Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4489


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Several high levels of the multi-dimensional Martial Dao, all looked towards Yao Venerable.

They know.

Yao Venerable, since everyone has been called together to discuss.

Then he must have already planned.

Faced everyone’s eyes.

Yao Venerable nodded, “I do have plans and need your support.”

“My idea is very simple, that is, Jincheng has lost a lot of talent rune, and it is difficult to recover. If you want to make up for it, you need to get a talent rune that is stronger than his past!”

“The talent rune of Primordial Martial Dao, a rune contains a variety of Innate Ability, which is most suitable for Jincheng.”

I heard this.

Several high levels of the multivariate Martial Dao.

I instantly understood the meaning of Yao Venerable.

Are you going to grab the talent rune of Primordial Martial Dao?

There are some powerhouses, even after fallen, the talent rune will be retained.

The inheritance of primordial Martial Dao has also been very prosperous.

The reason why it declined later was because the five-dimensional world, and several other higher-dimensional worlds, broke out on a large scale.

And in that fight.

Many powerhouses of Primordial Martial Dao have fallen.

Yao Venerable continued, “There is a person in Primordial Martial Dao who has stopped in the Primordial Realm for many Primal Chaos epochs. Basically, there is no hope of breaking through the Quasi-Eternal Realm in this life, let alone the Eternal Realm.” /p>

“But in his hand, there is a talent rune left by the powerhouse of the ages, and that rune contains twelve kinds of Innate Ability!”

“As long as this talent rune can be integrated into Jincheng’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, Jincheng can re-break through the eternal realm with a high probability, and has greater potential than before!”

“Venerable, your this idea is too dangerous!”

An old man frowned and said, “If we do this, it will completely set off the conflict between the multiple Martial Dao and primordial Martial Dao, and this conflict may escalate to a state of fighting each other!”

“When the time comes, the battle between the eternal realm and the non-empty realm will cause disastrous consequences!”

until now.

Multiple Martial Dao lineage, although primordial Martial Dao lineage has been constantly suppressed, grabbing resource allocation and so on.

But the conflict between the two parties is always maintained at the younger generation level.

The older generation powerhouse.

There has not been an outbreak of fighting or the like.

“I can’t let Jincheng die!” Yao Venerable said solemnly, Wang Jincheng is his Head Disciple, and among all his disciplines, only one cultivation has reached the eternal realm.

So he attaches great importance to this disciple.

“Venerable, think twice about this!”

The old man shook his head and said, “Our multi-dimensional Martial Dao also has some runes left by the powerhouse…”

Do not wait for this old man to finish.

Yao Venerable shook his head and said, “Jincheng’s current state can only integrate an external rune, and our multiple Martial Dao runes contain a kind of talent, and the effect is not great. If you choose to integrate more, Jincheng’s I can’t stand it either.”

“So the only and best option is rune of Primordial Martial Dao.”

But no matter what he says.

The high level of several other diversified Martial Dao still hesitated.

After all, once this matter is decided.

When you fight, things will be very troublesome, and it may be out of control!

Yao Venerable also knows the concerns of these people.

He stood up and said solemnly: “I have made a decision on this matter. If you do not want to interfere, I will do it myself. As for all the consequences, I will bear it!”

The voice fell.

Yao Venerable said again, “In addition to this matter, there is another important matter for you to discuss.”

“I plan to open up the supreme Secret Realm of the palace, and enhance the strength of our diversified Martial Dao young talents. In addition, some of our geniuses from the beginningless Realm need to be improved.”

For this proposal.

There is no objection to the high level of several other multivariate Martial Dao.

“Enter the quota of Secret Realm, let’s decide this time.”

“Also, some other factions in the martial arts hall should be given some quota, otherwise, we will easily become the target of public criticism.”

“People from other factions took our quota. In our battle with the multi-dimensional Martial Dao, they can only remain neutral even if they don’t come to help us.”

Yao Venerable said so.

There are quite a few cultivation Secret Realm in the Palace of Martial Arts.

fleshly body Secret Realm, just regular Secret Realm.

Apart from this there is a more advanced Supreme Secret Realm.

The Supreme Secret Realm was a long time ago, and it is said that it was left by the cultivation base close to the powerhouse of Transcendence.

And this Secret Realm wants to open.

It takes a lot of resources and materials.

Especially the materials that need to be used are some rare materials, which are not found in the five-dimensional world. You need to go to Life and Death World to find them.

Even for the diversified Martial Dao lineage with abundant resources, it takes a lot of family property to open the Supreme Secret Realm once.

So under normal circumstances, they only open it every one or two Primal Chaos epochs.

“In addition, let the people below find an opportunity to suppress Luo Xiu, this young man has jumped too much recently!”


The high levels of several other diversified Martial Dao are nodded.

Luo Xiu?

What a genius.

After all, he is a genius who has not yet grown up.

These cultivation bases are at least the Peak powerhouse of the Quasi-Eternal Realm. How can it be seen?

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