It’s not that Chu Feng is timid and afraid to go back. Bookstore

But at this time, it is indeed dangerous and has to escape.

That Martial Power is caused by a strong opponent.

And Martial Power 涟漪, although it is destructive, but still has a huge gap with the original strength.

And as the distance progresses, the power of Martial Power will also diminish until it dissipates…

According to Chu Feng, the Martial Power is far from them.

When the Martial Power was close to them, the power had already subsided a lot.

But the already so weak Martial Power 涟漪, but also able to break open, that is enough to withstand the ancient shield of a Sovereign power.

It can be imagined that there will be a presence in the presence of the front.

But the direction of the cave is relatively less dangerous.

The cave is in the other direction, more dangerous, there are more horrible guys.

Exploring in such a place, without the other party’s discovery, they can take Chu Feng and others’ lives.

Continue to stay here, it is not the pursuit of wealth, but the real money.

So at this time, it is wise to escape.

Soon, Chu Feng and others returned, within the Formation world.

Originally, the secret hole group is holy, I want to return to the original road and leave here directly.

After all, I saw the horrible Martial Power, they are already scared.

Just want to leave this dangerous right and wrong as soon as possible, and hide as far as possible.

But when they were about to leave, they suddenly discovered that Chu Feng couldn’t hold it anymore, as if he was thinking about something.

“Take Brother Luo, what’s wrong with you?”

Upon seeing it, the secret cave group asked the oldest.

“We may be in the middle.”

Chu Feng said.

“What is this? What is the meaning?”

The secret cave group asked at the same time.


Chu Feng didn’t answer, but suddenly sat cross-legged and used the Spirit Formation method to block the Forming entrance they just opened.

“Help me again.”

After Chu Feng finished speaking, he began to arrange the formation technique again.

Although, the secret cave group does not understand what Chu Feng is going to do, but they still sit cross-legged and arrange the formation technique with Chu Feng.

This time, Chu Feng’s formation technique was laid out for a very long time, which was twice as long as the previous one.

However, after two hours, Chu Feng’s formation technique finally opened.

However, after the formation technique was in operation, Chu Feng took a lot of time to successfully tear open a hole in the Formation world.

“Train Brother Luo, what is your meaning?”

Looking at the Formation mouth, the secret hole group is a puzzled face.

In their opinion, this Formation entrance is no different from the previous Formation entrance.

However, Chu Feng, the time and experience of tearing open the Formation, is far from comparable.

They really can’t figure out why Chu Feng is doing this.

However, Chu Feng is getting excited compared to the mysterious secret cave group.

“follow me.”

After saying this, Chu Feng stepped into the Formation entrance.


Seeing this situation, the secret cave group is even more puzzled.

“What is this little rabbit scorpion selling?”

The other people in the secret cave group, could not help but vomit.

“That is, if you have something to say?”

Even the boss of the secret cave group, it is also a loss of Chu Feng.

But although they say this on the mouth, their bodies are very honest.

The secret cave group was headed by the Santa Claus, and the others stepped into the Formation entrance in turn.

And when they passed through the Formation entrance, they were shocked and then their faces changed.

Not only did they show excitement on their faces, but they were even more ecstatic, and they couldn’t help but scream.

They are really excited.

Because when they stepped into the Formation entrance again.

What came to the forefront was actually two scenes with the previous one.

What was previously stepped in was a quirky cave.

But at this time, it is a corridor.

This gallery, like the cave, is very large, and the ends of the gallery are unfathomable.

The difference is that it is carefully crafted and more elaborate than the emperor’s residence. It is definitely meticulously crafted.

This is in stark contrast to the desolate ancient cave.

Within that cave, there is an ancient atmosphere everywhere, but there is nothing here.

There is no ancient atmosphere here.

This made them suddenly realize.

The cave that just stepped in seems to be just a mistake.

Here, it seems that it is the real tomb of the Emperor.

“Take Brother Luo, have we just gone wrong?”

With this idea in mind, the secret group of the old excrement looks at Chu Feng and wants to determine the answer in mind.

“Yes, it is a mistake. This is the real tomb of the Emperor.” Chu Feng said.

“What happened to that place?” asked the secret cave group St. Curiously.

After all, the place is too weird. Although the cave is not the tomb of the demon, but it is more dangerous than the tomb of the demon. The existence of the cave, although I don’t know what the creature is, the strength is terrible, terrible to even The secret cave group is also a fear from the heart.

“There should be the place where the Ancient Organisms live.”

Chu Feng said.

The reason why he has this speculation is well-founded.

After all, Chu Feng knew that before they saw the cave, this Reincarnation Upper Realm was the occupant of Ancient Organisms.

It’s just that Chu Feng didn’t think that the place where the Ancient Organisms lived would be so close to the tomb of the demon, which is simply a neighbor.

“Where is the living place of Ancient Organisms?”

“But, we are so good, why do we get there?” The secret group of the Holy Land had just asked this, but it looked a little, then looked at Chu Feng, “I have done it, repair Brother Luo, you just said this. You just said that we have counted.”

“So, do you think that it was deliberately designed by the demon emperor?”

“Even if his layout is loose, you may want to enter his graveyard. It is not a simple matter.”

“If you use the conventional to break the formation method, you will not be able to enter his cemetery, but will enter the residence of the Ancient Organisms.”

“So, Chu Feng brothers, you only re-arranged, and this time, and the energy consumption, are far above?”

“It must be like this, repair Brother Luo, thanks to you, or we… I am afraid I will not notice this at all.”

At this point, the secret cave group has been fully reflected.

All know that they were actually fooled before.

“No wonder, it’s no wonder that the structure of our cave is not in line with our map.”

“It took a long time, not that the map is fake, but the cave, it is not the tomb of the demon.”

“The demon emperor, it is really sinister.”

“Fortunately, we have to repair Brother Luo, or else it will be cheated.”

At this time, the secret cave group is still very unhappy.

Although they have already entered the tomb of the demon emperor, but think about everything that has been experienced before, still feel the fear.

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