Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4488


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Talk to Chen Feng for a while.

Luo Xiu turned around and went into the cultivation in the Cultivation Tower again.

Chen Feng corner of the mouth twitched.

cultivation such a boring thing.

You guy likes cultivation so much?

Properly cultivation madman!

I have lived for so many years, Chen Feng, and I have never seen someone as diligent as you.

“My this Junior Brother is so hardworking, he deserves to be awesome!”

Chen Feng looked at the sky silently.

“Master, when will you Senior come back, my this Junior Brother is too evildoer, I can’t teach…”

Normal people cultivation.

Such an evildoer is basically impossible.

The only explanation.

There is something wrong with this Junior Brother Luo, or there is a secret.

But these things.

Chen Feng did not ask.

Because everyone has their own secrets.

The more powerful, the more powerful, and the more evildoer, there must be a secret.

Does Chen Feng himself have no secrets?

He has it too!

And the secret in everyone’s body is the trump card.

Not to mention the relationship between senior and junior brothers.

Even if it is a master and disciple relationship, they will not explore each other’s secrets.


In the Cultivation Tower.

Luo Xiu continued cultivation, and at the same time deduced that he already had an embryonic form secret technique in his mind.

The power of Dao can hurt Divine Soul!

In the past, only the soul attack performed by divine sense or the Soul Secret Technique performed by Willpower could have the ability to damage Divine Soul.

Once the secret technique deduced by Luo Xiu now evolves, it will break certain conventions!

This secret technique he wants to study, once it is used, the essence of the power of Tao will undergo some changes, and the power of Tao will have a special tearing power that can tear the opponent’s Soul Willpower. Even talent rune!


All geniuses will cultivate fleshly body Secret Sect and Soul Willpower dually.

Most cultivators are actually one of the intensive repairs, and more are only the fleshly body Secret Sect repair!

Under normal circumstances.

Pure combat repair, the best is close combat fighting.

When the distance is long, although Zhan Xiu can also perform Divine Ability slaughter attacks, in the long-range attack, it is undoubtedly the domain that the cultivator majoring in Soul Willpower is better at.

Various innate abilities emerge in an endless stream, and can help strengthen the power of Taoism, even if the fleshly body is worse than pure warfare, it can also suppress warfare.

But if there is a power to give way to soul attack, then it is completely different.

Pure combat in the situation of long-range Divine Ability collision duel will not be at a disadvantage.

Of course.

With Luo Xiu’s current abilities, even if he can deduce this secret technique, he can only deduce it to the equivalent to Taishi level.

A secret technique at the very beginning level, for a low-level cultivator, the effect is quite obvious.

But if it is for those powerhouses above the borderless state, the effect is minimal.

Luo Xiu is immersed in enlightenment and deduction.

The essence of this secret technique lies in the essential change of the power of Tao.

Over time.

Luo Xiu did not let his fleshly body Secret Sect Realm break through to the Taiyuan realm.

However, with the condensing of his Soul Willpower power, he has steadily improved, and has reached the peak of the Middle Stage of the Taiyuan Realm, and almost reached the Late Stage level of the Taiyuan Realm.

Although the Realm of Soul Willpower is not high, the strength of Soul Willpower is equivalent to the Peak of other people’s Taiyuan realm, or even stronger.


The depths of the martial arts palace.

A palace inside the palace.

Led by Yao Venerable, many high levels of the diversified Martial Dao lineage are gathered together.

Can be called high level, at least it is the Peak level of Quasi-Eternal Realm.

In addition to Yao Venerable.

There are other powerhouses in the Eternal Realm, but they don’t care much in normal times.

An old man took a sip of his tea and spoke slowly, “Is Jincheng’s situation okay?”

“Not good.”

Yao Venerable said coldly, “There is only one talent rune left, the strength is greatly lost, the Realm has fallen, and the fleshly body has spent a lot of treasure to recover, but it is difficult to return to the eternal realm!”

It seems easy to say.

But in fact, after the remodeling of the fleshly body, it is not as powerful as the original fleshly body, which is impossible.

However, for the multiple Martial Dao factions, they are majoring in soul talent, and the loss of talent rune is the biggest loss!

“This punishment is too much!” an old woman said gloomily.

Yao Venerable indifferently said, “Maybe it’s because of our diversified Martial Dao side. These years have been too smooth and smooth, so Jincheng will do things that violate the rules.”

“Gu Daoran this time take action is also a warning, telling the people below that if anyone dares to break the rules, it is courting death!”

“Since this has happened, we can’t change anything.”

“The most important thing now is that according to the punishment given by Gu Daoran, Jincheng will go to Life and Death World to hunt down an eternal realm of other higher dimensions. This is the saddest level.”

“And if this thing is to be done, Jincheng must restore his strength and Realm, otherwise, he went to Life and Death World, he is not an opponent of other dimensions of the eternal realm at all.”

These words of Yao Venerable fall.

The old woman asked frowned, “Venerable, what do you plan to do according to your meaning?”

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