In fact, not only the onlookers, but even the guardians of the Seven Yang Mountains, looked at Chu Feng with curiosity. ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≦ ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦

They all want to know if this young man is really an Insect Mark-class Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

In the face of the curious eyes of everyone, Chu Feng also decided not to conceal, so he spread out his palms, and then the power of Formation, like a flame, rose from his palm.

Everyone was amazed at the flames of the palms, and even the White-Cloak was no exception.

Even inside and outside the square, there are still many people crying.

Because at the moment, the flame in Chu Feng’s hand, the flowing Precisely Insect Mark-class Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

“This is really a hero out of a teenager.”

“The old man is indeed incompetent. Because of the talents of the younger friends, and the small friends, the old man is really guilty of sin, and the younger friend is severely punished.”

When White-Cloak spoke, he was in front of Chu Feng.

“Adults, can’t make it.”

See you, the guardians of the Seven Yang Mountains, rush to help the White-Cloak adults.

In the face of such a White-Cloak adult, Chu Feng is also a bit of a bad meaning.

To be honest, Chu Feng really hated this White-Cloak adult.

After all, he was arrogant in his performance.

But now, Chu Feng’s impression of him has changed a lot. Although he had misjudged it before, he found that he was wrong, and he not only admitted the mistake, but also voluntarily punished himself.

Even in his capacity, he did not hesitate to squat in front of Chu Feng. This is not something that ordinary people can do.

He is indeed a person who dares to dare to dare to face mistakes.

“Senior, you don’t have to, you can only say that those guys are too embarrassing,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friends, only because of the incompetence of the old man, you are being ruined, you must not stop.”

“You punish me, but my heart will be better.”

When White-Cloak said this to Chu Feng, he had a few requests.

“Senior, punish you, junior does not dare, but junior has a request, I wonder if senior can satisfy me.” Chu Feng said.

“What is the request, you said.” White-Cloak asked.

“junior, I want to see Yuan Shu adults,” Chu Feng said.

“This…” Hearing this, White-Cloak is also embarrassed.

“This little friend, not to let you see, but Yuan Shu adults in the undertake closed-door training, no one can see him, we can not see.”

The guardian next to the White-Cloak adult said.

“Little friends, today is more offended, since you are not willing to punish the old man, but the old man still has to pay tribute to you.”

After the White-Cloak adults finished saying this, they asked Chu Feng to leave here and enter a palace deep in the Qiyang Mountains.

The palace is not very large, but it is made by the Spirit Formation method, and it is square and square, and the shape is quite unique.

There were people outside the palace, and the palace was empty, and there were quite a few people who followed, but only Chu Feng and White-Cloak adults entered the palace.

And the feeling in this palace is quite sacred,

Chu Feng guessed that it should be the forbidden place of the Qiyang Mountain Range.

Enter here, White-Cloak adults, first ask Chu Feng to sit down, and personally pour water for Chu Feng.

At this time, he is not like a big man in the Qiyang Mountain Range. He is more like a servant. He is very kind to Chu Feng.

“Senior, you don’t have to be so polite.”

“To tell the truth, the previous junior is indeed a bit angry, but it is good to say it clearly, it is not a big deal.”

In the face of such a White-Cloak adult, Chu Feng is also somewhat unwilling to go.

Even if the other party is wrong, the people are the elders.

“Little friends, first drink a cup of tea.”

“Little friend, are you called Asura?”

White-Cloak is smiling.

“Well, junior is called Asura.”

Chu Feng nodded.

Later, the White-Cloak adults asked Chu Feng some questions.

Probably just to inquire about it, Chu Feng is where the power, which family, which family.

Chu Feng, only said that he is not the stars of the Star Region, as for other issues, Chu Feng is ignored.

White-Cloak is a smart person. He knows that Chu Feng doesn’t want to reveal his identity, so he doesn’t ask too much.

“Asura, I will tell you the truth.”

“In fact, Yuan Shuai did not go to undergo closed-door training. He just didn’t want to see outsiders. Because the Star Region, the really powerful World Spiritist is too few, so that all parties want to see Yuan Shu, who is greets, actually There is something to do.”

“But Asura’s little friend, if you want to see it, it’s not impossible.”

“Because, Yuan Shuai, just recently, sent an invitation to Reincarnation Upper Realm, some excellent juniors.”

“As long as they can pass the test, they can meet with Yuan Shuai in the to undertake closed-door training.”

“It’s also a coincidence, the day of the invitation, just yesterday.”

“However, this invitation was sent out on its own initiative. Those who were invited were all carefully selected by Yuan Shu.”

“But, the old man has served Yuan Shuai for many years, and it is a bit thin.”

“Asura friends, if you want to see Yuan Shuai, I can force you to send in, of course… I can see Yuan Shuai, but also your skills, but you are a younger, Insect Mark-class Saint-cloak, those tests For you, it must be like nothing.” White-Cloak said to Chu Feng.

“If this is the case, there will be a white-Cloak adult,” Chu Feng said.

“Hey, the old man has stunned you, I am deeply embarrassed. If you can help you a little, the old man’s heart will be better.”

“However, Asura’s little friends, wait a minute, they ask, you can’t say anything, you must say that you have received an invitation, otherwise you will be unhappy if you are afraid of other juniors.” White-Cloak said .

“junior understands,” Chu Feng said.

“Well, let me come. If it is late, it may be late.”

After the decision, a white talisms appeared in the palm of White-Cloak.

The talismans are in the hand, the light is flowing, and the entire hall is in all directions, which maps the Formation spell above the talismans.

Soon, Chu Feng had a white flash in front of him, blocking the line of sight.

When the white flash disappeared, Chu Feng returned to the hall again.

However, at this time, within the hall, it is not only him and the White-Cloak adults.

There are more than twenty people in it.

Without exception, all are juniors.

These juniors can be said to be Dragon and Phoenix, far from the juniors in the World Spirit House.

However, among the people of Dragon and Phoenix, there is another figure, which is particularly eye-catching.

It was a woman, very beautiful, like Celestial Immortal.

Even if the woman here, the color of the various national colors, if compared with this woman, is also eclipsed.

Seeing this woman, even Chu Feng is also a bright spot, and her mood has changed.

However, Chu Feng is so, but I don’t know because of this female appearance.

But this woman, Chu Feng, he actually knows.

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