Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 90

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For the treatment of Yan Yue’er, Luo Xiu cultivation base was extremely depleted.

He didn’t dare to run out of the cultivation base, otherwise if this woman wakes up, 10000, if she wants to make a killing intention on herself, she is afraid that he simply has no resistance.

Therefore, every time when one half of the cultivation base is lost, Luo Xiu will take out the Origin Qi Stone from the storage ring to restore the loss of the cultivation base.

Fortunately, he sold Earth Rank Battle Sword and cultivation art and had a lot of Origin Qi Stone on hand.

The injury lasted for a full 7 days. The life Veins of Yan Yue’er, which was about to collapse, was finally repaired by Luo Xiu, and was temporarily stabilized. The outbreak of the Primordial Spirit injury was also temporarily stable.

However, she can’t start with others, otherwise Primordial Spirit’s injury will break out again.

The consciousness of a deep coma gradually recovered, and the hot flame aura rose up within the body of Yan Yue’er.


Raging Flames True Qi bloomed on her body surface, and tight-fitting martial clothes were burned to ashes in a flash, and the white lovable body was exposed in front of Luo Xiu.

At the same time, Yan Yue’er opened his closed eyes in an instant.

The moment she woke up, her Divine Consciousness spread out, and she felt Luo Xiu behind her. At the same time, she knew that she was able to wake up and be saved by this person.

As soon as she moved Divine Consciousness, she felt a headache, Sea of ​​Consciousness almost collapsed, and immediately groaned, and quickly released the scattered Divine Consciousness.

At the moment when Yan Yue’er woke up, Luo Xiu also pulled away and said indifferently: “Your Primordial Spirit injury is only temporarily stable. If you move Divine Consciousness again, once the Sea of ​​Consciousness collapses, I cannot save you. 2 times. “

Hearing this, Yan Yue’er embroidered his eyebrows, and found himself naked, with a trace of shame and anger flashing in his beautiful eyes.

Her figure is curvy, curvaceous, and her skin is as white as jade. It can be described as the peerless stunner of countless men yearn for something even in dreams, but at the moment it is the first time that men have seen it.

There is clothing in the storage ring, but at this moment, you don’t need to use Divine Consciousness True Qi, you can’t remove it at all.

Just when she was at a loss, Luo Xiu took out a set of clothes and handed them over, “This is my clothes, you just make it up.”

Being naked, there was a wave of mental state in Yan Yue’er 300 years.

With such a perfect lovable body in front of him, Luo Xiu’s heart was filled with strange thoughts, and suddenly remembered that when he treated Lu Mengyao for Fire Yang Absolute Vein, wasn’t it the same scene?

Seeing Luo Xiu’s eyes sighed with memory, Yan Yue’er guessed that he probably thought of something in the past.

The body was seen, Yan Yue’er not at all made an unwise move under the shame and anger like an ordinary woman, she calmly took the clothes from Luo Xiu hands, and wore the clothes directly in front of him He didn’t ask him to turn around.

However, Luo Xiu knew that this seemingly strong woman had shown the weakest side in her heart when she was in a coma.

“Thank you for saving me.” After getting dressed, the two sat opposite each other in the stone cave. Yan Yue’er thanked Luo Xiu.

“You won’t requite kindness with enmity?” Luo Xiu laughed and teased, alleviating the slightly calm atmosphere between each other.

Yan Yue’er gazed at Luo Xiu, and Zhu Hong’s lips radiated a radian. Beautiful eyes smiled, “Since you are afraid that I will start with you, why should you save me?”

After 300 years of bitter cultivation, she rarely contacted outsiders, and the mental state of calm and composed fluctuated.

Luo Xiu not at all said that it was because of her inner weakness that he gave birth to a compassion.

This woman’s weakness seems to involve the secret of deep in one’s heart.

Just then, Luo Xiu vision freezes, looking up outside the cave.

In his perception, several auras of Human Race martial artist are constantly approaching here.

Seeing the actions of Luo Xiu, Yan Yue’er didn’t know anything. Her Divine Consciousness could not be used, and naturally she could not find anyone approaching.

“Someone is here.” Luo Xiu said solemnly.

Hearing this, Yan Yue’er pretty face discolored slightly, “It’s Wei Yungu and He Bashan!”

Seeing Luo Xiu’s confused expression, Yan Yue’er explained: “These two people have been planted by the soul restriction. It should be based on the induction of the soul restriction. I noticed that my Primordial Spirit damage was out of control, so I could find it. Come here. “

Hearing the word ‘soul restriction’, the Luo Xiu expression changed slightly, because once the soul restriction is planted, life and death can only be controlled by people and become servants.

Standing up, 2 people came out of the stone cave.

On the shore of the waterfall puddle, Luo Xiu stared, and saw the burly robust man and white clothes man, with seven people tied up.

The burly robust man is He Bashan, and the white clothes man is Wei Yungu.

As Yan Yue’er said, they noticed that the soul restriction planted in the Sea of ​​Consciousness has lost the sense of being controlled. Generally, this situation means that Yan Yue’er is either dead or seriously injured. As for even Divine Consciousness.

In either case, it is the best time for them to release the soul restriction control.

At this moment, when she saw Yan Yue’er stepping out of the stone cave, since she was not dead, she must have been seriously injured, so she lost control of the soul restriction.

He Bashan’s face smirked. “Little girl, you put a soul restriction on Laozi. Have you ever thought of today?”

White clothes man Wei Yungu stared at Luo Xiu next to Yan Yue’er. Yan Yue’er lost control of even soul restriction. It can be seen that the severity of the injury is not a concern, but this teenager who calls himself ‘Asura’ , But it is undoubtedly a great enemy.

He clearly remembers that Huang Yuanshan of Innate 8th Layer cultivation base was killed by his sword!

“Young Master Asura, myself Wei Yungu.”

The white clothes man gave a gift to Luo Xiu cup hand to hold fist, saying: “this Wei is planted with a soul restriction, and life and death can’t help himself. As long as Young Master Asura hands the woman around you to myself, this Wei will remember Young Master’s great kindness and virtue. “

This Wei Yungu’s attitude is very modest, apparently unwilling to become enemies with Luo Xiu.

Yan Yue’er coldly snorted, pointing at Wei Yungu, said to Luo Xiu, “You see this person’s humility because he jealous of your strength, but if you know that this person killed more than 300 villages in order to cultivate Evil Art Word of mouth, you don’t think so. “

Later, Yan Yue’er pointed to the burly robust man He Bashan, “This man is sexual, rape, and pillage, and he had moved evil thoughts on me, so I planted a soul restriction to control his life and death.”

“If I hadn’t opened the Transmission Array of Myriad Monsters Secret Realm for blood sacrifice, I would not have saved their lives.”

“Huh, we are not good people, you little girls are good people? You took us to this Myriad Monsters Secret Realm to kill us. Use Blood of Martial Master to Blood Sacrifice Array, what is your heart Poison? “Wei Yungu coldly said.

Yan Yue’er disagreed, indifferently said: “I always have a principle for killing people. If garbage like you should be damned, why use blood to sacrifice?

While speaking, Yan Yue’er looked at the Luo Xiu around him, “Whether it was the 100 people slaves, or Wei Yungu, He Bashan, and these Innate Martial Masters that I brought into Myriad Monsters Secret Realm, each one did countless evils. Generation, there’s a path to death! “

The reason she said these things to Luo Xiu was that she did not want Luo Xiu to think she was a vicious women.

“You vicious women, Blood Sacrifice Array, do you still have reason?”

“Young Master Asura, don’t listen to this woman talk nonsense, be careful to be seduced by her, life is worrying!”

The 7 Innate Martial Masters who had abolished the cultivation base all shouted indignantly.

These people, you say nothing to me, but Luo Xiu remains unmoved.

Right or wrong is nothing to do with me!

Although he took Yan action to save Yan Yue’er, but this is the gratitude and grudges of Yan Yue’er and Wei Yungu and the others, it has nothing to do with him!

He not at all volunteered to take action to shelter this woman, even more how she had to kill herself to snatch Monster Jade.

Seeing that Asura was unmoved, Yan Yue’er obviously did not expect his heart source to be so firm and unaffected by outsiders.

There is no doubt that this Asura is a person with his own principles. Just by speaking, he cannot help himself to deal with Wei Yungu and He Bashan.

“If you want to enter the Third Area, even if you have Twin Moon Monster Jade, you need Martial Master’s blood to blood sacrifice. Once you take action, I will tell you a secret about Myriad Monsters Secret Realm!” Yan Yue’er said so .

“Young Master Asura, do n’t believe this woman. Although she is injured, she can plant soul restriction with Divine Consciousness. Her strength is definitely above the Powerhouse of Refining Spirit Martial Ancestor. If her essence is used to blood sacrifice, the effect is definitely better than We are better, “Wei Yungu said.

At this moment, both he and Yan Yue’er must try their best to bring Luo Xiu to his side.

“These 9 person blood sacrifice are enough. As long as you take me into the Third Area, I’m going to tell you the secrets, the benefits to you are immeasurable.”

“Young Master Asura, this woman’s heart is poisonous. If you believe her, once you restore her strength, you must be the first to kill you!”

The two sides argued that Luo Xiu remained unmoved.

The powerhouse is respected Martial Dao world, everyone in the world benefits, and Luo Xiu himself is no different.

Yan Yue’er took off a quaint ring worn by hands and handed it directly to Luo Xiu.

“This ring has an Earth Middle Grade Soft Sword, 30000 Middle Grade Origin Qi Stone, 1000 High Grade Origin Qi Stone, and Grade 8 Martial Arts!”

This is what Yan Yue’er paid Luo Xiu to take action.

This wealth is almost as valuable as Martial King Bu Chen’s Treasury obtained by Luo Xiu!

Obviously, the opposite Wei Yungu, He Bashan and the others, could not take out this wealth.

“I need a reason for killing. This wealth is the reason for killing me!”

Martial Dao Cultivation requires a lot of resources, and killing in the world of martial artist for resources is the most common thing.

If these people, Wei Yungu, didn’t have a path to death, Luo Xiu would naturally not kill innocent people for the wealth of resources.

But in this world, which successful martial artist has no blood on his hands?

Then Wei Yungu killed more than 300 mouths in a village in order to practice Evil Art. He Bashan was sexual, rape and pillage, otherwise he would not hit Yan Yue’er’s hands.

There are other Innate Martial Masters. Everyone is surrounded by Baleful Qi. I do n’t know how many lives there are in hands.

Even Luo Xiu himself, did he kill fewer people?

In Clear Sky City, he one man one sword slayed an unknown number of Azure Armored Guard, and he slayed Monster Beast even more numerous. In this world of Martial Dao powerhouse is respected, who does n’t have blood on his hands?

Kill, there is no right or wrong, only one heart!

Putting away the storage ring that Yan Yue’er handed over, Luo Xiu looked up at Wei Yungu and the others, killing aura blooming unabashedly.

Wei Yungu and He Bashan were also discolored, knowing that the two had to separate their lives from this Asura.

As for the 7 Innate Martial Masters behind it, all the cultivation bases have been abolished, which is useless at all.

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