Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4487


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The chief of the hall talked to myself.

This thing.

Luo Xiu temporarily put it aside.

After all, he didn’t know what Gu Daoran’s position was of this Palace Lord.

There is.

Luo Xiu has some secrets in himself.

The more cultivation, the more he discovered some of his own secrets.

For example, he is cultivation and cultivation at every turn, awakening a kind of Innate Ability.

Moreover, his Innate Ability is not only limited to soul talent, but also fleshly body talent.

There is also his fleshly body Secret Sect cultivation, which is also different from others.

Gu Daoran is a Peak powerhouse in the eternal realm.

And there are rumors that the lord of this temple may have reached Realm long ago.

Faced with such an existence.

Luo Xiu has no idea.


He not at all chose to find Gu Daoran.

Instead, stay in the Taoist temple of the Primordial Martial Dao lineage, cultivation in the Cultivation Tower.

most recently.

Luo Xiu is deducing a method in comprehension.

He wants to connect the power of Soul Willpower and the power of fleshly body Secret Sect to each other.

According to Luo Xiu’s understanding.

There are also many powerhouses that have tried to do this, but they have never found a specific way.

Luo Xiu does not think that he is better than those powerhouses with a long history of cultivation.

But he found out.

Not long after I have enlightened myself, I am still in the spare time of cultivation.

I have a clue!

The current initial result is.

He thinks he should almost be able to perform a secret technique.

The effect of this secret technique is to make the fleshly body Secret Sect condense the power of the principle, with the effect of soul attack.

The power of the Tao is derived from the fleshly body and the insight of the Supreme Avenue, thus creating it.

Normally, the power of Dao Zezhi and Soul Willpower are two unrelated strengths.

If the power of Tao can have the function of a soul slaughter.

So as long as the fleshly body Secret Sect is strong enough, it can suppress the powerful cultivator of Soul Willpower.

In this way, if you take the cultivator with soul talent, the advantage will be lost.

This day.

Chen Feng also came out of the secret room of his cultivation.

As a result, he heard that his Junior Brother Luo Xiu was on the list!

Fuck you!

How long did it take to be cultivated in the hall.

This guy made the list so soon?

Forget it on the list.

This guy also defeated Tian Zecheng?

This is not over yet.

Because this guy defeated Tian Zecheng, Wang Jincheng’s powerhouse of the Eternal Realm was angry and intended to start Luo Xiu.


Gu Daoran, this hidden many years’ Old Tortoise also took action, almost killed Wang Jincheng, and his fleshly body burst to pieces, his soul talent rune burst, and only one talent rune remained, struggling on whilst. at death’s door.

Chen Feng was stunned.

Squat at the door of Cultivation Tower.

Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

He thinks he is a very troublesome guy.

Compared to this Junior Brother, he is a scum!

Have a long wait.

When Luo Xiu came out of the Cultivation Tower.

I saw Chen Feng squatting at the door and don’t know how long he stayed.

“Senior Brother? Why are you squatting here?” Luo Xiu wondered.

“Why am I squatting here, you brat caused such a big trouble, what do you think?” Chen Feng was speechless.


Don’t wait for Chen Feng to ask anything.

Luo Xiu said, “By the way, Senior Brother, I just have something to tell you.”

“After Tian Zecheng’s incident, the Palace Lord gave me a sound transmission, saying that he wanted to talk to me. I don’t think this matter is in my heart, so I want to hear your opinion.”

What the hell?

you brat is already followed by Palace Lord?

“This is really not a trivial matter.”

Chen Feng squinted his eyes. “Master said that Gu Daoran reached the Peak of the Eternal Realm a long time ago. After so many years, he is impossible to be in the Peak of the Eternal Realm.”

“It’s just that, no matter who asks, the ancient Palace Lord claimed to have no breakthrough, and it is still the eternal realm.”

“Don’t pay attention to it for now, wait until the Master comes back.”

“Good.” Luo Xiu nodded.

“Have you done anything that I don’t know?” Chen Feng looked at this Junior Brother blankly.


Luo Xiu nodded.

And this action caused Chen Feng’s eyelids to jump suddenly, really?

Followed by Luo Xiu, he continued, “I had some inspiration during my recent cultivation, and now I have a general direction. I should be able to deduce a Soul Attack Secret Technique with the power of Dao.”

“With this secret technique, the attack of Dao Zezhi’s power can hurt the opponent’s Soul Willpower and the talent rune!”

“In the past, wasn’t it only Soul Willpower that could hurt the opponent’s talent rune? With this secret technique, Dao Zezhi’s power can do it.

“For our cultivator, the power of Tao is stronger, and it is easier to cultivation and recover than Soul Willpower.”

Chen Feng looked at this Junior Brother with a dull expression.

What kind of evildoer this guy has become?

A guy who has never been in contact with Soul Willpower method and fleshly body Secret Sect cultivation art in the past.

How can it be cultivated for so many years to reach this level?

Your special mother will have to create a secret technique!

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