Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 4576


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Luo Xiu said this.

Wu Wei felt like listening to the heavenly book.

But take a closer look.

I feel like what Luo Xiu said is the same thing.

“By the way, I remember one thing.” Wu Wei said suddenly.

“What’s the matter?”

“I have read a record before. Many years ago, there was a person who turned on the fleshly body Secret Sect and reached nearly 300. This is one of the people who turned on the fleshly body Secret Sect in a long time.”

“When this person was in the Life and Death World to gain experience, he had only the Quasi-Eternal Realm, but he encountered an opponent in the Eternal Realm. At the critical moment, his battle strength erupted to a terrifying level, which seemed to be Soul The power of Willpower and the power of fleshly body Secret Sect fuse together, leapfrogging and killing that Eternal Realm!”

“It’s just that his burst of this strength is too strong for him to bear, so that after killing his opponent, he himself suffers backlash and died.”

“This point is somewhat similar to the conjecture you mentioned. The power of Soul Willpower and the power of fleshly body Secret Sect fuse together, interoperate?”

“A similar phenomenon has not appeared in other people. The similarity lies in the fact that although the number of fleshly body Secret Sects activated by him is not as good as yours, it is also a lot.”

Wu Wei’s this remark.

Let Luo Xiu’s eyes shine.

After all, he is just a feeling, a speculation.

And there is similar evidence that can prove his conjecture, which means that his conjecture is correct, and he can proceed in this direction?

As for my guess of this, I will talk to Wu Wei.

Luo Xiu doesn’t care much.

After all, not everyone can be like him. At the level of Supreme Beginning Realm, more than 300 Secret Sects can be activated.

When he turned on these Secret Sects by himself, it seemed to be turned on by nature.

Others want to open Secret Sect, they need to have the corresponding cultivation art to open it, and the current highest cultivation art is to open more than 200 Secret Sect.

Even if there are some Secret Sects that are accidentally turned on, it is difficult for them to add up to more than three hundred this.

“I feel that your this speculation is more and more interesting. If it is really as you said, there is a special Secret Sect that can connect the power of Soul Willpower and the power of fleshly body Secret Sect, and convert it at will. Even fuse together, our five-dimensional world’s cultivation system, all cultivators, can be so powerful!”

“Especially for the Supreme Realm powerhouse, once it can burst out a strength far beyond its own, it can occupy a greater right to speak when talking and fighting with other powerhouses in other worlds, and it may even unify the powerhouses. Big dimension, reproduce the brilliant Peak of the highest dimension!”

Wu Wei’s eyes were red with excitement.

This is a great dream.

It is also a dream pursued by any powerhouse in the five-dimensional world.

Reproduce the glory of the highest dimension!

“If you can lock the location of this Secret Sect, find the method to open this special Secret Sect, you can even go directly over the process of opening the fleshly body Secret Sect and the Sea of ​​Consciousness Secret Sect cultivation, you only need to open this Secret Sect, Can cultivate successfully Great Divine Ability!” Luo Xiu extended more ideas.


After some conversation.

Wu Wei took back the topics he had discussed with Luo Xiu and told Dazu Wu.

In a great hall.

Wu Dazu closed his eyes and listened to Wu Wei repeating the conversation between him and Luo Xiu.

“Special Secret Sect?”

Wu Dazu eyes opened, “This brat is really a genius, no wonder some people care about him so much!”

For a powerhouse like Wu Dazu, the cognition and understanding of the cultivation system is naturally far beyond ordinary people.

The idea and inference of this special Secret Sect proposed by Luo Xiu, Wu Dazu thinks there is still a certain probability, even this probability is not low!

“Similar ideas, in fact, Luo Xiu was not the first to propose. There have been similar ideas and speculations before, but not at all any results…”

Wu Dazu sighed and said, “The most successful case was to cultivate a genius in the Taishi Realm to open close to two hundred Secret Sect levels. However, the potential of this genius has come to an end, and it is impossible to open more Secret Sects. In the end, the only breakthrough was too Origin Realm, and eventually it was nothing.”

“Anyone tried?” Wu Wei was a little surprised, he didn’t know these things.

“Of course.”

Wu Dazu laughed, “Over the long and long years, countless geniuses and powerhouses have been born in the five-dimensional world. Luo Xiu is not the only one who is a clever man. There are countless geniuses with all kinds of fantastic ideas.”

“However, in previous cases, people not at all proposed a special Secret Sect this idea. They just speculated that the number of fleshly body Secret Sect should be limited. If the number of fleshly body Secret Sect can be turned on To the limit, there will be incredible changes.”

“In the past, some people thought that more than two hundred Secret Sects were the limit, but now it seems not. After all, Luo Xiu, according to what you said, he has opened more than 300 Secret Sects.”

“Grand Ancestral Grandfather, then do you think Luo Xiu’s speculation will come true? If he really opens the so-called special Secret Sect in the future, this is a reform of great historical significance!”

Wu Dazu shook his head, “No one knows this. Maybe he went on the right path and he really succeeded. But if he goes wrong, it doesn’t matter if he just fails. I’m afraid there’s something wrong with the cultivation. I played with my own backlash and died.”

“The most critical question is that he can open more than 300 Secret Sects in the Taishi Realm. Just imagine, who can do this?”

For Luo Xiu, more than 300 Secret Sect can be activated.

Dazu Wu is also very curious.

After all, there is no corresponding cultivation art. How did he lock the Secret Sect and then turn on the Secret Sect?

Or to say.

Luo Xiu this guy has a special physique, or he has a special avenue, he doesn’t need to specifically lock the Secret Sect, he only needs to follow the step-by-step cultivation to automatically open some Secret Sect?

Similar situations are also recorded.

So Wu Dazu can infer some traces.

I have to say.

Wu Dazu’s inference is very close to the authenticity. When Luo Xiu was cultivating, it was indeed natural to cultivation, and he could turn on one after another Secret Sect.

Luo Xiu himself has made various speculations and deductions, perhaps related to his True Martial Avenue, or perhaps related to his special fleshly body physique.

It may also be related to the fact that he once destroyed Dao Foundation and reshaped Dao Foundation…

“I’m looking forward to whether this little fellow can really figure out something.” Wu Dazu said with his eyes narrowed.

After speaking.

Wu Dazu flipped his hand and shot a flowing light, which disappeared instantly.

Seeing Wu Wei’s suspicious look, Dazu Wu explained, “I arranged for someone to protect him in secret. This brat is the primordial Martial Dao’s discipline after all. It’s a big loss if someone gets killed in a muddle.”

Wu Wei is nodded. In fact, he also has an intuition. It seems that Dazu Wu and the highest level Old Guys of the Martial Ancestor family care about Luo Xiu.

This cares, even surpasses the care of Ren Wu, the care of Chen Feng, and even the care of Old Wu.

Even even.

Wu Wei has a guess that the Martial Ancestor family cares most about Luo Xiu, not primordial Martial Dao!

This guy Luo Xiu.

What’s the secret in him?

Only about this issue, even if he belongs to the direct line of the Martial Ancestor family, Wu Dazu never mentioned it.