Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4457


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Among the 7-8 younger generations, four or five have entered the genius battle strength list?

this level.

Luo Xiu was surprised to see it. The strength of the multi-dimensional Martial Dao seems to be very strong!

In the Supreme Hall of Martial Arts.

Multiple Martial Dao and primordial Martial Dao giving tit for tat for many years.

Since the primordial Martial Dao lineage began to decline.

Multiple Martial Dao began to rise rapidly.

Basically, the top genius who came to the highest hall of martial arts, basically joined the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage.

The disciplines included are all the highest geniuses.

In addition, the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage does not lack various resources, so the growth rate of top genius is still terrifying, and the talent can be played vividly and thoroughly.

“Tazawa Cheng…”

Luo Xiu also knows who severely injured Hong Zhan’s First Senior Brother son Hong Yun.

This person came to the Supreme Palace to cultivated for 50,000 years. He had always not showing the mountains and not revealing the water before, and he was very low-key.

Obviously, he has the strength to enter the top genius list, but it has never been exposed.

Until the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage needed him to take action, he challenged Hong Yun and succeeded in the first battle, so he became famous!

This person is now on the top genius list, Ranked 8th 13th!

And before that.

Although Hong Yun made the top genius list, his ranking is 97.

Competition between different factions.

All this is understandable.

But if someone was seriously injured deliberately, it would be unreasonable.

Based on what Luo Xiu learned.

This person, Tian Zecheng, Willpower has reached the Peak of the Taiyuan realm, and his condense talent rune is also based on attack.

In addition, Tian Zecheng’s Fleshly Body Realm has also reached the Peak of the Supreme Realm.

His overall strength.

Sufficient to fleshly body Secret Sect together, cultivation to the expert of the Early Stage Peak of Taiyuan realm.

The talents of will, generally, begin to truly show a powerful effect after reaching the beginningless state.

Before the borderless.

The strength of the Will talent team is not as good as the fleshly body Secret Sect team.

So the talent of Will to reach the Peak of the Taiyuan realm also needs the cooperation of the fleshly body of the Peak of the Great Beginning realm, so as to have the strength of the fleshly body and the early stage peak of the Taiyuan realm.

Limited by the rules of the palace.

primordial Martial Dao lineage Here, simply no one can do anything about this Tian Zecheng.

Because Tian Zecheng has not reached the beginningless state.

So Chen Feng cannot lower his status and take action against him. Otherwise, the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage is more powerful powerhouse, and there is a reason to intervene.

However, Luo Xiu remembered this name.

Since this person is on the top genius list, he has played against Hong Yun.

So in the future, once he also rushes to the top genius list, look at the situation of multiple Martial Dao and Primordial Martial Dao giving tit for tat.

He will inevitably be blocked and targeted by many people.

Luo Xiu thought about it roughly.

Without revealing some trump cards.

Among the multiple Martial Dao younger generation geniuses, the Wen Yang he defeated seems to be only the weakest one.

The strength of other people is obviously stronger.

After all, these people came to the temple for cultivation earlier than Luo Xiu, and those with the shortest cultivation time have also cultivated more than three 10,000 years or more.

Luo Xiu came too late, and the time to get in touch with will talent and fleshly body Secret Sect cultivation was too short.

slightly hesitated.

Luo Xiu didn’t think much about other things.

He walked out of the Taoist Temple of Primordial Martial Dao, alone, to the Secret Realm.

For those who need to turn on a lot of fleshly body Secret Sect in order to advance, if you don’t go to fleshly body Secret Realm cultivation.

He doubted whether he could cultivation to the primordial realm in his life.

The location of the Secret Realm entrance.

It’s still that old Hu guarding.

When Luo Xiu walked over.

Hu Lao eyes opened and looked.

And the door of Secret Realm just opened, and a silhouette came out inside.

“Luo Xiu?”

This person from Secret Realm is Mingtong.

Luo Xiu didn’t expect it would be such a coincidence that he would meet Mingtong here.

But I think about it again.

Previously, Mingtong wanted to attack the ancient war beast crystal core in his hand, so that he could use it in the Foundation Establishment of the Supreme Beginning Realm.

As a result, Mingtong failed miserably in Luo Xiu’s hands, and even lost 1,000 Supreme Crystals.

In desperation.

He could only give up the idea of ​​using the ancient war beast crystal core Foundation Establishment, and chose to come to the fleshly body Secret Realm, and use other strange beast crystal cores to the Foundation Establishment.

After all, if he is not Foundation Establishment, his cultivation base progress will not be able to keep up with the rhythm and will be slowly pulled down.

“Luo Xiu, even if you can beat me, don’t be too proud. When you are on the top genius list, you will know what despair is!” Mingtong gnashing teeth said.

“The threat of the weak?” Luo Xiu glanced at the opponent coldly.

It’s just a weak one he can easily defeat.

Even the fleshly body Secret Sect Foundation Establishment in Taishijing was successful.

In Luo Xiu’s eyes, he is still a weak person unable to withstand a single blow.

Faced with Luo Xiu’s disdain.

Ming Tong’s face flushed.

“Wait, when you arrive, I will see if you can continue to be so arrogant. I am not your opponent, but there are people who can suppress you. Your Hong Yun of this lineage is your future end !”

After speaking, Mingtong turned around and left.

Luo Xiu’s eyes showed a hint of coldness. Of course he understood the meaning of Mingtong.

But is he afraid?

It’s a joke!


Luo Xiu didn’t bother to pay attention to Mingtong, and walked over to salute Hu who was overseeing the entrance of Secret Sect.

“Luo Xiu, how long has it been since you entered Secret Realm cultivation, not at all, if you enter again now, if your foundation is unstable, the effect of your cultivation may not be as good as your last time.”

Hu Lao eyes opened and said to Luo Xiu nodded.

For the polite Little Brat, he is still willing to point out a sentence or two.

After all, to enter the fleshly body Secret Realm once, for fleshly body Secret Sect at the level of the Supreme Beginning Realm, one hundred supreme crystals are needed.

A hundred supreme crystals seem to be few, but you can buy a dozen good strange beast crystal cores for cultivation use.

If you can’t get a good cultivation effect in the fleshly body Secret Realm, entering it is simply a waste.

The strange beast crystal nucleus of the Taishi realm level, the highest value is around 10 to high crystal.

The strange beast crystal nucleus of the Taiyuan level, slightly better, can reach hundreds of high crystal level.

In other words.

Luo Xiu entered once, equivalent to using a better Taiyuan-level strange beast crystal core as a ticket.

“Many thanks Senior for reminding, I still have some confidence.” Luo Xiu said.

I heard Luo Xiu say this.

Old Hu didn’t say anything.

After Luo Xiu handed over a hundred Supreme Crystals, the entrance to Secret Realm opened and he stepped in.

After entering Secret Realm.

Luo Xiu started the cultivation directly.

Take out the Taiyuan-level wild ancient war beast crystal core and hold it in your hand.

The many fleshly body Secret Sect simultaneously revolving opened within the body is like the formation of more than two hundred small vortexes, frantically devouring the energy of the Tao in Secret Realm.

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