Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4455


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Get out of the restrictive seal building.

Luo Xiu glanced back, secretly thought, “These creatures of different dimensions must know a lot about different dimensions, as well as Life and Death World.”

If you have time, you can chat with these creatures of different dimensions in a leisurely time. You can know some things that you can’t understand in the palace.

Know more about many things, it doesn’t hurt.

In Luo Xiu’s opinion, after all.

After his cultivation base strength has reached a certain level, he must go to the Life and Death World that connects the worlds of various higher dimensions.

The next period of time.

Luo Xiu did not run to the restrictive seal building.

Instead, I put most of my thoughts on my own cultivation.

Whether it is the condensing of Willpower or the development of fleshly body Secret Sect, it takes time to settle and resource accumulation.

Since Luo Xiu defeated Wen Yang strongly.

He has also become the influential figure in the newly promoted discipline of the palace, which has attracted the attention of many top genius.

At the same time they also found out.

Luo Xiu’s cultivation speed is too fast.

When he first came to the Supreme Hall, he just started to get started.

How long is this?

His fleshly body Secret Sect has reached the Early Stage Peak of the Supreme Beginning Stage.

Such a cultivation speed is really scary.

Then they inquired.

When Luo Xiu entered the hall, Chen Feng gave him a top genius rating.

As Chen Feng, he is indeed qualified to rate this.

Also rely on this rating.

Luo Xiu has a chance to enter fleshly body Secret Realm cultivation for free.

And Luo Xiu has already used up this time of opportunity, he is in the fleshly body Secret Realm, cultivated to Early Stage Peak in the realm.

But the problem is.

At the top of the Middle Stage of Taishi Realm, how could his fleshly body be so tyrannical?

After all, at the beginning, with pure fleshly body strength, he exploded Wen Yang with one punch!

Wen Yang’s fleshly body Secret Sect Realm is actually higher than Luo Xiu, and has reached the Late Stage of the Taishi Realm.


Many top genius can’t understand this.

It can only be attributed to the fact that Luo Xiu this person, along with fleshly body Secret Sect, has extremely high talent!

How other people think.

Luo Xiu doesn’t bother to care.

The question he is thinking about now is.

He is in this stage of the Supreme Realm, and it seems a bit difficult for him to cultivation to Perfection Realm.

99 fleshly body Secret Sect to reach Absolute Beginning Realm Early Stage Peak.

According to his calculation, he needs to turn on 99 fleshly body Secret Sects again to reach the peak of the Middle Stage of the Taishi Realm.

Turn on 99 fleshly body Secret Sect again to reach the peak of the Taishi realm.

In other words.

He equivalent to turn on another two hundred fleshly body Secret Sects to complete the Foundation Establishment of the Supreme Beginning Stage.

What’s so special…

Think of these.

Luo Xiu is speechless.

Although the cultivation speed in Cultivation Tower is also good.

But compared to fleshly body Secret Realm, it’s far worse.

Just rely on the cultivation speed of Cultivation Tower.

I’m afraid it was when he cultivation to Peak in Taishi Realm.

The temple discipline of the same period has long since cultivation the fleshly body Secret Sect to the Taiyuan realm.

This day.

Luo Xiu is cultivation in Cultivation Tower.

He is not at all anxious to go fleshly body Secret Realm and cultivation again.

After all, he turned on 99 fleshly body Secret Sect last time, and his Realm needs to be stable before he can consider the next breakthrough.


A sound came into the ear.

It was Senior Brother Chen Feng who gave him a sound transmission outside the Cultivation Tower and asked him to come out.

Get out of Cultivation Tower.

Chen Feng said directly, “will Dao Palace is going to hold a competition, and those who win can get some resource rewards.”

Speaking of which.

Chen Feng looked at Luo Xiu and continued, “We don’t have much primordial Martial Dao lineage resources, and we don’t have many available to you, so the competition for resources at this time is up to you.”

“Also, when your Senior Brother and I were about the same as your cultivation realm, this competition would definitely win every time, so this time, don’t shame us primordial Martial Dao lineage.”

“Furthermore, the 1st place of this time, the reward is the will book inscribed by the powerhouse of the Eternal Realm. The value of this thing is still very high.”

Luo Xiu hearing this nodded.

For now.

In terms of fleshly body Secret Sect, his cultivation is relatively smooth, except that there are a lot of fleshly body Secret Sect that needs to be turned on, which makes him very helpless.

There is no particularly good way to condense Willpower, and the progress speed in Cultivation Tower has begun to slow down.

If you can get a copy of the will book inscribed by the powerhouse of the eternal realm, it will be of great benefit to Willpower’s tempering and condensing.

After speaking.

Chen Feng left. In his words, that is to not disturb Luo Xiu and continue to cultivate. He also knows that he has been very hardworking in this Junior Brother cultivation.

Over time.

The 99 Secret Sects that Luo Xiu turned on the fleshly body Secret Sect during the Taishi Realm stage finally stabilized completely.

Next, he will consider turning on more fleshly body Secret Sect and prepare to break through higher realm.

“I need the ancient war beast crystal core to cooperate!”

Relying closely on its own cultivation, I don’t know if I can cultivation to the Middle Stage of Taishi Realm.

So Luo Xiu can only find a way to borrow external force.

At the time of fleshly body Secret Realm cultivation, the ancient war beast crystal core assisted in turning on the effect of fleshly body Secret Sect, it was absolutely leveraged.

He opened enough fleshly body Secret Sect.

The fleshly body is also powerful enough.

Then Luo Xiu also considers whether it is possible to choose the cultivation of the ancient war beast crystal core instead of the ancient war beast crystal core of Taiyuan level?

In comparison.

The crystal cores of the wild ancient war beasts of the Taishi level are rare and hard to find. The price is too high. It takes at least 10 high crystals to buy, and there is still no market. You may not find a seller with the high crystals.

However, relatively speaking, there is not so much demand for the ancient war beast crystal cores at the Taiyuan level.

Even if the price is a little bit more expensive than the ancient war beast crystal core of Taishi level, it is not too expensive.

For his cultivation at the Taishi level, assisting in opening the fleshly body Secret Sect.

The effect of the crystal core of the Taiyuan-level wild ancient war beast is definitely far more than that of the Taishi-level!

It’s just that, in the fleshly body Secret Sect Foundation Establishment Stage of the Taishi level, others dare not use the taiyuan level strange beast crystal nucleus, because it is a great realm strange beast crystal nucleus, which contains the strength Too strong, the fleshly body of an ordinary cultivator simply cannot bear it.

Others cannot bear it.

But Luo Xiu feels that he should bear it without any problems!

So Luo Xiu thought of someone.

Wu Wei.

This guy is from the Martial Ancestor family, and he has no channels for some resources.

But Wu Wei can.

The fleshly body Secret Sect Foundation Establishment in the Supreme Beginning Realm, the wild ancient war beast crystal core is the most suitable, and the effect is also the best.

That’s it.

Luo Xiu Dang Even went to find Wu Wei that guy.

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