Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 88

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“Cough cough cough …”

In a hidden within cave, the black robe on Luo Xiu’s body was broken, the flesh on his chest was blurred, and his body was covered with scars.

Although his strength is enough to sweep the Realm of Innate, under the siege of 100 Innate Monster Beasts, he can break through and is also very injured.

In the storage ring, there are ten more Blood Beads, which are obtained by beasting Monster Beast when he kills the herd. These 2 are Innate Level Blood Beads. After swallowing them, he can probably let him fleshly body cultivation. Go to Great Success Realm.

However, as more and more Blood Beads were swallowed by Luo Xiu, he also found that the Blood Bead was a condensed version of the blood qi essence of Monster Beast, and the blood qi of Monster Beast and the blood qi of Human Race martial artist. There are great differences.

Therefore, in the process of refining, converting Monster Beast blood qi into its own blood qi will make its own aura become mixed.

This problem is not obvious at first, but the more Blood Beads it consumes, the more this problem will become prominent.

Therefore, Luo Xiu did not immediately take these 2 Innate Level Blood Beads to improve his Fleshly Body Realm, but instead, within the body condense Life and Death Two Extremes Fire, quenched the impurities in the body refining, and rounded the mixed aura. As one.

This Myriad Monsters Secret Realm is full of Monster Beasts. Luo Xiu is unafraid to cultivate here. Immediately at the entrance of the cave, he drops a Rank 5 Defensive Array Disk and a Rank 5 Concealment Array Disk.

These array disks are treasures left by Martial King Bu Chen. As long as the Origin Qi Stone is used to provide energy for revolving, there is no need for a martial artist to support the operation of the array with his own strength.

Of course, this does not need to manipulate the array manually, which is much worse than the Array Master’s own layout of array manipulation.

The flames of black and white circulate in the meridian, shortly blooming and rising from the inside out.

Life and Death Power contains endless Profound Mystery. The Life and Death Two Extremes Fire created by the condom is even more magical. It quenches the impurities in the body refining and consolidates the aura condensed into one. It is with no difficulty.

Profound Mystery of Life and Death Two Extremes, Luo Xiu is difficult to comprehension, but can really feel the strength of this strength.

don’t say Life and Death Two Extremes, even if it separates Life Power and Death Power separately, it also gives him a powerful ability far beyond common martial artist.

Condensing aura and tempering impurities, Luo Xiu’s mind is thinking. If his fleshly body can tempering to First Layer Great Success, the body can be comparable to Human High Grade Battle Weapon. I wonder if I can use the 3x strength of Profound Heaven Transformation?

Profound Heaven Transformation this Absolute Secret Art can excite 2 to 5x strength. The stronger the strength of the excitation, the greater the burst on the body. So far, Luo Xiu can only use 2x strength against the enemy.


Martial Dao has cultivation base division, realm division, and also fleshly body division.

According to Luo Xiu’s current knowledge, the cultivation base is divided into Nine Great Realms, followed by body refining, Qi Sea, Innate, Refining Spirit, Martial King, Martial Monarch, Martial Sovereign, Martial Venerable, and Martial Emperor.

Realm is divided into Art and Dao, art has four realms, Initial Success, Small Success, Great Success, Perfection, after entering Dao, and you can master Martial Dao Concept.

The fleshly body is divided into Low Battle Body, Middle Battle Body, High Battle Body, Peak Battle Body, King Battle Body, Monarch Battle Body, Sovereign Battle Body, Venerable Battle Body, and Emperor Battle Body!

Luo Xiu’s fleshly body is now at the Middle Battle Body level, close to the High Battle Body!

As he devoured the Innate Level Blood Bead tempering fleshly body, Yan Yue’er shuttled through the woods in the Second Area, grabbing each and everyone seriously injured and dying Innate Martial Master.

“If it weren’t for my Primordial Spirit damage that needed Revitalizing Soul Grass refining Soul Recovery Pill, why bother?”

Except for Luo Xiu and the dead Huang Yuanshan, the other 7 Innate Martial Masters were all abolished by Yan Yue’er and controlled.

“Young Lady Yan, why do you abandon me waiting for the cultivation base to arrest us?” The 7 Innate Martial Masters were all angry and filled with indignation.

Martial Dao Cultivation Base is abolished, and any martial artist of Body Refining Realm can easily kill them.

For a martial artist, getting rid of the cultivation base is even harder to accept than being killed.

“Even if the cultivation base is abolished, I will not let you insult you as a martial cultivator. You have the ability to kill me!” Someone shouted.

“To shut up!”

Yan Yue’er coldly snorted, beautiful eyes showed coldness, a vast and powerful imposing manner spread from her delicate body.

The imposing manner scattered on her body made all 7 Innate Martial Masters feel a fear originating from Soul Source. Even when facing the Refining Spirit Martial Ancestor and even Martial Dao King, they never made them feel this way. .

In front of this ancient Sword Province Yán Family, what exactly is it and what is its cultivation base?

Everyone couldn’t help but have a bad feeling.

The white clothes man stepped out and sealed the throats of the 7 Innate Martial Masters so that they could not make a sound. The short and burly robust man also came forward to help and bundle the 7 Innate Martial Masters together.

“Where did that Asura go?”

Yan Yue’er Divine Consciousness hiding the sky and covering the earth shrouded a large area of ​​scarlet woods, and raised his eyebrows slightly.

This Myriad Monsters Secret Realm, starting from the Third Area, must be blood sacrifice to enter, so Yan Yue’er only captured the 7 Innate Martial Masters for the purpose of blood sacrifice.

As for the Monster Beast in Secret Realm, it cannot be used for blood sacrifice.

It is precisely because of many harsh conditions that the Yán Family has mastered Myriad Monsters Secret Realm for several thousands years, but it has only explored the Fourth Area at most.

Because entering the Third Area requires the Innate martial artist to use blood sacrifice, the Fourth Area uses the Refining Spirit Martial Ancestor to use blood sacrifice, and the Fifth Area uses the Martial King powerhouse to use blood sacrifice!

Even if it is the Yán Family, it is absolutely reluctant to use several Martial King powerhouses for blood sacrifice.

However, if there is Twin Moon Monster Jade, there are not so many restrictions. As long as the cultivation base is enough, you can use Twin Moon Monster Jade to enter higher areas without blood sacrifice.

To enter the Third Area, even if you have the Twin Moon Monster Jade, you must have a Refining Spirit Realm cultivation base.

Because of Primordial Spirit damage, Yan Yue’er cultivation base fell to Innate Realm. It stands to reason that even with Twin Moon Monster Jade in hand, it is not possible to enter the Third Area.

However, this deficiency can be achieved through blood sacrifice, so that you can smoothly enter the Third Area.

So, that Silver Moon Monster Jade of Luo Xiu hands, she must get it.

Otherwise, she can only restore the cultivation base to the Refining Spirit Realm in this Second Area, and then she can enter the Third Area through blood sacrifice.

“You have to find him!”

Yan Yue’er leaped up, and Divine Consciousness kept narrowing the search.


Within cave, under the cover of Rank 5 Concealment Array, in a short time, Yan Yue’er was unable to find his hiding place.

One after another Innate Level Blood Bead was taken by him, and Luo Xiu’s fleshly body continued to strengthen, and soon reached the limit of the Middle Battle Body, with only a touch to reach the High Level Battle Body Realm.

The bones of his within the body flashed a faint golden light. When the last Innate Blood Bead after taking, a violent blood energy rushed at within 4 of the body. The tragic pain was swept away in a flash. whole body.

Luo Xiu’s face deathly pale, blood was spilled from his mouth and nose, and his body was trembling. He didn’t expect that the Middle Battle Body breakthrough to the High Battle Body would be so painful.

It’s as if every inch of bone in the body is crushed and reorganized, flesh and blood is burned by flames, and then reborn.

The barrier wall between the Battle Body Realm was broken, and the stronger Strength of Fleshly Body filled the whole body, and it was a terrible pain, which made Luo Xiu 2’s eyes dark and almost collapsed.

There were veins on his forehead, and despite the pain to increase the level, he could only endure patience.

I don’t know how long this state lasted, maybe just a short moment, but it was a long time for Luo Xiu.

As the pain of the body faded away, the black robe on Luo Xiu’s body was completely wet with sweat.

“Is this the High Battle Body?”

took a deep breath, Luo Xiu slowly raised his hand and fisted, feeling the strength of the body.

High Battle Body can fight human Middle Grade Battle Body without damage, attack by ordinary Refining Spirit Martial Ancestor, and can also firmly resist a 2.

However, at this moment, Luo Xiu’s gaze suddenly felt, and a sense of throbbing came from the Rank 5 Concealment Array at the entrance of the cave.

“Good tyrannical Soul Perception! No, no! This is not Soul Perception, but Divine Consciousness. Only Powerhouses above Refining Spirit Realm can condense the Strength of Divine Consciousness!”

Within cave, Luo Xiu stood up suddenly, expressing unprecedented dignity.

“found it!”

Yan Yue’er keeps narrowing down the search, so that her Divine Consciousness can investigate more carefully, and finally she finds a suspicious place.

Body moved, she flew out, and the lovable body glide in midair for a short time, speeding fast.

After a moment, she came near the cave.

“No wonder I find it so difficult for you. It’s Rank 5’s Concealment Array.” Yan Yue’er’s beautiful eyes squinted slightly.

Rank 5 Concealment Array, even Martial King powerhouse Divine Consciousness can not be explored, but Yan Yue’er is extraordinary, you can find the Rank 5 Concealment Array.

I saw her slowly find out jade hand, a bronze array disk was captured, it is a Rank 5 Concealment Array Disk.

There is also a Middle Grade Origin Qi Stone inlaid on the array disk.

Without the Concealment Array, Yan Yue’er Divine Consciousness swept towards the cave and instantly locked Luo Xiu within the cave.

At the same time, Luo Xiu walked to the entrance of the cave and confronted her distantly.

“Asura, do you think the Rank 5 Defensive Array can resist me?” Yan Yue’er said quietly with a smile.

“Ms. Yue’er, what do you mean? Are you going to be my enemy?” Luo Xiu said solemnly.

Yan Yue’er indifferent expression, differentially said: “I want that Monster Jade in your hands.”

“What if I don’t give it?”

“Then I can only grab it …”

Yan Yue’er laughed disapprovingly, the flames flashing under his feet, the palms rushed out, the flames surged, turned into a Fire Phoenix, and moved towards Luo Xiu fluttered.


Fire Phoenix hit the light barrier of the Rank 5 Defensive Array, and a tyrannical aftermath spread out, destroying all the vegetation within 100 zhang range, raze to the ground, and gravel splattered.

With a ka-cha, the Middle Grade Origin Qi Stone inlaid on Rank 5 Defensive Array Disk shattered, and the array light barrier disappeared.

The array disk provides energy support through Origin Qi Stone. The previous palm of Yan Yue’er did not break the defense of Rank 5 Array, but the array evacuated the Middle Grade Origin Qi Stone in an instant in order to defend her attack. energy.

This is the disadvantage of array disk.

Luo Xiu was not given the opportunity to continue to embed the Origin Qi Stone on the array disk at all. Yan Yue’er’s figure flashed in front of Luo Xiu, and a palm condense raging flames slaps on his chest.

“hmph! ”

Luo Xiu had a cold look, and the condom Netherworld Death Flame hit him with a Raging Flame Palm fierce collision with Yan Yue’er.

Accompanied by a dull sound, Luo Xiu’s figure took a half step back, with a look of surprise, with the fleshly body he just broke through to the High Battle Body, was actually blurred by the fist of a fist shaken by Yan Yue’er. Raging Flames True Qi deep and pure, seemingly delicate body, is actually a body refining martial artist!

Yan Yue’er on the opposite side also flashed a beautiful look in beautiful eyes. It seemed a little surprised, “You have already broken through to the High Battle Body Realm?”

Yan Yue’er cannot be surprised, because when Luo cultivated the first Qi Sea Level Blood Bead, she noticed that his fleshly body was only the Middle Battle Body level, even if there was enough Innate Blood Bead, it should not be Will break through to the High Battle Body so quickly.

Because Blood Bead contains Monster Beast blood energy, the aura of the martial artist will become mixed. Impurities are contained in the bloodline. The impurities must be quenched and the aura mix must be condensed to achieve further breakthrough.

Obviously, this Asura should have some powerful cultivation art, which can quickly remove impurities and condense aura.

When Yan Yue’er muttered, Luo Xiu was also watching this woman.

Just at the start, Yan Yue’er released a trace of aura, probably in the Innate 7th Layer, but its Raging Flames True Qi is pure and strong, even the Great Martial Master can’t match it.

In addition, this woman also has Divine Consciousness. Aura is vast and unpredictable. The overall strength is only comparable to Refining Spirit Martial Ancestor.

Suddenly, a sharp killing intent broke out between two people, and in an instant, Luo Xiu and Yan Yue’er started at the same time.

“weng! ”

Earth Middle Grade battle sword unsheathe, although the power of this battle sword cannot be fully stimulated by Luo Xiu’s current cultivation base, but with the sharpness of the battle sword, even the King Battle Body dare not despise.

Yan Yue’er on the opposite side is a pinch. Raging Flames True Qi condense becomes one after another Fire Sword. It is dense like rain, and hundreds of simultaneously moved towards Luo Xiu are cut off.

Every Fire Sword can easily penetrate the Middle Battle Body. Even though Luo Xiu is High Battle Body Realm at the moment, if it is hit by several hundred Fire Swords, it will be peeled if it is not dead.

Pa! pa! pa! ……

One after another Fire Sword is chopped, Luo Xiu sword drawing speed fast as rushing thunder, battle sword forms a sword net, and Fire Sword will be smashed when it falls into it.

“Very fast sword! Unfortunately, you don’t have a comprehension Sword Intent. Sword Art, no matter how fast, is just such an insignificant ability.”

Yan Yue’er’s eyes flashed a little surprise first, and then face revealed disdain.

Perfection Realm’s Sword Art may be tricky for Innate Martial Master and ordinary Refining Spirit, but for her, it’s nothing.

I saw her jade hand make seal, punched out with one hand, and where the flames and mighty flames passed, the air wafted with ripples and ripples, as if to burn down this World’s All Living Things!

“This … is this Martial Dao Concept?”

Luo Xiu was sent flying with a sword and was blown with a stern look.

Yan Yue’er’s martial skill formidable power tyrannical is at least Grade 7 Martial Arts!

Not only that, her True Qi with a concept of Burning All Living Things, made him feel that True Qi within the body seemed to be ignited and burned.

If it weren’t for the special Power of Life and Death Two Extremes he was cultivation, I’m afraid that the blow he just made was not sent flying, but was seriously injured.

And Yan Yue’er used this Raging Flames Martial Intent to resist Death Power, so that Luo Xiu could not damage her Life Veins.

Without the slightest hesitation, whether it is Martial Dao Cultivation Base, Martial Dao Realm, or Martial Dao Fleshy Body, Luo Xiu is not as good as this Yan Yue’er in every aspect!

“Give up the Silver Moon Monster Jade, I can spare you!”

Yan Yue’er’s beautiful eyes stared at Luo Xiu and said proudly.

If it weren’t for Primordial Spirit damage, she would be the Monarch of a Generation, and the entire Sky Martial Country can match her, no more than ten!

Luo Xiu expression is unmoved. Although this Yan Yue’er is very strong, it is not enough to make himself begging for mercy.

His eyes were cold, and secretly revolving the 3x Strength of Profound Heaven Transformation!

Profound Heaven Transformation 3x Strength has a bigger burden for the fleshly body. Fortunately, the fleshly body breakthrough of Luo Xiu has reached the High Battle Body, but it can withstand the backlash of Absolute Secret Art.

revolving secret technique, the imposing manner on Luo Xiu’s body suddenly climbed, feeling the change of aura on his body, the opposite Yan Yue’er brows slightly wrinkle.

Because of the need to suppress the damage of Primordial Spirit damage, she cannot use much strength, so she can not take action and try not to take action, so as not to worsen the damage of Primordial Spirit.

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