Martial Dao Great Emperor Chapter 93

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If you say, the essence of blood qi in Innate Level Blood Bead is ten times that of Qi Sea Level Blood Bead.

Then the Refining Spirit Level Blood Bead in Luo Xiu’s hands is 30 times that of Innate Level Blood Bead!

This multiple difference actually indicates the gap between the Refining Spirit Realm and the Innate Realm. The difference in strength is more than 30 times!

Innate and Refining Spirit is a huge dividing line. The cultivation base reaches Spirit Refining Realm, known as Martial Ancestor, which is the meaning of Martial Dao Grandmaster.

This realm powerhouse, Soul Perception further condense transformation into Divine Consciousness, and Innate True Qi will also sublimate transformation into True Origin.

Not only that, but also from the Refining Spirit Realm, the martial artist has the ability to fly in the sky.

Luo Xiu not at all is now swallowing the Refining Spirit Level Blood Bead, because the energy contained in this Blood Bead is too huge, he needs time to refine, and at this moment Yan Yue’er is unconscious, and the Third Area is in danger of 4 volts.

He didn’t know how long the Purple Scaled Horned Flood Dragon’s deterrence could last. He searched around the lake and found 3 Revitalizing Soul Grass.

The three strains were also crushed by him, and the medicine dripped into Yan Yue’er’s mouth.

“I don’t know how to leave this Myriad Monsters Secret Realm.” Sitting beside Yan Yue’er, Luo Xiu took out Twin Moon Monster Jade and muttered to himself.

After 7 Revitalizing Soul Grasses, Yan Yue’er’s condition gradually stabilized, and Primordial Spirit’s wound was slowly repaired.

Unfortunately, Revitalizing Soul Grass is only Grade 4 Spirit Medicine. For the Sea of ​​Consciousness Primordial Spirit of her Martial Monarch Level powerhouse, the effect of the repair is not obvious, and simply restoring it completely is impossible.

It’s hard to imagine who she was fighting with, so that her Primordial Spirit suffered a heavy injury.

After 3 days, the Refining Spirit Level Monster Beast in the other areas of the vicinity began to stir. They found that the aura of the Purple Scaled Horned Flood Dragon had disappeared. There were a few courageous Monster Beasts releasing Divine Consciousness and exploring towards the lake. come.

Luo Xiu was cultivation Congealing Soul Profound Art tempering his Soul Perception. When the Refining Spirit Level Monster Beast Divine Consciousness swept, he was keenly aware.

And just right, Yan Yue’er in the coma was also awake at this moment, a tyrannical Divine Consciousness was released from her within the body, and instantly crushed the several Monster Beast Divine Consciousness that had come over.

The Refining Spirit Level Monster Beasts hidden in the vicinity are all scared. Although the Purple Scaled Horned Flood Dragon is dead, there seems to be a more powerful existence occupying the lake.

Can kill Purple Scaled Horned Flood Dragon, we can see that the new Master in this lake zone is more powerful, which makes them dare not move.

Seeing Yan Yue’er wake up, Luo Xiu’s pumps shrink.

To be honest, he didn’t know how this woman would restore her strength to treat herself. With the aura released from her now, she was even stronger than the original Free and Unfettered Outer Gate Master Lu Feichen!

Refining Spirit 9th Layer, Half-Step Martial King?

Compared to Yan Yue’er’s former Martial Monarch Realm’s powerful cultivation base, Half-Step Martial King, Refining Spirit 9th Layer is nothing.

Yan Yue’er glanced at Luo Xiu, but soon after pretty face changed slightly.

“When I was unconscious, did you take Revitalizing Soul Grass?” Yan Yue’er asked with a frown, and there was an abnormal flush on the pretty face.

“Yeah.” Luo Xiu replied directly.

“How many?”

“7 strains …”

A simple question and answer, the strangeness of Yan Yue’er body is more and more obvious, the pretty face is covered with crimson, the teeth are biting the lips, and the eyes in beautiful eyes also reveal a faint look.

“You guy, you actually gave me 7 Revitalizing Soul Grass?” Yan Yue’er stared angrily at Luo Xiu, the fiery flame of heart growing stronger.

Revitalizing Soul Grass has the effect of treating Soul Consciousness Sea. It is a special spirit medicine, but contains a poison similar to Joyous Union Powder.

If Revitalizing Soul Grass is used in conjunction with other spirit medicine to refining to Soul Recovery Pill, the poison in spirit medicine will be neutralized and resolved by other spirit medicine.

If you take the medicinal juice directly, the quantity can be suppressed by the cultivation base will.

However, the guy Asura actually gave her 7 strains, plus she has used 4 strains before, which is a total of 1 strains!

Eleven poisoning contained in Revitalizing Soul Grass is more powerful than Joyous Union Powder, and your virgin martyrs will fall into lust.

And this poison, the method of detoxification is the same as Joyous Union Powder, which requires the most primitive intersection.

Luo Xiu knows nothing about pill refining and spirit medicine, so he naturally does not understand these taboos.

Luo Xiu also saw that something was wrong with Yan Yue’er. Although she hadn’t gotten any personnel, she looked at her and guessed something.

“This … I don’t know what will happen, what should I do now? How can I help you?” Luo Xiu said awkwardly.

Yan Yue’er forbears within the body. She also knows that Luo Xiu is trying to save herself. If she had n’t taken so much Revitalizing Soul Grass, she would be in a coma and could n’t wake up so quickly.

“I’ll try to help you detoxify.”

Luo Xiu stepped forward, put her palm on the back of Yan Yue’er, transformed Life Power into her within the body, and tried to refine her within the body’s poison.

Life Power turned the fire and wrapped a trace of red poison, Luo Xiu tried to refine it.

However, the strength of Luo Xiu High Battle Body cannot be broken away at all. Yan Yue’er is Peak Battle Body, and his brute force is stronger than him.

I don’t know how long it has passed, Yan Yue’er gradually recovered his sober consciousness, and found that his clothes were ragged and he was curled up in the arms of Luo Xiu with an extremely ambiguous posture.

Yan Yue’er has regained his soberness, which makes Luo Xiu a little embarrassed, his body stiff, and I don’t know what to do.

Should I tell her that I was pushed down by you and I was the victim?

Yan Yue’er probably also wanted to understand what happened before and after, although frost appeared on the pretty face, but he did not make radical moves.

“This …”

This is the first woman in his life, the bright red plum blossoming in the mud, confirming it all.

The atmosphere suddenly became silent, Yan Yue’er’s beautiful eyes were chilling, and they were staring at Luo Xiu intently.

“I will be responsible for you. Although the process is a bit special, after all, you are already my woman.”

After taking a deep breath, Luo Xiu took the initiative to speak.

“I don’t care what kind of person you are or what kind of person you are, maybe you will think that my little Innate Martial Master is not worthy of your Martial Monarch Level powerhouse status, but it won’t be long before I can become Martial Monarch, and even stronger! “Luo Xiu said without a doubt.

With Life and Death Bead, comprehend All Heavens Life and Death Wheel, awaken Undying Divine Ability, Luo Xiu has absolute confidence.

“I have enemies, and the power of enemies is far beyond your imagination, aren’t you afraid?” Yan Yue’er said in a cold voice.

“I’m not afraid, no matter who your enemies are, even Martial Sovereign, Martial Venerable, or Martial Emperor, I can kill for you, because you are my woman!” Luo Xiu’s tone was firm.

Yan Yue’er’s pump light is slightly trembling. She has lived a life of hatred for 300 years. She never thought that someone would make her feel moved.

Although this man is still weak, she can feel it. He does not at all coax his own meaning.

“Give me a set of clothes.” Yan Yue’er didn’t mean to continue to entangle this question.

Luo Xiu handed her the storage ring that originally belonged to her.

Putting on a dress, Yan Yue’er indifferently said: “We should go.”

She came to Myriad Monsters Secret Realm for Revitalizing Soul Grass. At this moment, her Primordial Spirit wound was recovered by 30%. The medical power of Revitalizing Soul Grass stopped here, and it does n’t make much sense to stay here.

Although the damage of Primordial Spirit was only 30%, her cultivation base was restored to Refining Spirit 9th Layer Realm. As long as you do not encounter the Martial King Realm powerhouse, there will be no danger.

To fully recover the cultivation base, you need Grade 6 Medicine Pill Yin-Yang Soul Pill.

Luo Xiu was also very helpless. After all, his strength was too weak, and there was an insurmountable gap between him and Yan Yue’er.

If a man is weaker than his own woman, how can he have a future in this world of Martial Dao powerhouse is respected?

If you do not have the strength of Martial Monarch Level, I am afraid that once you leave this Myriad Monsters Secret Realm, the two will no longer have the possibility of intersection.

To leave Myriad Monsters Secret Realm, you need to use the Transmission Array on the ancient altar, return to the Second Area from the Third Area, and then return to the First Area before you can leave.

The Transmission Array of the Third Area requires Refining Spirit cultivation base activate. At this moment, Yan Yue’er has just restored the realm of refining, but no blood sacrifice is needed.

Along the way, Yan Yue’er forcibly broke into the territory of more than a dozen Refining Spirit Level Monster Beasts with the potential of thunder, and hunted a total of ten Refining Spirit Level Blood Beads.

She handed these Blood Beads to Luo Xiu and said: “Blood Beads can be body refining, but it is easy for our Human Race martial artist’s bloodline produce mixed to affect future progress. It is best not to use too much.”

Yan Yue’er didn’t know that Luo Xiu was a special Life and Death Two Extremes Physique under the influence of Life and Death Bead. Blood Bead Monster Beast aura would affect ordinary martial artist, and his Life and Death Two Extremes Physique does not.

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