Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4493


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A gambling fight with 500 pieces of Supreme Crystal?

When Luo Xiu said this remark, the crowd around the ring became quiet.

500 Supreme Crystals are required for a fight.

So many supreme crystals are beyond the reach of ordinary temple disciplines.

But some people also expressed support.

“Junior Brother Luo said well! Since you dare to challenge, then you have to use capital.”

“Yes! That’s right!”

After all, the booze is also a minority.

After all, everyone knows that this is the suppression of Luo Xiu by the multiple Martial Dao lineage.

Although many people cannot understand the dominance of the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage.

But there are a lot of multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage powerhouses, and others are not willing to offend them easily.

Luo Xiu looked towards Liang Taiyuan, “Senior just did what I said. If you want to challenge me, please take out 500 Supreme Crystals first.”

Liang Taiyuan laughed and looked at Luo Xiu, “You are the one who will challenge you, and you will naturally decide the rules.”

Luo Xiu hearing this nodded.

Then his gaze looked towards the crowd around the ring, “I don’t know which Senior Brother wants to challenge me, please come up.”

“Junior Brother Luo, your appetite is not small. 500 Supreme Crystals, I don’t know if you have this life to get it.”

A voice came.

Then the crowd slowly separated.

A young man in black clothes came out.


Many people present recognized this person’s identity.

Zhou He has already reached more than 30 rankings in the top genius list.

I saw him flipping out a ring and threw it on the ring.

“There are 500 supreme crystals in this, can you dare me to fight?”

Luo Xiu hearing this raised his hand to pick up this ring, indifferently said, “why not dare?”

According to the rules, Liang Taiyuan took out a sign and threw it in front of the two.

Luo Xiu and Zhou He also knew the rules, and each left its own mark on it.

“You can start.”

Liang Taiyuan reached out and picked up the sign.

As his voice fell, this fight officially began.

This time, Luo Xiu did not intend to continue to hide his strength, and directly burst out of the aura of Taishi Realm Peak.

His silhouette disappeared instantly.

I arrived in front of Zhou He at an astonishing speed in an instant.

Faced with the speed of Luo Xiu’s explosion, Zhou He’s face did not at all change any expression.

Because I already knew the Luo Xiu cultivation base before, and reached the Peak level of the Supreme Beginning Realm.

Under such circumstances, since Zhou He dares to take action, he naturally has his confidence.

Zhou He has reached the Middle Stage of the Supreme Realm on the fleshly body Secret Sect Realm, and his Soul Willpower has also reached the Peak level of the Supreme Realm.

Not only that, Zhou He also has a magic weapon specially tailored for himself.

pressure! Control! strength! imposing manner!

Luo Xiu directly used four kinds of Innate Ability in a take action.

The Zhou He in front of him also took action with all his strength, without reservation.

The endless lightning flooded the ring in an instant.

The power of thunder.

The whole ring has turned into a sea of ​​thunder.

The suppression formed by the pressure talent is instantly broken!

The power of manipulation fell on Zhou He and was instantly bounced away by the power of Thunder.

Luo Xiu uses the strength talent to enforce on him, and punched out is blocked by thunder.

As for the talent of the imposing manner, the majestic imposing manner of the condense on the body also cannot stop the invasion of Thunder.

There was a boom.

Luo Xiu made a full punch and fell.

Zhou He’s body was instantly shattered, but it was just an afterimage.

A wisp of aura from the Great Dao of Wind was caught by Luo Xiu.

Obviously, Zhou He has more than one talent rune.

thunder rune and wind rune.

Thunder’s attack is very strong, and the wind rune also has speed enforcement.

However, Luo Xiu is faster.

He used more than two hundred fleshly body Secret Sect strength enforcement.

A pair of fleshy palms condensed into fists, punching out one after another True Martial road seal.

Faced with Luo Xiu’s domineering attack, Zhou He wanted to avoid it with speed but found that he couldn’t avoid it.

Every time Luo Xiu takes an action, there is no fluctuation.

This makes it impossible for Zhou He to predict.

And this effect comes from the hidden talent.

The hidden talent can hide Luo Xiu’s own fluctuations.

Although on the fleshly body Secret Sect Realm, Luo Xiu is not as good as Zhou He.

But Luo Xiu’s fleshly body is stronger than Zhou He.

close combat Fight for a while.

Zhou He’s two arms were drenched with blood, almost all of them were exploded.

This makes Zhou He’s face somewhat gloomy, because Luo Xiu’s strength is far stronger than he thought.

Within the body’s Dao Ze power revolving, Zhou He’s injuries on both arms quickly recovered.

At this moment, he looked towards Luo Xiu again with a deep dignity in his eyes.

He finally understands why the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage powerhouse will offer such good conditions.

He thought that Luo Xiu was powerful, but after all, a Realm of fleshly body Secret Sect was inferior to him, and he was definitely not his opponent.

It turned out that after the real hand to hand battle, I discovered that this guy is only Peak of the Supreme Beginning Realm.

But his fleshly body strength and strength are definitely stronger than ordinary Taiyuan realm.

At this moment, Zhou He already regrets a little.