Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4491


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Cultivation together, various method Divine Ability secret technique and so on.

After a long period of time, generations of powerhouses have been sublimating, creating, etc. based on the experience left by their predecessors.

After all sorts of screening and elimination.

Finally circulated in the martial arts palace, are all fine products.

For example, Wuxuan Divine Art, this cultivation art level, can already be said to be very high.

There are a large number of fleshly body secret sects opened, and the difficulty of opening them is not particularly high. Those who can come to the temple for cultivation are also geniuses. Basically everyone can cultivate this cultivation art cultivation to the highest realm.

In all kinds of cultivation art Divine Ability.

Some secret techniques are more special.

It is like a secret technique that makes the power of Taoism change qualitatively and has the ability to burn the soul. Powerhouse has proposed similar ideas before, but the specific secret technique is difficult to derive.

Even if there is such a secret technique.

They are also in the hands of top Great Influence, such as the Martial Ancestor family.


I heard Luo Xiu say that he has a secret technique that can transform the power of Taoism, and the difficulty of this secret technique cultivation is not high.

Wu Wei was so surprised.

The difficulty of cultivation is not high, which means that most people can cultivation.

If a large number of people can cultivation this secret technique, when the time comes, everyone will take action together, it would be a threat to some powerhouse Soul Willpower.

“It seems Brother Wu is very interested?” Luo Xiu slightly smiled.

“Of course! Who is not interested in this thing?” Wu Wei squinted, “Since Brother Luo has proposed it, what good ideas does Brother Luo have?”

“My idea is very simple, I want to use this in exchange for some benefits.” Luo Xiu said.

His current cultivation has reached a bottleneck stage, and the demand for resources is greater.

Before this.

Luo Xiu still doesn’t fully understand the value of this secret technique he has deduced.

After seeing Wu Wei’s reaction.

Luo Xiu estimated that this secret technique should be exchanged for a lot of benefits. At least it can be replaced with enough resources for him to cultivation to the boundless realm. It should be enough?

Wu Wei also understood what Luo Xiu meant.

At the same time, this also let him know that the secret technique Luo Xiu said is not the secret technique of primordial Martial Dao, but the secret technique of Luo Xiu himself.

Otherwise, how could the primordial Martial Dao’s Hong Zhan and Chen Feng be willing to trade such a precious secret technique in exchange for resources?

There is a spectrum in my heart.

Wu Wei sat down again and looked at Luo Xiu and said, “Can you tell me in detail, the specific effect and formidable power of your secret technique?”


Luo Xiu said roughly.

He just performed this secret technique.

Being restricted by his own cultivation realm, the effect of this secret technique can only be used in an endless environment.

In other words.

If you use this secret technique to deal with an endless cultivator, the effect will be greatly reduced.

But if it is used on the cultivator under the borderless state, the effect is significant.

“Thirty thousand Supreme Crystal!” Wu Wei gave an offer.

“50,000!” Luo Xiu said, shaking his head.

“50,000 is high, after all, it can only be effective under the borderless state.” Wu Wei smiled bitterly.

“It’s not enough for me to use, and for the Martial Ancestor family, 50,000 Supreme Crystal is nothing at all?” Luo Xiu laughed.

“That’s right, but the resources of the Martial Ancestor family are not what I can tell. For the price of this, I still need to discuss with some of the Old Guys above to give you an answer.”


“Suppress me?”

After Wu Wei left.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Luo Xiu’s mouth.

This sneered, certainly not against Wu Wei.

But those high levels for the multi-dimensional Martial Dao, the so-called Old Guy.

These Old Guys, cultivated for countless years, are at least close to the eternal realm.

For these old monsters.

He is a rising star, a young junior who hasn’t even broken through the beginning, and he won’t take it seriously.

In their opinion.

Suppressing Luo Xiu is just one sentence.

They only need to pass on an idea, some of them are people, who come to Luo Xiu’s trouble.


Is Luo Xiu so easy to suppress?

What you see, what you think, is just the strength that I showed you that’s all!


A piece of news also spread in the Supreme Hall.

“Luo Xiu wants to accept the challenge!”

“Interesting, I don’t know how many people will challenge Luo Xiu?”

“This guy Luo Xiu is not weak at all. Judging from his strong crushing posture and the process of abolishing Tian Zecheng, not many people are qualified to defeat him.”

Many of the disciplines in the hall are being discussed.

Along with Luo Xiu’s fleshly body Secret Sect, the cultivation base is Unbeginning Peak, which has been confirmed.

His Soul Willpower, the cultivation base is Taiyuan Realm Late Stage.

According to the rules of the temple.

Anyone can challenge him without beginning.

But the problem is.

Those who can come to the temple for cultivation are geniuses, and geniuses are proud.

Some experts who have been cultivated in the palace for many years and whose strength has been infinitely close to the Unbeginning Realm, or even comparable to the Unbeing Realm, should be disdain to challenge.

As long as Luo Xiu does not proactively provoke them, they generally will not provoke them by surrendering their status.

According to the overall calculation.

At least the level of comprehensive strength is comparable to the Late Stage of the Taiyuan Realm to be sure to defeat Luo Xiu.

The younger generation of the entire martial arts hall with this strength is considered to be a very small number.