Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4458


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Time is passing slowly.

Luo Xiu did not expect.

In the process of fleshly body Secret Realm cultivation, he unexpectedly awakened a kind of Innate Ability.

imposing manner?

Luo Xiu is a bit speechless.

Awaken’s fourth Innate Ability is related to the imposing manner.

It can offset the opponent’s imposing manner, and it can also enhance its own imposing manner.

This point is somewhat similar to pressure talent.

But in essence.

The pressure talent and the imposing manner talent are different.

The imposing manner comes from the heart and is about self-confidence.

At the same time.

Awaken accompanied by the Fourth Innate Ability.

Luo Xiu also ushered in double happiness.

He opened three 13 fleshly body Secret Sects again, and he could clearly feel the fleshly body realm breakthrough.

Taishijing Middle Stage!

The turbulent Dao’s energy converges, constantly scouring Luo Xiu’s body, and the fleshly body is strengthened by constant tempering.

And he entered the cultivation of fleshly body Secret Realm.

Three months have passed.


Luo Xiu has been cultivated in fleshly body Secret Realm for nearly a year.

The wild ancient war beast crystal core on hand is exhausted.

The speed of turning on the fleshly body Secret Sect is obviously slower.

And after this second cultivation.

Luo Xiu also really felt the function of fleshly body Secret Realm and knew why it is called fleshly body Secret Realm instead of other Secret Realm.

The strong Taoist energy in Secret Realm is not the most important.

The most critical core is that the energy in Secret Realm is like the most suitable for turning on the fleshly body Secret Sect.

As long as it is cultivation in the fleshly body Secret Realm, the difficulty of opening the fleshly body Secret Sect has been reduced by some unknown amount.

Luo Xiu feels like, as long as I have enough cultivation resources, as long as I can maintain a very fast cultivation speed, then my Fleshly Body Realm can continue to improve in Secret Realm!

But Luo Xiu also knows.

Cultivation speed is coming soon.

But the premise is that the loss of resources is also terrifying.

The resources he wasted in this time are at least enough for ten people to be fleshly body Secret Sect Foundation Establishment in Taishi Realm.

It’s no exaggeration.

On the rate of Luo Xiu this resource consumption.

Even if it is backed by Great Influence, it can’t bear such a loss.

Even if there is a quasi-eternal powerhouse behind him with the full support, it is equally unbearable.

Want to afford him Luo Xiu.

At least there must be an Eternal Realm powerhouse to fully support it.

So I thought about the issue of cultivation resources.

Luo Xiu has a headache.

So when he came out of fleshly body Secret Realm, his face was very ugly.

Old Hu’s gaze fell on Luo Xiu.

He also noticed that Luo Xiu’s face is not good. Could it be that something went wrong with the cultivation?


The aura on this brat is very strong, much stronger than when he entered, obviously it has been improved in Secret Realm.

The cultivation base has clearly improved.

Why does this guy look so bad?

To be honest.

The effect of this time cultivation is still good.

Although it is not as exaggerated as it was when I first came.

After all, the cultivation base was lower at that time, and turning on fleshly body Secret Sect was faster and normal.

The higher the cultivation base, the more difficult it is to activate fleshly body Secret Sect.

this time.

Luo Xiu has opened more than 60 fleshly body Secret Sect in total. Although the cultivation base is still in the Middle Stage of the Taishi State, it is considered to be the middle stage of the Taishi State Middle Stage.


Go back from fleshly body Secret Realm.

Luo Xiu went to the restrictive seal building. Every period of time, those alien creatures sealed in the restrictive seal building also need to absorb the energy contained in the highest crystal to restore Origin Qi a little bit.

Otherwise, these guys will be consumed alive in a long sealed state.

The purpose of capturing these different-dimensional creatures was to extract the source of the different-dimensional creatures. On the one hand, it is to study the rules of different dimensions, and on the other hand, it is also possible to obtain cultivation resources through this method.

After all, the different-dimensional creature source extracted, although the Source Power contained in it is not as good as the complete crystal core, the hetero-dimensional creature source of High Rank is still very valuable.

Ignore the temptation of these different-dimensional creatures, etc.

Luo Xiu comes out of the restrictive seal building.

We contacted Wu Wei again.

He needs more resources!

Even if all the supreme crystals on hand were spent, he would not hesitate.


There are also some good things in Luo Xiu’s storage ring. He plans to sell all the things that he can’t use, and what he can sell!

Wu Wei also agreed with one bite.

There are resources.

The choice of Luo Xiu without the slightest hesitation goes to fleshly body Secret Realm again.

In terms of Willpower cultivation.

Luo Xiu has no good way to increase the cultivation speed.

Then if he wants to quickly increase his strength, he can only improve through fleshly body Secret Sect.

The fleshly body Secret Realm is divided into regions.

The area he was in before belongs to the area of ​​the Taishi realm.

this time.

Luo Xiu is also considering, should I go to the area of ​​the Taiyuan Realm to try?

After all, he turned on that many fleshly body Secret Sect, and the fleshly body is so powerful that it surpasses the primordial realm.

Others can’t bear the Tao Ze energy in the Taiyuan level area, should I be able to?

According to Luo Xiu’s understanding.

There is oppressive force between different areas in the fleshly body Secret Realm.

generally speaking.

If the cultivation realm is not reached, you cannot bear the pressure of this.

In the High Rank area, you may also encounter people with a high cultivation base.

According to Luo Xiu’s plan.

He is going to try between the Taishi Realm area and the Taiyuan Realm area.

This area is very close to the Taiyuan realm area, and at the same time it does not enter the Taiyuan realm area, the energy of Tao will be stronger.

If he can easily cultivation in this area, Luo Xiu can consider moving towards the Taiyuan area until he fully enters the Taiyuan area.

In this way, the Tao Ze energy he absorbed in the fleshly body Secret Realm far exceeds the scope of the Supreme Beginning Realm. As long as he can handle it, his cultivation speed will definitely be amazingly improved!

Just thinking about it.

Luo Xiu came to fleshly body Secret Realm again.

“Luo Xiu?”

Hu Lao eyes opened and looked at the young man in front of him in surprise.

This brat just finished the cultivation last time.

Then ran over again. Did he use fleshly body Secret Realm as his back garden?

Enter Secret Realm cultivation, don’t you want the Supreme Crystal?

“Senior, here are the tickets.” Luo Xiu handed over a storage ring.

“primordial Martial Dao lineage, are you so rich?” Hu put the ring away, looked at Luo Xiu and said.

“At the level of the Supreme Beginning Realm, one hundred supreme crystals are entered into the fleshly body Secret Realm at a time, but at the level of the supreme origin, that is 500 supreme crystals.”

Five hundred?

Luo Xiu clicks the tongue a bit, so what is really special is to grab crystals!

But he doesn’t need to think about it yet.

He is only in the Middle Stage of the Supreme Beginning Realm, and the fleshly body Secret Sect that many needs to be turned on, it’s too early for cultivation to reach the Supreme Realm!

“As someone who came here, I remind you that blindly pursuing the opening speed of the fleshly body Secret Sect, sometimes it may not be a good thing. Your cultivation progress has come up, but your strength has not improved much. Your battle strength is not enough. You can’t make it to the top genius list at all.” Hu said.

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