu shrugged, turn around and move towards outside.

After Luo Xiu is gone.

The creatures of different dimensions in the lobby on the first floor of the restrictive seal building opened their eyes.

“Everyone, what do you think of the brat of this Human Race?” The three golden horn war wolves lay on the stone platform and said in a loud voice.

Phoenix creature, who has always been quiet, has a feminine voice, “Let’s take a look, we have been sealed here for many years, the hope of getting out of trouble is very slim, don’t rush it for a while.”

The voice of the seven-tailed white fox is also a woman, “Golden Wolf, don’t be too impatient, this human brat cultivation base is very low. Although this person desires strength, he also needs step by step, take it slowly.”

“I know!”

Three golden horn war wolves sighed, “But the problem is that our source is getting weaker and weaker. I’m afraid I can’t hold it for too long.”

The lifeform of the Dark Night Spirit Race also said, “We need to provide enough temptation conditions to be able to impress him to let us out.”

“Since he appears here and is trusted by Chen Feng, he is the successor of the primordial Martial Dao lineage, and he must be the highest genius who can be absorbed by the primordial Martial Dao lineage, otherwise he will not be able to cultivate successfully primordial Martial Dao. Core secret technique.”

“For a highest genius, it is difficult to impress him with ordinary benefits!”

Speaking of which.

Dark Night Spirit Race looked towards Phoenix creature and Seven-Tailed Sky Fox, “Can you also transform into human form? It’s better to transform into human form to seduce him…”

I haven’t finished talking about Spirit Race in the dark night.

The Phoenix creature’s body burst into blazing flames, “Dark night you are courting death! How can my body tolerate being defiled by an ant?”

Even in the ancestor dimension, the Phoenix clan is also a noble top race.

The creatures of this clan also regard themselves noble, and never put other lower races in their eyes.

“Why don’t I try, I have had enough in this ghost place!”

The voice of the seven-tailed celestial fox is crisp and beautiful, as if it has a natural charm.

I saw her transformed into a woman wearing a white veil. The beautiful smooth carcass was faintly discernible in the veil, full of pinnacle-like temptations.

“hehe, the males of Human Race like you the most, then the brat must not be able to hold it…” The Black Cloud Beast snapped his nose and laughed.

“Hehe, you are paralyzed!”

The seven-tailed celestial fox transformed and re-formed into the main body form, moving towards the black cloud beast cursed.

If there is no other good way, she would like this?

What’s so special about my old lady, do you dare to tease me?

If it weren’t for being sealed here, the old lady would have to kill your horse hoof!

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