Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4494

The crowd watching the game couldn’t help but complexion changed again.

Because they can all see that Zhou He is seriously injured.

The injury of the fleshly body requires a lot of resources to be repaired.

Don’t say anything else, just the magic weapon that was interrupted by Luo Xiu’s palm is the weapon that Zhou He tailored for himself.

The value of this weapon is close to thousands of Supreme Crystals.

In addition, Zhou He’s Soul Willpower also suffered considerable damage.

In general, it will take Zhou He at least a hundred years to recover.

And the resources consumed can at least reach the highest crystal worth more than 3000.

At this time, Zhou He has suffered a lot.

After all, I got the opportunity to hand to hand battle with Luo Xiu this time, and gave Luo Xiu 500 Supreme Crystals.

At the same time, Zhou He was seriously injured and suffered heavy losses.

This suddenly made the faces of other people who were ready to challenge Luo Xiu difficult to look.

They didn’t expect Zhou He to lose, and it would be so miserable.

In the arena, Luo Xiu’s gaze looked towards the others around him, “I have already said hand to hand battle before. I hope those who want to challenge me will come back after thinking about it.”

“Since you plan to defeat me to gain the benefits of the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage, if you lose to me, you will have to pay the price.”

Faced with Luo Xiu’s this remark, everyone was speechless and could not argue.

Liang Taiyuan was also a little surprised, looking towards Luo Xiu, “You won the First Stage, do you still accept other people’s challenges?”

Luo Xiu faintly nodded, “Three days later.”

After speaking, Luo Xiu directly meditated cross-legged on the ring, losing the cultivation base and Soul Willpower before recovering.

Three days is just a flick of a finger for their cultivator.

Waiting on the 2nd day, someone suddenly said, “Luo Xiu, do you dare to take all the challenges?”

Luo Xiu’s gaze looked towards this person who spoke.

Liang Taiyuan on the side explained, “This person is Hamura, who is ranked 10th in the top genius list.”

“I heard that it is Ge Xue Senior’s discipline?”

“As for whose challenge I am willing to accept, it is my business, not yours.”

Hamura hearing this sneered, “Aren’t you always arrogant, now you know that you are afraid? You dare not?”

“Exciting generals is useless to me.”

Luo Xiu sneered, “As far as I know, you have been cultivating in the Supreme Hall for more than 1010,000 years, right? Cultivated in the Hall for so long, and there is no breakthrough in the Unbeginning Realm. A proud gesture in front of me?”

Hamura’s complexion changed, just about to speak.

However, Luo Xiu did not give him a chance to speak at all, and directly opened the mouth and said, “Which one is Yue Feng come up.”

Yue Feng, this person is ranked 35th on the top genius list.

If there is no warning from Zhou He, he will certainly play without the slightest hesitation.

But now he hesitated.

Although he ranks slightly higher on the top genius list than Zhou He, but he is not much stronger.

But at this moment in full view, he can’t admit it.

So Yue Feng had to brace oneself and chose to play.

Liang Taiyuan still took out a sign to make the two of them branded.

Then the two didn’t say a word, they started the hand to hand battle directly.

This time, Luo Xiu’s take action directly did not have any spare power.

He didn’t have any defense at all. He forcibly carried all the attacks of Yue Feng and came to this person. He sneered and slammed a punch on Yue Feng’s face, hitting him with a peach blossom.

After a while, Yue Feng rolled all over the heavy arena of fresh blood dripping.

Luo Xiu face doesn’t change, smiled faintly, “It seems that the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage ranks in the top 50 of the top genius list, so it’s just that little strength.”

At the same time, Luo Xiu is in a good mood.

Two people challenged, and the 1000 Supreme Crystal came first.

This resource is so easy!

Thanks to Martial Dao for sending me resources!