Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4536


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Rejected Gu Yunming’s lobbying again.

Luo Xiu also began to think about some questions.

As far as he knows.

Today’s five-dimensional world, in many higher dimensions, although it is also very powerful, it is far from the most powerful.

Many Supreme Realm powerhouses in the five-dimensional world may not be monolithic.

And I have never heard of any Supreme that is superior to other Supremes.

A seemingly peaceful pattern.

It’s actually not a good situation.

“If there is a Supreme, you can overwhelm others, so that other Supremes can follow their orders, and the five-dimensional world can be considered unified, and all the strengths can be consolidated into one rope.”

“Only in this way, no matter what happens, you can directly suppress, and there will be no such thing as the dispute between primordial Martial Dao and multiple Martial Dao.”

Luo Xiu sighed and said to himself.

If there is a powerhouse, he said that primordial Martial Dao can hand over the primordial martial secret, and primordial Martial Dao can only hand over.

He said that if you let the multi-Martial Dao lineage obediently and honestly go out, those people in the multi-Martial Dao have to get out of the way and dare not hesitate.

Five-dimensional world.

What is missing is such a powerhouse.

A person in Supreme, such as Emperor King-like and Supreme.

About this level.

Luo Xiu doesn’t think he has any say, nor is he qualified to teach Supremes how to do things.


The five-dimensional world can still maintain a balance. At least the Supremes should be on the same line when facing foreign enemies.

Except when facing the enemy, there is also fierce fighting inside.


This day.

Luo Xiu went out and met Gong Haiyan.

The genius who entered the cultivation of the martial arts palace at the same time as his Senior Brother Chen Feng is also a difficult female powerhouse.

Gong Haiyan seeing Luo Xiu, nodded with a smile, the attitude gives Luo Xiu the feeling, which is still very kind.

In the battle between primordial Martial Dao and multiple Martial Dao.

Gong Haiyan is neutral here, and the two don’t want to help. According to Gu Yunming, Gong Haiyan is also their kind.

When the two passed by.

Gong Haiyan stopped suddenly and looked towards Luo Xiu, “The ancient land of soul is about to open, do you know this?”

“Ancient Soul Land?”

“Yes, the place dedicated to tempering Soul Willpower is more valuable than fleshly body Secret Realm. In the ancient soul land, the speed of opening Sea of ​​Consciousness Secret Sect will be faster.” Gong Haiyan said.

The concept of Sea of ​​Consciousness Secret Sect.

That is for the powerhouse above the borderless state.

Gong Haiyan doesn’t know if Luo Xiu has opened the cultivation art of Sea of ​​Consciousness Secret Sect, but even if it doesn’t, if Luo Xiu’s innate talent enters the ancient soul cultivation.

Soul Willpower can accumulate to Perfection faster, and when the time comes, it is qualified for breakthrough without beginning.

After all, Luo Xiu is now.

His Soul Willpower power has reached the Origin Realm Late Stage too, close to Peak level.


The strength of his Soul Willpower is not weaker than Origin Realm Peak, and even beyond the ordinary sense of Origin Realm Peak.

“Is the palace ready to open this Secret Realm?” Luo Xiu suddenly became energetic.

“That’s right.”

Gong Haiyan clicked nodded, “This is an opportunity for you to accumulate yourself as soon as possible, saving you a long time for cultivation.”

Speaking of which.

Gong Haiyan’s tone paused slightly, “However, there are not many quotas for the Ancient Soul Land, and the allocation of this quota has always been in the hands of the multi-dimensional Martial Dao lineage.”

After hearing this, Luo Xiu felt helpless.

There is no doubt that.

Since someone from the multiple Martial Dao lineage controls the quota, it is almost impossible for him to get the quota from this primordial Martial Dao.

After all, Primordial Martial Dao and Diverse Martial Dao just had a fight. Although Diverse Martial Dao did not die who, the foreign aid of the Protoss invited by Diverse Martial Dao was completely killed. Wu was also very ruthless when he started.

If it wasn’t for the face of the Martial Ancestor family.

It is estimated that those who Yao Venerable, Old Wu is also going to kill them all.

At first, I didn’t take action to kill these people, mainly to bring out the powerhouse that’s all behind the scenes.

“For quotas, you can think of a way.”

Gong Haiyan laughed, and then paced away, gradually moving away.

Think of a way?

What can I do?

Luo Xiu is even more speechless. I am a Little Xiu who is not yet in the endless realm. I went to ask someone from the eternal realm to ask for a quota. I guess I will definitely be despised…