Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 89

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“Ten Directions Afterimage!”

Luo Xiu body moved, 9 afterimages flashed away, and true body was difficult to distinguish.

He lifted the sword in his hand, and in front of Yan Yue’er, the black and white fire rose on the sword, as a Light of Yin-Yang’s Life and Death stabbed at Yan Yue’er’s forehead.


This style is one move of pinnacle in Aurora Sword Art!

This sword of Luo Xiu’s take action is approaching the pinnacle and 3x Strength amplification. What shocked him even more is that the increased strength is not an ordinary 3 times, but a 2 times increase on the basis of 3x Strength. 6x Strength!

Facing such a sword, even Yan Yue’er felt a hint of danger.

I saw her take out a slender soft sword from the storage ring, and the sword blade immediately trembled under the shaking, and the hot flames burned up.

One move containing the Raging Flames Martial Intent, even though the Refining Spirit 1st Layer is difficult to resist.

Luo Xiu is not afraid, this is already his strongest one move so far, with Profound Heaven Transformation 6x Strength amplification, condense Power of Life and Death Two Extremes into flames, if it is not yet Yan Yue’er’s opponent, That is, he should hit.


The flame splattered 4 shots, and the sharpness sharp Sword Qi shot toward all directions, piercing the surrounding ground.

A terrifying aura of Burning All Living Things is passed to Luo Xiu’s within the body through the battle sword. This contains Martial Intent Power. Even if Life and Death Two Extremes True Qi is difficult to resolve, it is instantly a mouthful of blood spurted.

However, Yan Yue’er on the opposite side was also uncomfortable. With Luo Xiu’s 6x Strength amplification, her soft sword was shaken by Earth Middle Grade battle sword. Luo Xiu’s left hand condense Power of Life and Death Two Extremes hit a Seal Art. Strikes is on her right shoulder.

This palm print is Luo Xiu’s comprehension Life and Death Seal from Source Law Diagram. The formidable power is much more powerful than Aurora Sword Art.

I saw Yan Yue’er body trembled, Power of Life and Death Two Extremes invaded the body, and the wounded Primordial Spirit injury could hardly be suppressed.

She was groaned, her body receded at a rapid speed, and a few flashes sank into the scarlet woods, disappeared.

Luo Xiu did not pursue, although he hurt Yan Yue’er, he also paid a considerable price.

The first is the backlash of the 6x Strength of Profound Heaven Transformation on the body, which caused a burst of tears in his fleshly body. If Yan Yue’er does not retreat, he will perform it again. The fleshly body of High Battle Body Realm only Afraid to collapse.

In addition, the aura containing the Raging Flames Martial Intent was vandalized within the body, and he had to revolving with all his strength to suppress it.

After this battle, Luo Xiu finally understood what is there is Person beyond the Person and there is Heaven beyond the Heaven.

One hand of Perfect Realm’s quick sword, Power of Life and Death Two Extremes, Profound Heaven Transformation Absolute Secret Art, made him until now consider himself an invincible under Refining Spirit, even if it is the Refining Spirit 1st Layer Realm Martial Ancestor powerhouse, he is enough Compete with one 2.

But this Yan Yue’er, clearly also Innate Realm, condense the Divine Consciousness and refine the Martial Intent, which is far superior to himself in all aspects.

If she was not frightened and left with a single palm injury to her left shoulder, and then moved one more, she would be sure to kill herself.

This battle was a profound lesson for Luo Xiu, which allowed him to put a high mind on himself and straighten his mentality.

However, he did not know that the reason why Yan Yue’er was so powerful was because she was originally a Martial Monarch cultivation base powerhouse. She looked like a young girl, but she had lived for more than 300 years!

And she was not frightened away, but also because the trauma of Primordial Spirit was involved. Once the injury broke out in full, she did not need Luo Xiu take action, and she was also very worried. She must find a safe place to suppress Primordial Spirit’s injury as soon as possible.


Back at the cave, Luo Xiu re-inlaid the Middle Grade Origin Qi Stone on the Rank 5 Defensive Array Disk and placed it at the cave entrance.

Although he can only defend a blow, but also allows him enough reaction time.

Luo Xiu’s last regret now is that he did not prepare some array flags for the array. Otherwise, by his means, it is better to arrange several Rank 3 Arrays than Rank 5 Array Disk.

He has the ratings of the Rank 5 Array Master, but the shackles of the cultivation base can only arrange the Rank 3 Array.

Leaving a lot of thoughts behind, Luo Xiu calmly began to revolving All Heavens Life and Death Wheel.

After thoroughly comprehending the 1st Source Law Diagram diagram, Luo Xiu comprehended the cultivation art of All Heavens Life and Death Wheel, and the original cultivation of Pure Yang Art has been eliminated.

At the same time, Yan Yue’er was also in a hidden place to suppress the Primordial Spirit’s injuries. Compared to Luo Xiu, her injuries were much more serious.


Three days later, Luo Xiu eyes of within cave slowly opened. With the ability to repair Life Veins, as long as he was still alive, even serious injuries could be recovered.

That trace of flames invaded Dantian and was completely wiped out by him with All Heavens Life and Death Wheel.

When he treated Lu Mengyao’s Fire Yang Absolute Vein, he absorbed Power of Flame and made him own Power of Flame. Therefore, when he wiped out that trace of Raging Flames Martial Intent, he also spied a glimpse of flame Profound Mystery of Martial Intent.

Martial Intent all kinds of strange things, according to the respective artist ’s different portunities, different cultivation arts, different personalities, different physiques, the Martial Intent of the comprehension also has nothing common with each other.

It is said that if the cultivation base reaches Realm of Martial Monarch, Martial Intent can further sublimate Condensing into a Primordial Spirit. For example, Yan Yue’er masters Raging Flames Martial Intent. If she condense Primordial Spirit, it is Flame Primordial Spirit.

Ancient Sword Province Yán Family, proficient in cultivation Power of Flame.

“Then Yan Yue’er didn’t know where to go, and this three days not at all come to trouble me again, may I have entered the Third Area?”

This Secret Realm Space is divided into different areas. Luo Xiu doesn’t know much about it, and he doesn’t know the various restrictions for entering other areas.

After exiting from within cave, Luo Xiu continued to hunt Monster Beast in this Second Area to obtain Innate Level Blood Bead. Soul Perception always spread in case the Yan Yue’er appeared suddenly.

time quietly pass, unconsciously entered Myriad Monsters Secret Realm for more than half a month.

During this period, Luo Xiu beheaded Monster Beast to obtain Blood Bead, and the Fleshly Body Realm of High Battle Body continued to improve.

But as the Strength of Fleshly Body is getting stronger, he finds that the effect of Innate Level Blood Bead is already weak enough to allow him to cultivate to the Peak Battle Body.

“To break through Fleshly Body Realm, you need a higher level Blood Bead!”

Luo Xiu thought to himself, this Myriad Monsters Secret Realm, the First Area is Qi Sea Level Monster Beast, and the Second Area is all Innate Level Monster Beast, then if there is no accident, it should be Refining Spirit Level Monster Beast!

Only by beating the Refining Spirit Level Monster Beast can you get a higher level Blood Bead, and you can make fleshly body cultivation to a higher realm.

Luo Xiu couldn’t help but want to go to the Third Area.

With his current overall strength, the ordinary Refining Spirit Level Monster Beast should also be able to be killed, but if he encounters some more powerful Refining Spirit Level Monster Beast, he can only escape.

Hong long long ……

The 100 zhang waterfall was turbulent, and Luo Xiu was near the puddle below the waterfall, holding a few sips of clear water.

Suddenly, his eyes slightly contracted and he felt a weak Life Aura.

This aura, although weak, is somewhat familiar.

Looking at all around, Luo Xiu quickly locked a hidden cave near the waterfall puddle.

After a while, Luo Xiu came to the cave, his eyes fixed slightly.

I saw a red-haired girl in the stone cave lying on the ground, seemingly fainted, pretty face pale, beautiful eyes confined, Life Aura was weak and seemed to die at any time.

Luo Xiu frowned. Although he was slapped by his Life and Death Seal, Yan Yue’er’s strength should not be the case.

He not at all suspected that this Yan Yue’er was pretending to be in a coma, because Life and Death Bead’s response to Life Aura was not wrong.


Yan Yue’er in a coma suddenly had a nightmare, embarrassed eyebrows, weak and helpless, which made people want to pity.

Luo Xiu stepped forward, Yan Yue’er was unaware.

At a close distance, Luo Xiu used Life Perception to investigate and found that Yan Yue’er’s body was seriously injured. It was a sign that the fleshly body was about to collapse.

The source of these injuries is because her Soul Consciousness Sea has been heavily injured!

As Luo Xiu’s perception probed her Soul Consciousness Sea, he felt a vast Divine Consciousness pressure, albeit faint, but the unpredictable prestige of Monarch Overlooking The Whole World.

This feeling, Luo Xiu also felt it when Ghost Yin Valley was owned by Su Jingyun body.

“Is this Yan Yue’er a Martial Monarch Level powerhouse, because the cultivation base fell because of Primordial Spirit heavy injury?” Luo Xiu speculated, this can also explain why she owns Divine Consciousness and masters Martial Intent.

But anyway, this Yan Yue’er seems fragile, but it ’s vicious and merciless. To start Secret Realm, he has 100 blood sacrifice. He has even taken action to kill Monster Jade.

However, this is a world where the powerhouse is respected. The weak are all ants. Which of the martial cultivators is not a cold-hearted, killing firmness?

“Mother … Yue’er will avenge you! …” Yan Yue’er in the coma uttered a nightmare again.

“This is a woman with a story.”

Strong on the outside and weak on the inside, the look of Yan Yue’er at the moment made Luo Xiu’s heart feel a touch of compassion.

Luo Xiu frowned. This mentality was not suitable for this world. Just like the disciple of the Gongsun Family at first, he was almost secretly killed by that person because of a trace of concealment.


The roar of the beast suddenly came from outside the cave, and several Monster Beasts rushed in, each and everyone minister sinister, with fierce eyes scarlet.

Luo Xiu pupil light, cold, a finger pointed, Black Flame Sword Qi condense, beheaded and killed these Innate Level Monster Beasts instantly.

Of the four Monster Beasts, only one Monster Beast became a Blood Bead.

The intense blood-reeking qi spreads, and in a moment, it will attract more Monster Beasts.

“Forget it, I’ll be good again.”

Despite knowing that compassion is necessary, Luo Xiu is only a 14-year-old teenager with a touch of kindness.

A few Netherworld Death Flames popped up, burned the corpse of 3 Monster Beast to burn to ashes, and then raised his hand, True Qi slammed out, sweeping the blood-reeking qi in the stone cave.

Luo Xiu then took out the array disk and placed it at the entrance of the stone cave.

sit cross-legged beside Yan Yue’er, after exploring his injuries, Luo Xiu knew that with his current ability, he could not heal the Primordial Spirit injury.

However, he can use the method of repairing Life Veins to stabilize the fleshly body injury of her collapse, thereby suppressing the worsening spread of Primordial Spirit’s injury.

Hold up Yan Yue’er in the coma, Luo Xiu’s palms are printed on her back, Power of Life and Death Two Extremes are transformed into Life Power within the body, and both palms enter Yan Yue’er’s within the Body, Life Veins, who started to repair her entire body collapse.


In a coma, Yan Yue’er’s consciousness is immersed in a dark and empty world.

In the battle with the teenager who claimed to be ‘Asura’, she didn’t expect that with her own strength, she would be injured by a teenager who was not Innate 3rd Layer Realm.

Seemingly not a serious injury, but it affected the suppressed Primordial Spirit injury. In a full-scale outbreak, her Sea of ​​Consciousness was almost broken, and the fleshly body did not have a strong Primordial Spirit to support it, and it was almost on the verge of collapse.

She felt that she had a long dream. She dreamed of seeing mother being killed in her own eyes when she was a child. She also dreamed that she was cultivation desperately, so that one day she could revenge her mother.

In 300 years, she is finally cultivated to Martial Monarch Realm, ranking among the Sky Martial Country Ten Great Martial Monarchs!

However, even so, she still does not have the power to avenge her revenge, but her own family should marry her to the son of an enemy!

Suddenly, she seemed to dream of lying in the embrace of mother, the warmest and happiest moment in her 300 years of life.

Unconsciously, her consciousness gradually recovered, and the lost strength seemed to be returning a little bit …

“I want to wake up, I want revenge!” She shouted almost inwardly.


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